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Today we are celebrating!
A week ago, Jared and I welcomed Iris into our family. Today we celebrate her being a week old, gaining weight and working hard to be able to come home in a few weeks.
Jared and I feel so blessed to have an amazingly healthy, strong, and brave little girl and we cannot wait to watch her grow and develop into the personality she's going to be.. not too soon of course.
Iris Bernes
July 11, 2017
3 pounds 5 oz of perfection.

This stuff is my magic! #beannagram

Blah.... #beannagram

Yesterday's delivery, so in love with all my new pieces from @stelladot
Will feature them later 😘

There's no place to start, but at the beginning. When God gave me you on the day you were born, he gave me a sister, but more special he gave me a best friend.
Breezy has always been my number one fan, my biggest supporter, the person to tell me my crazy dreams are not only doable, but manageable too. She is to date the greatest gift God has given me and I thank him everyday for her.
Thank you for being there for me. Whether I have a flat tire, get lost somewhere, need someone to cry to, my favourite shopping partner and so so much more.
I know I don't show it everyday but I appreciate EVERYTHING you've ever done for me and all that you do for me on a daily basis. You are my rock, my role model and the only person who would be able to give me a piece of your liver should I need one one day.
There are no words to describe how my heart feels about you as a sister, someone who I'm bonded so strongly with and my very best friend. I love you baby.
Sanka ya dead? #sistersbychancebestfriendsbychoice #beannagram

Friday is my jam! #beannagram

Had a nice dinner with these beauties last night to celebrate Karlen (and Layne's) new adventure in BC.
Going to miss you, but I know this move is going to be great for the both of you! See y'all in a couple months!


Meeting someone under the mistletoe? Make sure your lips are ready with our satin lips set!! This dynamic duo exfoliates and refreshes your lips !!

Making our own traditions with you has got to be one of my favourite experiences in my new role as your mother.

Working on my confidence today and approaching strangers through some ‘warm chatter’ to promote my Mary Kay business by giving out my #lipselfie game! Trying to make @caroltmk proud, spoke to 5 ladies today! Trying to finish 2018 off strong!!
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When God blesses you with not only a sibling, but such a great one- you cherish every moment, whether it’s driving around running errands, road tripping, watching your favourite shows you literally make every hang out an adventure.
I’m out adventures a lot today. .

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Anyone else okay with getting charCOAL for Christmas this year?
I’ve put together some of these as a request from a customers husband- super easy, stress free shopping!
How can I help YOU with your Christmas list?

Neutrals are kinda my jam these days! All about the creams and browns for my eyes and lighter foundation for this time of year!

Nothing has been the same since you arrived, but I promise it’s been for the better!
When you first arrived things were chaotic and ‘survival mode’ but now we have found our calm and groove. Watching you come into who you are has been the biggest blessing for your dad and I. Our little threesome is my favourite thing in this whole wide world. God sure put a good one together when he united us. I love you chicken nugget. 🖤 + ❤️ = 💜
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Enlightening. 🖤 #beannagram

A new lip line makes me 😍
What shade is for you this winter?! #beannagram


Literally my favourite duo these days, been wearing almost non-stop!! ✔️ Light Nude Mary Kay lip liner
✔️Silver Moon Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss

Make up Monday! ✔️ CC cream- very light mixed with light to medium
✔️Gold coast mineral eye shadow
✔️Amber Blaze mineral eye shadow
✔️ Mary Kay bronzer
✔️Lash Love lengthening maszasa
✔️Translucent powder
✔️ Under eye corrector ✔️Mary Kay Finishing spray
✔️Crushed Berry matte lipstick

‘Sometimes someone comes into your life, so unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise and changes your life forever.’ 🖤

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Trick or TREAT!
Treat your skin to some skin savers, especially in this harsh local climate!

Missing the sunshine on this gloomy fall day. 🍂☀️ #beannagram

The easiest look ever. Took under 3 minutes for this everyday look!
✔️CC cream
✔️Pale Blush cream eye shadow
✔️Lash Love lengthening mascara
✔️Translucent Powder
✔️Finishing Spray

Family portrait.
I am most blessed for both of these beautiful humans in my life. Growing up, I was never the type to want to settle down and get married. I didn’t think I was ‘interested’ in the family life.
When Jared entered my life so much changed, including my desire to spend forever with him and start a family. These thoughts an feelings came so naturally they snuck up on me. Boy, am I glad they did. Although she has only been in our lives for 3 short months, I barely remember life just the two of us. I adore our little threesome and am so thankful to God every day that he gave me you + her.
Although I am sure tougher days are ahead of us, I am so humbled for the blessed days we have. How each day seems better than the last.
Thank you Jared and Iris for making me a mother. I would not have this title without either of you two. 📷 @jfriesz
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So excited for these new limited edition eye make up brushes from @marykaycanada. They are every angle you need to create any killer eye look! #beannagram

— but these are the days we dream about, when the sunlight paints us gold. 💛🍂🍁

Happy fall y’all! #beannagram

Ran into the bride and groom at the airport. I was really sad when this girl (& her husband) moved a province away, and being able to see them 3 days in a row just reaffirmed how much I enjoy their friendship!! Can’t wait to see them again next month.
Friendship is a funny thing. You get what you put into it, and I’m so thankful this girl reciprocates this relationship! .
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Today is my Mary Kay anniversary. I signed up October 1 and have enjoyed every day, every new face, every makeover, every minute of being my own boss and doing my business my way! This month when YOU start your very own Mary Kay journey you get a special flawless fall opportunity! The time is now! #beannagram

Checking out the local coffee shop, appropriately named Bean Scene Coffee Works #beannagram

Just over a year apart between these two glorious days.
So many things have changed, but the one thing remains - my friendship with this girl.
Karlen (& Layne), it was such an honour and blessing to be invited to your beautiful, special day. It was everything I expected from you both; happiness, romance, laughter and full of love!
I am so happy for you both and look forward to witnessing many more adventures in your lives together!

Fall inspired make up looks! I've been sharing this look with my MK ladies this month and I am happy to report- it's fabulous on everyone!!

"Promise me
You'll always be
Happy by my side
I promise to
Sing to you
When all the music dies"


Pit stop on our way to #frencheverafter #beannagram

"And now you're my whole life
Now you're my whole world
I just can't believe the way I feel about you, girl
Like a river meets the sea,
Stronger than it's ever been.
We've come so far since that day
And I thought I loved you then"
🖤 #beannagram

It's the little things- like when you let me nap for 2 hours in the evening because Iris and I have had a couple of rough nights.
Thank you for taking care of us. .
#beannagram #parenthood_unveiled #uniteinparenthood #uniteinparenting #loveofmylife #familyfirst #parenthood #parenting #momlife #momanddad #motherhood #motherly #sleepismyfriend

Easily my favourite corner of our home. Thank you @breezymanning for helping me make this vision come alive. #beannagram

Fall essentials 🍂

I'm the only one who didn't have wheels for our outing. I should get a Segway to keep up with the one on the bike, and push the one in the stroller #beannagram #familyfirst .
#parenthood_unveiled #parenting #parenthood #parenthood_unveiled #parenthood_moments #momlife #theyseemerollin #uniteinmotherhood #momdotme #curvywomen

When one of your good friends finds a new hobby she loves, you obviously ask her to make you and your daughter matching headbands. Thanks @amyjlo93 we LOVE them! #beannagram

Tackling my to-do list, and motherhood #beannagram

K y'all, here's my look with our new fall eye shadow pallet 'Rose Nudes'. There's so many looks you can do with this gorgeous pallet but anyone who knows me knows I love the smokey look.
These colours are soft, but bold and have a subtly shimmer. ▪️Mary Kay CC cream
▪️MK Rose Nudes eyeshadow pallet
▪️MK lash love lengthening mascara ▪️MK deep nude lip liner ▪️MK translucent powder
▪️MK finishing spray

A look featuring this pallet is coming to an instagram and Facebook feed near you.
Watch for it later today!

Happy anniversary to the man whose love heals my soul---


I've got a giveaway coming at you this long weekend. If you're not in the group, you are DEFINITELY missing out!

Fall lip colours make me happy 💄
• Mary Kay lip suede in ROSE BLUSH•


Don't have time to go shopping for A replacement face cream or mascara? Let me deliver your favourite make up and skin care products right to your door!

August 26, 2017 🖤

It's my little chicken nuggets Due Date! Despite being 46 days early, and having a bit of a bumpy start to her little, but beautiful life she is striving in every way. She has now lived at home with us longer than she lived in the NICU. I thank God every day for blessing me with her and for her health and happiness. I know parenthood is a forever thing, and that she will have other bumpy points in her life, but if the last 46 days are any indication of the kind of strength and might this little girl has, I know she's going to be better than fine!
To celebrate, I think we all deserve a little bit of cake, buuuuut, she's too young for solid food and I've lost all my pregnancy weight and I'd like to keep it that way. We will have cake for her birthday, I don't even want to know how fast that's going to come!

Small but mighty

Brand. New. Starter. Kit

Featuring more make up, more tools, more support than ever before! What a time to start your own business, live out your own dreams!

The pretties pallets I ever did see!
Our fall line up is the 💣

This man.
He helped me become a mom. We've been on this crazy journey for 37 days now. In those 37 days, my love for him has changed and grown into a love I could never have even imagined. My heart has stretched like a balloon that keeps filling up with love. When we found out we were pregnant I knew he would be one heck of a father. I cannot wait to see how he develops into his fatherly role. Iris is so lucky to have him and so am I. We've been S P O I L E D having him home with us, we've made memories I will cherish forever. .
#beannagram #momlife #momanddad #husbandandwife #newadventures #momsofinstagram #marriagegoals #motherhood #parents #parenthood #parenthood_unveiled #parenthoodshared #parenting #parentinglife

Took our first family outing to the mountains today. Iris and I have been really enjoying having Jared home with us.
#hotdadalert #beannagram #bernespartyof3

Had a nice dinner with these beauties last night to celebrate Karlen (and Layne's) new adventure in BC.
Going to miss you, but I know this move is going to be great for the both of you! See y'all in a couple months!

Always hustling'

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