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Friends!!! Wowza- soooo many new followers since yesterday! Huge hug and shout out to @erinireland for coming out yesterday and sharing about it all! Please do like us on fb as well! ❤️🐔❤️ #vancouverchickensave #bearingwitness #chickenvigil #vancouver #hallmarkslaughterhouse

This sweet girl had no name and I had to stretch my arm to reach her behind a thick wall. She was tied up with no stimulation at the county fair and it took everything I had not to crawl in with her and take her away! These are incredible, gentle animals that only deserve love and respect and I dread the day I see her again, on a transport truck with other spent dairy cows 😢
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When students from UT-Health Sciences walk out and stand in solidarity with #takeemdown901, you begin to wonder what is our excuse. #bearingwitness #propheticaction #SeeYouNextTime

Speed of Soul Thought - Bearing Witness
There is a lovely little purple finch nesting in a Boston fern plant on my front porch. I am infinitely careful about how I water the fern, just enough from a long nosed watering can to keep the plant healthy, but not so much as to disturb the mother or get the nest wet. The mother bird spends a great deal of her day, nestled down to protect and warm her clutch of 3 tiny eggs. Yesterday I quietly quietly got on tip toes and peaked in among the fronds. She sat there looking at me quietly. I held my breath as she held my gaze. There was a moment of recognition, two beings, one small and feather light, the other small and featherless, both of us quietly bearing witness to the next fine thing to be born.
I started to think, aren't we all caretakers of the next fine thing to be born, bearing witness to all the endings and beginnings that overlap, not unlike how one season closes and opens into the next.
I'm glad I took the moment to be nowhere else, to be present for that little bit of bird history. I'm grateful for small moments of wonder that I carry like a jewel in my pocket or a song I cannot forget.
(Finch Photo wiki commons Kelly Teague)
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This poor baby was on their back, barely breathing their last breath. They were all so scared... #vegan #govegan #chickens #bearwitness #chicken @londonchickensave

It's hard to look back through photos and know that these beautiful chicks are now dead. Their faces will remind us why we fight for them, to put an end to this unnecessary violence. We have to keep sharing their stories and encouraging others to make compassionate lifestyle changes.
#thesavemovement #bearingwitness #landofhopeandglory

This beautiful soul was on the last truck that I saw before leaving the slaughterhouse.. the last being that I locked eyes with. While I drove home, she was unloaded off the slaughtertruck and then endured the worst death you could imagine. I am home now, and as I greet my own little mini pig Moo.. I think of all the lives taken today. They did not want to die, they did not have to die.
@torontopigsave @niagarafarmanimalsave @thesavemovement
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Still going strong at the vigil today! We've had strangers stop by to chat and take information and a couple of new people out to bear witness for the first time. Thank you all for the support this week! 🙏🏼✌🏼

Tona Over Violence 👆🏽today we gathered to read and listen to the victim impact statement of the sexual assault survivor "Emily Doe" who was raped on the Standard University Campus. A space to reflect and address the impact of sexual violence. A space to give all survivors a voice. #bearingwitness #peaceoverviolence #tonaoverviolence

BEARING WITNESS (2017) will be screening as part of the video-wall installation at the Citygarden Sculpture Park until the end of June. Come check it!
@taviahchan @danedickmann
Cinema at Citygarden by Cinema St. Louis
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Be my witnesses... 🌬✨✨✨🌎#tennesseewilliams #bearingwitness #connection

From our first official vigil for the cows tonight....this driver refused to stop, even just for 2 minutes so we could say sorry to the cows. 💔#Repost @michaelfujimori
Truck full of cows arriving at Manning Beef Co. @laanimalsave #bearingwitness #meatismurder #govegan🌱

The curiosity that provoked her to study me is the same that provoked me to fly across the world to meet her. // #savingmoses #fujixseries #humanitarianorganization #bearingwitness

*Completed *The 2017 #ZenPeacemakers #NativeAmerican #BearingWitness Plunge has ended, hosted by #Lakota Violet Catches, Manny and Renee Iron hawk and their families. Prayer and listening, transformation of trauma and respect for all relations were only a few of the themes at this powerful gathering. This followed our rich week of service at La Plant with @simplysmilesinc . Zen Peacemakers are deeply grateful for our hosts, for the honor and privilege to be welcomed on their land and to their ways, and to our participants for giving life to another step in ongoing efforts to bear witness on Turtle Island.
More reports coming soon.

@Regrann from @mybodyzen - Cows are such gentle giants. #bearingwitness - #regrann

Today is my best friend’s birthday. She is also the love of my life, and my wife of nearly forty years. The beautiful, talented, amazing Sharon Bradford. She does her best to make me look good, and sometimes, she even succeeds. But mostly, she makes me look good just by standing by my side.

We’ll go on a date today to celebrate, just the two of us. Spend some time together. This is our time.

Happy birthday, Honey! Let’s add some life to our days. #bearingwitness

Along with Mia (@froghollowgal) we wish you all a new year filled with kindness and compassion
#PleaseGoVegan #Activism #BearingWitness

Tonight @bramptonchickensave will be holding its very first candlelight vigil in light of recent events. Maple Lodge was fined yet again for causing undue suffering. They transported former layer hens from New York to Brampton, ON in -18 degrees. Upon arrival approximately 860 of those hens froze to death. Can you imagine dying on the way to your already scheduled murder? We will be out there tonight from 7-8pm in remembrance of not just those who had their lives lost during this particular case, but to all innocent beings that have had their lives stolen from them beyond the gates of Maple Lodge Farms. This photos shows just a very, very small fraction of the beings I have bearded witness to, and let me tell you not a single one of them looked like they wanted to be there, wanted to have their lives taken away so we can eat them when their are so many other compassionate alternatives. I wish I could have saved you all. I am so sorry. #VeganForTheAnimals #BearingWitness #TheSaveMovement #BramptonChickenSave #MapleLodgeHARMS

A Melbourne Pig Save vigil earlier this week. The pigs were curious right until the end. They sniffed and licked us. They accepted water. They sought hope. 
It's heartbreaking.
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With only their eyes they asked me if I was going to save them. Now they're dead 💔 #bearingwitness today with @torontocowsave

NEW YORK CITY WE ARE ON OUR WAY! Join Us This Sunday At MM#7 11am Sharp! Big S/O To Stud. Minister Abdul Hafeez & The Mighty Believers For Inviting Me. #BearingWitness #Farrakhan #NOIARCHIVES

Crammed into a truck to get brutally slaughtered after a miserable, short life. Why are people still paying money for these atrocities, when the alternative is so easy, affordable, readily available and healthy? #govegan #choosecompassion #thesavemovement #thefutureisvegan #savemovement #boxtelpigsave #pigsave #bearwitness #bearingwitness #livevegan #veganism #activism #veganisme #dutchvegan #veganactivism #animalliberation #stopanimalcruelty

Anita Krajnc talking about the importance of #bearingwitness at #ARC #animalrightsnationalconference #arc2017

Any group or individual who bears witness to the suffering of animals needs to be making official reports to their local organizations that cover animal abuse, animal cruelty and "food" animals. When there are downed animals, animals suffering from heat stroke and dehydration, animals with visible injuries and wounds, animals covered in their own blood, these things need to be reported. Whether it is in a transport truck, at an auction, or at a slaughterhouse, these things need to be reported. Is it important to take photo and video of this and share it through social media? Yes. But is it enough? No. Sharing these videos with people, the majority of which are likely already vegan, is not doing enough to help these animals. We need documented reports about all of these incidents. Not because organizations like the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or the United States Department of Agriculture will do anything about it, but because then you have a documented paper trail of what is taking place, over and over again, without anything being done to change it. Then, organizations like @animaljustice_ and the
@animallegaldefensefund can use this paper trail to target these industries and work to create actual legal change for these animals. Without reports, this will not happen. Not reporting these incidents is not helping animals. We are failing them by simply sharing videos of their suffering. ~ @taylersz #bearingwitness #veganismisnotenough #report #animaljustice #animallegaldefensefund #animalcruelty #animalrights #animalliberation

See you all tomorrow!!! 9-11am NE corner of Hastings and Commercial. #hallmarkslaughterhouse #chickenvigil #bearingwitness #vancouverchickensave

Happy #EarthDay2017! 💚 🌍 🌎 🌏 💚
We will be in Enumclaw for the live animal auction at the Enumclaw Sales Pavilion today from 11-1, bearing witness to the animals being taken inside to be sold off like unfeeling, inanimate objects. Please join us if you can! DM us or check out our Facebook event page for more details if you're interested!
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I tried to say something. #charlottesville #hatecantwin #bearingwitness

Amazing day yesterday filming with @torontopigsave @laurenmaddoxanimalsave and @estherthewonderpig for the new #bearingwitness film, coming soon.
So thankful to Steve Jenkins who was incredibly helpful, accommodating and supportive....and of course huge thanks to Esther! 💞🐖💞
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Dates: September 9-October 28, 2017
Closing Dialogue with Alma Ruiz and artist: Friday, October 27, 6:30-9 PM Performance: Saturday, October 28, 6-8 PM

Baik Art presents Bearing Witness, a solo exhibition by Regina José Galindo, contemporary Guatemalan performance artist born in 1974, 14 years into the bloody, 36-year armed conflict in Guatemala. By pushing her body to the limit and creating works that depict her own reality as both a Guatemalan and a woman, Galindo challenges the inequities and atrocities that have become commonplace. When she afflicts harm on herself Galindo recalls her predecessors, artists such as #GinaPane, #ChrisBurden, and #MarinaAbramović. Her international acclaim has expanded in more recent years as her oeuvre has grown to include works that bear witness to a number of international concerns.

Often placing her body in direct confrontation with an audience, Galindo identifies and illuminates political, economic, and social concerns in her performances; memorializes those involved; and ultimately, evokes a response. Although careful to align herself as an artist rather than an activist, Galindo’s actions invite viewers – through observation and, at times, participation – to consider, to remember, and to take responsibility.

As Galindo has become more internationally regarded for her art, she has remained committed to addressing social justice issues. Constantly performing and exhibiting around the world has influenced her work, with performance locations often informing content. Many of Galindo’s more recent works rely on direct engagement with viewers as a strategy for encouraging accountability and responsibility, a tactic employed by many of her predecessors.

This little fella was taking a break on the metro platform earlier. Sad to see its wing was broken and it couldn't fly. Sometimes the only thing you can do is stop, bear witness, shepherd a fragile being to a safer spot and let it go. 🦋☹️
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Some of you looked rough again today. We saw you, but we couldn't save you... We are so sorry! ❌ STOP sponsoring animal cruelty. Choose a vegan life today!! #boxtelpigsave #pigsave #thesavemovement #savemovement #vegan #veganism #veganisme #dutchvegan #govegan #livevegan #compassion #compassionisnotacrime #bevegan #bearingwitness #bearwitness #pigs

"Hey what's up? I'm gonna eat you!" A slaughterhouse worker yells out to the animals as we bear witness today at the Toronto Stockyards with @torontocowsave. These gentle animals are tired and frightened and moments away from death.

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