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NEW YORK CITY WE ARE ON OUR WAY! Join Us This Sunday At MM#7 11am Sharp! Big S/O To Stud. Minister Abdul Hafeez & The Mighty Believers For Inviting Me. #BearingWitness #Farrakhan #NOIARCHIVES

@headymay has done a Bearing Witness installation. We're gonna be at the first @sheffieldanimalsave tomorrow morning, so hopefully see some of you there ^__^ -Also, check out @heartcureclothing #BeVegan #PromoteVeganism #VeganArt #BearingWitness #savemovement

With the brother at his exhibition in the GPO #proud #witnesshistory #bearingwitness

Driving through the back roads of Ontario you never know what you might come across. Today it was turkeys. These beautiful animals were stuck on transport trucks for hours outside a small town slaughterhouse waiting to be killed.
On my way home today I saw wild turkeys and wept. May all beings be free from suffering. 🙏🏼

UN tents on the shore of the Aegean. Turkey is visible in the distance. #bearingwitness

#throwback to the first #chickenvigil I attended! I have no idea when this was though! #liberationbc #bearingwitness #earlyactivism @vancouverchickensave

Tonight @bramptonchickensave will be holding its very first candlelight vigil in light of recent events. Maple Lodge was fined yet again for causing undue suffering. They transported former layer hens from New York to Brampton, ON in -18 degrees. Upon arrival approximately 860 of those hens froze to death. Can you imagine dying on the way to your already scheduled murder? We will be out there tonight from 7-8pm in remembrance of not just those who had their lives lost during this particular case, but to all innocent beings that have had their lives stolen from them beyond the gates of Maple Lodge Farms. This photos shows just a very, very small fraction of the beings I have bearded witness to, and let me tell you not a single one of them looked like they wanted to be there, wanted to have their lives taken away so we can eat them when their are so many other compassionate alternatives. I wish I could have saved you all. I am so sorry. #VeganForTheAnimals #BearingWitness #TheSaveMovement #BramptonChickenSave #MapleLodgeHARMS

We see you sweet babies. We hear you as well. We're trying and we won't stop fighting until every one of you is safe, happy and free. #TVOutreachForAnimals follow them on Facebook @TVOutreachForAnimals #vancouverchickensave #vancouver #hallmarkslaughterhouse @thesavemovement @torontochickensave #bearingwitness

RIP babies 😭💔😢 these chickens crammed in tiny crates on their way to the slaughterhouse. Please choose compassion #vegan #bearingwitness #activist @laanimalsave

@jamesaspey and @savemovementscotland 🙌💖 bearing witness to sweet innocent animals. I can't believe the save movement has spread so far, but I'm so happy to know how many people care and are willing to speak up 💛✨ also I need this sign for our vigils here 💛✨ #thesavemovement #vigil #bearingwitness

Be my witnesses... 🌬✨✨✨🌎#tennesseewilliams #bearingwitness #connection

Tona Over Violence 👆🏽today we gathered to read and listen to the victim impact statement of the sexual assault survivor "Emily Doe" who was raped on the Standard University Campus. A space to reflect and address the impact of sexual violence. A space to give all survivors a voice. #bearingwitness #peaceoverviolence #tonaoverviolence

Pigs are individuals - other beings here with us, simply seeking love. Going vegan and offering a moment of compassion is the least we can do.

@Regrann from @westyorkshiresave - Bearing witness today at our first chicken vigil. Yorkshire Poultry have planned to stop the trucks for us and allow us time with the chickens. We are also working on a rescue plan with the abattoir to rescue a chicken. Thank you to everyone who came! This is just a fraction of the people who came! #livevegan #compassion #bearingwitness #chicken

After considerable research to find out where it actuallu was, I went yesterday and visited the place that was my grandfather's first long-term residence in America after he arrived in Aurora 60 years ago this month. Where this parking lot is downtown at the corner of Downer and River used to be a hotel that had been built probably before 1900. In the 1950s it was owned by a Hungarian-American man who gave refuge to my grandfather and five others who fled after the Soviet Red Army put down the Revolution of October 23rd to save their damned backwards empire. Save for an obscure book written in Magyar, the connection between this site and the early Cold War has been effectively lost to history until now.
#History #BearingWitness

@Regrann from @mybodyzen - Cows are such gentle giants. #bearingwitness - #regrann

Did you know?
Cows can smell blood from up to 8kms away and can hear low and high frequency sounds much better than humans can.
Now, imagine being loaded onto a truck and sent to your death, imagine being able to sense that death long before you reach your final destination.
This is the final moments of a cows life. #melbournecowsave #thesavemovement #melbournevegan #bearingwitness #vegansinaustralia

Repost @toshalobsinger
With only their eyes they asked me if I was going to save them. Now they're dead 💔 #bearingwitness today with @torontocowsave

The importance of maintenance. This is what you get after a year riding in the Lakes. #bearingwitness #bentparts #ridesafe #lookafteryourbike

A father cheers as his daughter flies / her very own kite #documentingjoy #bearingwitness

Amazing day yesterday filming with @torontopigsave @laurenmaddoxanimalsave and @estherthewonderpig for the new #bearingwitness film, coming soon.
So thankful to Steve Jenkins who was incredibly helpful, accommodating and supportive....and of course huge thanks to Esther! 💞🐖💞
#vegan #govegan #vegansofig #whatvegansdo #esther #pig

When you look like Animal from muppet show, you gotta grin 😂 hahaha we actually thought this was a good pic at the time 😂😂 @stephielr @tothemoon_andback

#standingonthesideoflove here at the People for the Common Good rally. #bearingwitness #bethechange

Legendary lumberjack #PaulBunyan has been installed in the galleries - part of the William Gropper show, #BearingWitness , on view now!

If this was a truck full of cats or dogs there would be outrage. But because it's a truck full of sheep that makes it okay, right?
#vegan #friendsnotfood #veganism #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #savemovement #animalsave #slaughterhouse #bearingwitness 💚


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