HAPPY SUNDAY, FRIENDS! This whole life transition has me reminiscing a lot. It has me thinking back to when I first met this guy and through all the stages of our relationship. This weekend gave us some unexpected changes but I’m so thankful that John is by my side. Life can be challenging, but having a solid partner who prays with you and is willing to sacrifice to make things work is so special. That being said, things may look a little different around here for a few months. I hope you’ll stick around with me 💚
Not to mention, these @aluminyze photos are our absolute favorite. We have 4 in our home and they are timeless and stunning. Can’t wait to get them up in the new place!

Scales are evening out in the Dean house. ⚖️ The boys & I are so excited to meet baby GIRL in November. ❤️
#Deansin2018 #yearofthewoman

Really missing that time I went out West & dyingggg to do it again soon. Tap to see the amazing workshop & vendors 😍

| I cried a lot of happy tears yesterday. So thankful to have been there to celebrate your love Kelsey & Geoff!! #getrichordietryin2018 | *more in stories 😍

12 Years! 🎉 We’ve grown together in more ways than we ever imagined, through good times and bad, in sickness and health. Let’s see what the Lord has in store for the next year, and the next, and the next, and... Our hope for the future is high, y’all!

Marriage is about becoming a team.⁣

You’re going to spend the rest of your life learning about each other, every now and then, things blow up.⁣

But the beauty of marriage is that if you pick the right person, and you both love each other, you’ll always figure out a way to get through it!⁣

Wouldn’t want to join hands with anyone else’s but yours - teamwork for life, baby @joshualedbetter! 😍🤟🏼 TAG your teammate for life #Aledbetterlife

I definitely don’t see Brian as much as I would like, but sometimes he leaves me little reminders that he’s always thinking of me and it absolutely warms my heart. 🌸 #beating50percent #firewifelife

5 years with my best friend. ❤️ He stole my heart on our first date and 8 months later we were married. It’s been a wild and wonderful adventure ever since and I couldn’t be more thankful. 2 moves, 2 sweet daughters... Lets see what these next 5 years bring us! 😍 I LOVE YOU @kyle.horn

This is how we #DateNight.

We couldn’t decide where we wanted to go or what we wanted to do, so Spencer decided to pick surprise locations for us.

We tried a new (to us) restaurant, played some mini-golf, ate some ice cream + now he’s taking me to see Mamma Mia.

What a guy. What a life. ❤️

🎉G I V E A W A Y🎉
Happy Friday friends! I'm finally getting around to my first giveaway of anniversary month!! I'm giving away one of @romanceenhanced's awesome bedroom games!

This is the Kiss and Tell game which is like charades, but with kissing. Josie (of @romanceenhanced consulting) says it's perfect for anniversaries because it brings back the passion and fun with something as simple as kissing!

I'm hosting the giveaway on my blog so you'll have to head over there to enter. Click the linktr.ee in my profile then click "Latest Blog Posts." And while you're there, read all about Josie's bedroom games and some of my other favorite marriage intimacy resources! #MyMarriageEndures #EnduringAllThings

Getting a minute or two alone to play with a brides invitation suite is quite possibly one of my favorite things. It gets my creativity going, let’s me see what exactly the vibe of the day is going to be based on her style, and gives me a second to breathe before things get crazy! Brides- I can’t stress enough, put thought into your details (like @lanah_loo did😍) to tie the whole day together! Can’t wait for a long-awaited wedding weekend with my girl @courtnprice! 🎉🙌

Ummmm... WHAT JUST HAPPENEDDDDD😱 That was by far the most difficult workout so far and I burned 440cal in 40 min — shewwwww. That’s a leg day we won’t be forgetting for a while 😅 BUT I cannot wait to see how much we change, how much harder we’re able to push and how much more we will be able to lift next leg day 🙌🏼 Time to drink some recover (bc our muscles are CRYING for it!!!) and stuff our face with breakfast #earnedit 😍
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One year of these walls soakin’ up our story. Utah you’ve been an unexpected promised land.
Pro tip: when God calls you out to the desert, get ready for a pretty sweet adventure. ESPECIALLY when it’s the literal desert of SLC 😂

@sara.adel.photo caught us in our natural habitat and I will pretty much cherish these photos forever. Very thankful for very talented friends 😘💕

Also! Not moving, just celebrating road markers 🙌🏻💁🏼‍♀️
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When your husband tells you right after you walk in the door sweaty and exhausted from teaching your second exercise class of the day that he's arranged to take you (on a random week day) to a fancy restaurant a few minutes from your house that you NEVER visit...well, you spend about a millisecond thinking, "But I'm a stinky mess," and then you get your rear in gear and take the fastest shower ever, throw your still-sweaty hair in a bun, and deadbolt that sucker in place with lots of hairspray.
At least that's what I did last night.
Thanks, babe, for the best steak I've ever eaten on a Wednesday (or pretty much any other day for that matter). #wantedapictureWITHhim #insteadyougotthis #sorry #dateyourspouse #beating50

You guys! When Pearson and I went on our trip last week, we took along #MarriageMoon (gifted to me from Chelsea of @thenewwifestyle). Y'all. Everybody needs to take a marriage moon! It was pretty simple to do. There are quick morning and evening routines and questions to ask throughout the day. Plus two "ace dates." But we felt so connected and refreshed after our trip! I highly recommend to any couple but especially if you like to travel and have a trip coming up. She's selling it at a first edition price right now and you get this adorable bonus tote bag! You can order from themarriagemoon.com (I've added a clickable link to the linktr.ee in my profile). P.S. I also wrote a blog post recap of our trip including how we used marriage moon. Check it out!
👉 Enduringallthings.com 👈
("Latest Blog Posts" link in the linktr.ee in my profile) #EnduringAllThings #MyMarriageEndures

That’s the number of years my parents have been married as of TODAY.
The number of years they’ve fought hard to choose LOVE.
As I was thinking of something to write to celebrate them, I found an article featuring my parents as a “power couple” in a 2012 Tallahassee Magazine.
And I think the best words I can share are the beautiful words they have already shared with all of us.

“She understands and gives support for the work I do. I’m gone a lot, and I wasn’t always there for her when the kids were young. When events come up outside of business hours, I find that if I can think of my wife first and how it might affect her, I’ll have a better chance of making the right decision,” Dad said. “If I’m unsure, I’ll call and ask her. I’m better at this now than I used to be.”
“Yes, you are,” my Mom said with a smile.

Dad: ”We’re both pretty independent individuals, and we try to recognize each other’s need for space. We work out schedules so that each of us has our own time to exercise, or even just read or work quietly without disruption.  We have a partnership. It is not easy working, raising three kids and managing a household — we do our best to lift each other up so we achieve our personal, professional and family goals."
Mom: “We do recognize that we lead really busy and full lives and, especially as our children get older, it seems we have less and less time to just hang out with each other. We try to remember and appreciate that; sometimes an open calendar is equally important as a full one."

Mom and Dad, I hope this is a beautiful reminder of the love and life you have shared together.
I literally wouldn’t be where I am today without you ;)
Happy Anniversary. 💗

Posting this outtake because this is such a perfect representation of us. Me smothering him, him with a perma-grin, and me living my happiest life cause I am as close to him as I can possibly be 😂
In reality I said, “make me look effortless to pick up!” Then when it didn’t go as smoothly as all those tiny bloggers and their husbands make it look, this is the aftermath.
Anyone else know the struggles of trying to get the perfect pick up photos? 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ Hair by: @ts.hair

It has been such a sweet day. We got the apartment we had been waiting to hear about and had dinner with our closest friends. And all of this change has me thinking about the last big change in our lives- marriage. Can you believe it has almost been a year? Now I need your help... what are your best tips for celebrating your first wedding anniversary?! We’ll be at a friends wedding for our anniversary weekend, but we’d love to do something small on that day, at least. Inspire me! 💙

Nine years. Since we donned our wedding wears and journeyed to the seaside to stand before God and our people and vow to a forever kind of love–love that is not self-seeking or record-keeping. What a day it was!
Though I couldn't imagine loving my groom any more than I did on our wedding day, oh how our love has grown and deepened through every passing year. Through each adventure we share. Through the laughter. Through the tears. Through the storms that rose up when we were self-seeking and record-keeping. Through learning how to reconcile more quickly than before.
Mark, you are God's greatest gift for me. I love parenting Juniper together. Taking on new challenges together like becoming homeowners! And most of all, growing together–growing closer to who God created us to be.
Here's to remembering our wedding day
and how far we've come.
For dreaming big about where we're going, too!
As long as your hand is in mine, there's nothing we can't weather.
Love always,
Your Laur Bear

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