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Ya tengo a mi amiga y mi outfit listo para el Corona! #beauthentic 🔥🔥🔥

Mi @beauthenticperfume me acompaña en los mejores momentos, como hoy para disfrutar la noche de las estrellas! ¿A tí, a donde te acompaña? #beauthentic #beauthenticperfume #nochedeestrellas #zermatusa @zermatnews

PSA: Your week is just getting started and the journey is far from over! Start strong! Today is NOT the day to lose focus, because you’re dwelling on the weekend. Instead, bring that weekend energy to work with you! I know, I know, it’s getting closer to the holiday and we all may be feeling anxious to relax, eat, fellowship, and give thanks. But why not choose to be thankful EVERYDAY? Who says we can’t have a frateduo mentality while we hustle? Yes, we can still be fun loving individuals during our working day. We can enjoy the work we do, regularly, just by slightly adjusting our attitudes. When you’re working, pursuing your passions, and positively impacting lives, there is so much happiness to be gained and expressed from such an accomplishment. As an educator, I find joy everyday in the little things I do to help my scholars be their best selves, taking every student passing grade, every eager hand raised, every bright face that greys me as I sign that 1. I am helping others, 2. I am in the right line of work, and 3. I can have peace knowing that I give my all, everyday! So, while you’re pushing through the week, remember to find the bits of happiness in your work and watch it gradually shift to something more than just a “task”. Happy Monday! Give thanks.
📷 x @ksvisions
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One of my favorite poems (zoom in, do you know it?). Because my love has "sailed" me away for the weekend. 😌💕 And although we're not sailing in a boat for a year and a day, he does play the guitar. And with evening walks in the rain, and no kids and no cares for a moment in life, it's been every bit as wonderful. Now on with the coffee! 😉☕️👌🏻

And then, mourning came

Where am I to find solace or peace of mind ...when everyday this place has its felts, fabrics, it’s tables & chairs, littered with reminders of anguish & pain

Forgive me . For putting this continually into a chalice or cup, for the continual mourning in the death of my love. But I really am troubled . & no matter how I might attempt to evade this place ...it always has the final say.

These rooms are quieter than they have been, songs do not fill their halls, joy has yet casted a touch or traced the walls, & I sit meagerly waiting for the memory of these things, to speak life back into me.

Maybe that is where I am truly wronged, but the permeation or practicality of such, is of a minute I know too well, shouldn’t be swift to come; & these corridors in my heart,
feel more like bars, rods that shut up the tinsel of its elation, as they continually etch & carve, the dictations of its harms.

It’s as though I have been shut up in a chamber with all of my sorrows, one by one they come knocking at the gaze of my heart, & one by one they taunt, “where anymore are the stars above your haunts?”
—§ ∆ Ǥ ع
Music : @hisatlas_

#ad mid day lunch date with my hunny ! who says you have to go out to enjoy a good date? all you need is some yummy food like shepherds pie from @blakesnatural which is made from scratch, and ta da!! #blakeslove

Smashing Age Stereotypes
There are countless stereotypes as to what defines an “old” person. These are accompanied by myths as to what “older” looks like and "how old people act." However, as with all stereotypes -- most of them are simply not true. Aging does not mean that Alzheimers and forgetfulness are inevitable. It doesn't mean we're all retired and sitting in rocking chairs (although I do love to rock!) Age doesn’t mean we're less productive; technologically inferior; impossible to teach; void of sexuality; set in our ways and unable to change; uninterested in our physical being; lacking interest in fashion; driving 40 in the fast lane; non-contributing to society; unable to make important decisions without a tribunal of family opinions; blah blah blah! The reality is that each of us individually defines what every year of our life look likes. Just as no two people are identical, our perspectives on life at any age covers an equally vast spectrum.
I’d love to hear your thoughts about the stereotypical glass ceilings you’re breaking through.

This is Silver Disobedience™ #philosophy

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“Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time.”
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Here is a real look at my day, un-staged. Sweatpants, leftover mac and cheese, Criminal Minds.⠀

It’s really easy to exaggerate on Instagram. At the minimum, it’s easy to only show the prettiest, most stylish, and most perfect highlights of our life. This is expected and sometimes this is even fun! I like putting on lipstick for the sake of a picture, or arranging my breakfast to look a foodie masterpiece. But it can also be tiring, and it doesn’t show the whole picture of who I am. ⠀

So here is a look at a normal day for me. I’m in sweatpants most of the day and only put on real clothes if I have to leave the house. I am a huge homebody. I’d be perfectly content not leaving my house for a whole week. I have my favorite spot on the couch, and this is where I sit most of the day whether I’m working, relaxing, or doing homework. My dog, Apollo, is usually right by my side, and my cat comes and goes throughout the day. I am not a healthy eater at all so you’ll pretty much always find me eating mac and cheese or similarly unhealthy leftovers. I love tv (even though I know I shouldn’t have it on while I work). I’m usually watching The Office or Gilmore Girls reruns, but I also love crime shows. I just started Criminal Minds last week and I’m hooked. ⠀

Today I’m choosing to embrace my couch potato tendencies and share them with the world. What can you embrace about yourself today that isn’t usually featured on your Insta??

This week we talk about G R A T I T U D E as we celebrate the big day of thanks. Gratitude cannot always be without acceptance and appreciation first. What do you accept about yourself that you may not like? I, Dianne, accept that I have ZERO sense of driving direction. It’s caused me much anxiety as I really hate to be lost (especially in several big cities) and anger! But I accept it completely because it’s me and I am thankful beyond words for navigation apps of any kind. Namaste! 🤷🏻‍♀️
#sorrynotsorry #directionallychallenged #gratitude #beauthentic #betrue #practiceandalliscoming #yogaeverydamnday #stillpointyogastudios #ilovestillpointyoga

keep moving. trust yourself. you are doing the best you can. 💕

FOMO ALERT: only a few more hours the get doTERRA's breathe blend free if you buy On Guard! It's such a great deal and you will want to have both of these oils this winter! DM me if you have any questions or are interested in ordering!

"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. That's the real problem with the world, too many people grow up" - Walt Disney
"Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up." - C.S. Lewis
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Afternoon #coffee #date with my #hubby! #hemp #latte #Palate

« Nous préférons nous accrocher au connu plutôt que d’affronter l’inconnu, le connu étant notre maison, nos meubles, notre famille, notre travail, ainsi que notre caractère, notre savoir, notre célébrité, notre solitude, nos dieux. En somme, le connu est cette petite entité qui tourne incessamment autour d’elle-même, dans les limites de son existence amère. » #zonedeconfort #liveyourdreams #beauthentic #routine #breakrules

Where there’s a will there’s a way! 🧘🏼‍♀️💪🏻
Recently I had injured my ankle, and normally what would happen is I’d stop all training and just wait for my ankle to recover... and eventually I’d loose momentum with my training and loose the drive... and this would happen over and over again (who’s with me 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️) Anyway this is exactly the the same path I was about to go down again, feeling sorry for myself and wondering if I was ever going to get where I want to... but then my other half asked the question... what’s the lesson you need to learn??? Then it clicked... WHY STOP TRAINING??? You can still find away around this! The universe has been trying to teach me this lesson for years. And only now has it clicked! #lifechanged .
#bereal #beyou #empowered

Choose your life. Make your life. Choose love. Choose positivity. Choose your path. You are what you make yourself. #manifestthatshit #iamnotmyscars #beyou #beauthentic #vibrationoflove #choose #whatisyourpath

"Real fearlessness is the product of tenderness. It comes from letting the world tickle your heart, your raw and beautiful heart. You are willing to open up, without resistance or shyness, and face the world. You are willing to share your heart with others." - Chögyam Trungpa.
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A few months ago I was given the opportunity to take over ODFW’s Instagram for the week. What an honor! In the midst of my excitement, I never shared the posts on my own account. It’s been quite the journey and I’m proud to be the daughter of the man who influenced it all so.. I’m going to share it on here.. because I can🌲✌🏼
“Unlike so many incredible female anglers in Oregon, I don't hold a huge wealth of information nor do I carry years of skill and experience. What I do share with so many of them is a lifetime passion, excitement, and overall appreciation for fishing and the outdoors. Although I grew up fishing on some of Oregon's most beautiful lakes and rivers, it's been quite the journey navigating my way through the world of fishing as an adult. A journey that's taught more about patience, perseverance, humility, and confidence than I ever could have imagined.” #beauthentic #myfathersdaughter #getoutside #getlost #findyourself #gofishing #oregon #oregoncoast #fishing #steelhead #salmon #pnwfishing #outdoorwomen #neverstopexploring #pnwonderland #upperleftusa #thetugisthedrug #takechances #oregonexplored #myodfwtakeover #fisherwoman #ladyangler

Become the fire! Fabulous & empowering pin set in my Etsy shoppe 💫🙋🏼‍♀️💪🏻 (link in bio)
#empower #beauthentic

If you’ve been following me, you’ve heard me say this before and you’ll hear me say it a million more times — your website is your online headquarters. It’s not just something you paste up on the internet haphazardly. It needs to MAKE SENSE to you, your brand, and most importantly your audience. NEVER assume your audience will “figure it out”, you want to avoid that phrase all together.
Your website is where you funnel your audience to from social media, events, art fairs, etc., to get to know more about you, purchase your products or services, view your past work, etc. -
Put yourself in the position of the audience for a moment…
Let’s say you’re watching an Instagram story and you come across a product you have been wanting to buy forever and they sell it! Let’s say it’s an organic face mask. They direct you to their bio to click on the link.
You excitedly click on the link that takes you to their website. When it loads you find a confusing and unenthusiastic website 😬. It’s hard to find the product you were looking for and on top of that it doesn’t state what organic products are used to create this mask🧐. You check the about page to see the story behind the business to get to know them a little better and instead find a generic and uninformative about page🤨.
How would you feel after visiting this website? Frustrated? I know I would feel frustrated and unconvinced to buy the product after:
1. Not knowing what was in it.
2. Not knowing who the face of the business was.
3. Taking me more than 10 seconds to find the product.
If they would have taken the time to list the ingredients, share their story, and made it easy to find their product, I would have likely bought the mask. By doing these three things it creates a know, like, and trust factor and a positive experience for your audience - which they will share with their friends!
See how treating your website as an online headquarters helps it make sense for your audience? Whenever you’re not sure if something is making sense on your website put yourself in their shoes.
After reading this does your website make sense? Was it helpful?

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