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In honour of South shutting down here's a picture of the best reciever with the last name Mote and the best offense South has ever seen #throwingshade #bearsfootball

Chicago Bears Jordan Horizon Lows
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#chicagobears #bearsfootball

Bucs playing for the Bears #bearsfootball #winners #bucs

My son hit 2 plates on bench this week! #proudfather #allyoucaneat #buffet #bearsfootball

Gear up for MSU's Homecoming this weekend with some of our awesome #BearWear! GO #BEARS!!! 🏈 #MaroonNation #BearsFootball #MissouriIsAwesome

One of the only pictures of me from Friday was the one where I thought I had dislocated my shoulderπŸ˜‚ #Bearsfootball #25

Had a blast coaching at the @uabearsfootball linemen camp this weekend, bright future for football in Alberta 🐻🏈 #BearsFootball

Wish I could run like my QB @brettmelanson9 #stella #bearsfootball

Awesome experience to play out at Husky Stadium with my boys 🐻🏈 #huskystadium #bearsfootball #olympia


And here's an autographed print of this #danhampton piece will be auctioned off this evening to raise funds for @helpinghandsnetwork β €
Dan was awesome and lit up when I told him I was from Arkansas. We then talked about the Gurdon Light. It's a thing. Look it up.

🐻 🏈 #RARE Vintage Chicago Bears Champion Authentic Salaam Jersey | Sz 44 L | New With OG Tags | Extremely hard to find | $120 Shipped #chicagobears #bearsfootball #chicagobearsnation #bearsnation #champion #wwvse

Congratulations to @mtrubisky10 on signing his contract with the #Bears! #rep1fam

On September 9th we'll be playing the 2017 Miller Light @chicagobears Block Party with @savestheday and @thekickback. The show is free and will be happening in Logan Square, North Milwaukee Avenue between North Spaulding Avenue and North Kedzie Avenue!

39 days till College Football.l and counting. #BaylorFootball -
Zach Smith Career Stats: (10 Games) Freshman Stats: -
116/196, 59%
1,526 Yards
13TDs/7int -
2017 Projected Record: 7-5(4-5)
Key Win: Texas Tech(Arlington)
Key Loss: at TCU
returning starters: 13 -
The Baylor Bears will be back in the ranks before we know it. Not this year though. They do have a pretty solid Quarterback at Zach Smith and of course Terrence Williams at running back that rushed for 1,000 yards last year. They do have the potential to go 10-2 this year. But on the safe side I have them going 7-5. Give me yalls thoughts! -
#BearsFootball #Big12Football #CollegeFootball #CollegefootballAddict #CollegeFootballPlayoff #CollegeFootballCountdown #39Days

I'm a big GoT fan, but when someone asks me what house I represent I tell them Halas all the way! Cannot wait for the season to start [both GOT and NFL] #HouseHalas #BearsFootball πŸ”ΈπŸ”·πŸ»πŸˆπŸ”ΆπŸ”Ή

That moment just before !!
#bearsfootball #blue #football #footballkit #kit

And here is the second piece I will have at the @helpinghandsnetwork golf fundraiser in Chicago next week: former Bear and #razorbacks great Dan Hampton! HHN is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that helps those who cannot speak and advocate for themselves and has set out a goal to raise monies to help create residential housing to promote independence for young adults with special needs. I'm looking forward to doing my part to help their noble cause!

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