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To be honest, at almost 52, I still haven’t developed my voice fully. But I am better than I used to be, and I continually am working on it. Ladies, don’t squelch your voice. Don’t choke it out. Speak your truth. Be authentic. The only person you are hurting by staying quiet, is yourself. Speak in love, speak with respect and honor, but speak. #speakup #beauthentic #findyourvoice #speakyourtruth #bereal #respect #lifecoach #lifecoaching #coach #coaching #transformation #monday #mondaymotivation #wisdom #share #feelings #bestrong #renew #recharge

Who knew that painting hair would be such a challenge for a hairstylist? Practice makes progress 🖤🖤🖤 I discovered that I can ‘read’ while I’m working on my art and design projects.. Audio books! I am currently listening to ‘Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk’ by @thejealouscurator on @audible_com. This book is full of honesty and relatable truths. This book truly is is duct tape for the mouth of every artist's inner critic. Check it out if you haven’t.
What are you reading right now?

Work in progress! The next step is paint to paper. Capturing realistic, human expression is probably the most difficult/fascinating challenge I've... faced. Clearly puns are never the issue. Excited to head back to the #nationalstationeryshow today to see all the phenomenal work everyone is showing! Happy Monday! 🖤 #strandandpalette

Family travel combined with personal photography ambitions is always a challenging mix to handle, especially for my ladies. This photograph was taken at ISO 12800 on my beloved (but still a piece of metal) Fuji X100F. It’s all using existing artificial city lights. Is it a bit grainy due to high insane ISO? Maybe, but she’ll never forget the night we arrived to Paris and we all went directly to observe such a magical scene. Always have your camera ready. Unforgettable 😉
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{THE POWER OF STORY} // On a cross-country flight yesterday, I watched Wonder. Have you seen it? If you have, then you will likely understand that this meant that there were also several episodes of me crying on the airplane, as well. [Side note: there is some scientific explaination for why we cry more on planes...can anyone speak to that?). Anyway: Wonder is about a little boy with facial deformities who, as a 5th grader, begins “mainstream” schooling for the first time.

It’s a story we’ve all heard before, about the power of good, and love, triumphing over evil, and about the desire we all have to just belong- to be unconditionally accepted for who we are. It’s an archetypal story too- a hero leaving home, encountering obstacles along the way, and finding strength inside himself. Archetypes are collectively recognizable patterns, symbols and characteristics that are woven into the fabric of how we identify ourselves and understand the world around us. They’re what make certain characters- the Caregiver, the Bully, the Rebel, and specific story lines, like The Hero’s Journey, so relatable- so familiar. They appear again and again in books and movies because there is a piece in these archetypes that is also inside all of us. There is power- true, healing power in the telling of stories- our own stories, and the witnessing of the stories of others.

That is what we do for each other- in therapy, in relationship, in conversations with strangers on planes. We are saying, implicitly and explicitly, through our reaffirmations and our silent resonance, “I see you…I relate to you…I am you”. We are saying, “You matter, your stories and your life matter”. This is the belonging we crave- to be heard by another- to have our stories held, kept. Whether we identify as the Hero or the Misfit, when we tell our stories, or listen to the stories of another, we are recreating an age-old tradition of sitting around fires, weaving tales and giving one another the gift of truly listening, of witnessing.

Who’s story did you last listen to? Who has truly witnessed you and your story? What archetypal part of yourself is currently writing a new narrative?

Life can be anything you want it to be, if you just let go and relax 🙏 Listen to your own voice and stick to your goal, no matter what tries to shake it. I can't believe how far I've come on this journey of self discovery, it's been a long time coming but if I can do it, so can you! #alwaysbelieveinyourself #beauthentic #soulsearching #healingprocess #inspirationalwords

Cheeky selfie from #brightonbeach ! I took the day off today to relax a bit and give my mind a break. Some people suffer in silence and just because they aren’t visibly limping, does not mean they don’t hurt. I am very frustrated with the stigmas which still exist around mental health - people don’t want to hear it plain and simple. No one is superman and whoever pretends to be just feeds into this stupid game of pretense we all play. Give yourself a break 💋🙌🎊
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You can't talk Butterfly language with caterpillar people! 😎 #mondaymood

Flowers don’t grow without rain.
They have no control of the wind or the storms that will come their way.
They just plant their roots
and hope to bloom one day.
With each and every storm
they continue to grow.
Blossoming and blooming
through the storminess of it all.
Storms are meant to be weathered.
Life’s troubles will subside.
Just bloom like a flower
and face the storms head on. 🥀💧🌹 #keepgoing #loveyourlifecommunity #yougotthis #beautifulwords

I posted the picture on the left a few days ago and cropped it because I thought my midsection looked unflattering (see picture on the right👉🏻). My poor posture doesn’t help much, but some of it is the loose skin and “Mommy pooch” I have had post-pregnancy. I’m not complaining about my stomach. I realize that I’m not in bad shape (I’ve worked hard for it) but I don’t want to fall into the trap of crazy filters, photoshopped, super tanned skin, perfect lighting, and flexing just right so that every body part looks flawless. That is a huge problem with social media these days, and many times I as well as others, are guilty of comparing ourselves to what most likely isn’t an authentic image.

Just remember, what you see isn’t always💯proof. In fact most of the time it’s not...and sometimes, you have to put yourself in check✔️ I’ll take REAL over IDEAL any day. #mombod #beauthentic #beyou

MEDITATION? It’s all over! People frequently ask me for advice, if there is something else to meditation than sitting cross legged, while trying not to think of anything?
So often I hear “Meditation is not my thing”... Oh dear... I was the one sitting in yoga classes & who almost couldn’t hold back laughing during meditation because it seemed so silly. •
Today we hear that all kind of successful people meditate. We hear of all the life changing benefits it’s supposed to have. That was not the case when I started it years ago...

I believe there is a kind of meditation for everyone. Because there are so many different kind of meditation, that it would surprise me, if there wouldn’t be one for you. •
Because this seems like a topic, so many people are interested in, and like the benefits but can’t really relate to the way those benefits are achieved, I decided to give you an insight in the vastness of meditation. The uncountable possibilities to meditate. In the hope of inspiring you to say “goodbye comfort zone” & “challenge accepted!”
I’ll share more information soon!

Being kind to ourselves is so important in our new lifestyle of health and wellness! Have a listen!
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First it will feel like a sacrifice.
Then it will feel like the grind.
Then it will feel like life.
Then it will feel like freedom✨

BAM. Your heart knows. It's WISE. So simply give yourself permission to follow it. (My heart is leading me on my upcoming road trip. Even though I'm a bit terrified, I will follow it.) You've got this. We've got this.

Sending you big squishy hugs,

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June's Theme on "Authenticity" continues this week with the focus being about "Intuition - Trust Yourself"
We all get gut feelings and much of the time we don't listen and we ignore them! Maybe we should start trusting ourselves more to know what's right!
Join me over the next few days exploring the notion of putting more trust in ourselves instead of looking for external validation all of the time.
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