@michael1060 and I visited Second Chance today and found kittens! They loved him immediately. Kinda know how they feel #kittenlove #bearstyle #bearsofinstagram

The brown bears at Brooks Falls each had different salmon fishing techniques. This bear definitely liked claiming a spot at the top of the falls and catching the salmon as they leaped up. But he seemed to experiment with whether or not he should grab them with his mouth or use his paws to help. Either way, this bear caught a lot of fish!

Siempre que me siento mal salgo y me compro alguna pendejada, en resumen, soy mi propio vato -//- Every time I feel bad I go and buy myself some random sh*t, long story short, I’m my own boyfriend 🐻🤦🏻‍♂️

Trying to laugh away the Sunday scaries. #mustache #sundayscaries #britneyspears

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