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I love vancouver but im so excited to go to calgary next week to visit family and friends❤
Makeup done by @bryanajo
#beamodelmonday #summer #model #van

@lizbell_lb Lizzie, I could have been Your cover boy! #BeAModelMonday #NewFace #OldPaunch @lizbellagency #snoozeyalose!

Я не ношу кепки, но как мартышка, примеряю и фотаюсь в кепочках мужа😅 #girl #fun #cap #oakley #beamodelmonday

Monday vibes... outfit by @rimpysahota
Photo by @danieljcollinsfoto

Let's talk business.
Photographed by @yzobelb .Visit @blackandlee for the best tuxedos and suits. #beamodelmonday

Back to school shopping one last time.... #love my boy #beamodelmonday

“No one would forget him and no one remembers him neither… he speaks with everyone without saying a word. he’s not with himself nor with others the way he should be.” #Vancouver #beamodelmonday #lizbellagency #Vancity #malemodel

Fab evening at the Miles Balfour compound with all the coolest folks ever #beamodelmonday @pabalfour @cynthiammiles ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @heathermaymunn


When waking up, it’s important to follow all self-care procedures in order to stand up feeling like you are captain of the world who makes the best damn bowl of oatmeal in all of America INSTEAD of feeling like you are in a dark pit that seems to have no bottom and then looking down at your feet and realizing you also have no bottoms on before falling back into bed and drowning yourself under the covers.
Part of my procedure is giving good morning kisses to Stella, asking her how she slept. Then I remind myself that I am so lucky to know the sweetest cutest little cheeky baby angel ever. Then I tell Stella that she’s cute too before I ask her if she’s hungry which leads to her jumping of the bed in excitement and a RACE to the kitchen.
Some mornings she isn’t in the room because she’s gone to eat or to those bathrooms. Those days never go well for either of us.
This morning she was in bed but when she saw me wake up she jumped down and sat on the floor delivering a whole monologue titled “hunger” (because she was “starving” because I obviously “never feed her” or “care about her at all”) I had to force her to get back in bed for a second so we could both have good days. (The second picture was after I said “yesterday you yelled at me that we didn’t snuggle because you weren’t in here. You are in here today. SNUGGLE”)

It's 🎩 season.
P.c: @freeadmission
HMUA: @edina_schubert

I'd rather be bathing in a tub of milk🌼🍼💛
P.c: @chapman.creative @chapman.photo

Scored 10/10 in The Pajama Game.


Personally I don’t get it, but god Dr. Seuss is GOOD.
Come see the last weekend of August: Osage County @playmakersinc
I’ll let you try a tongue twister out of this GREAT book that I like to use to warm up my lips, teeth, and tip of my tongue. 👻: meerkatballs

Raw noise 📺💛🎞
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Be A Model Monday 💫💥💣
Do you or someone you know have what it takes to be an #lbmodel #newface ?? Tag you or a friend in the pic and tag #beamodelmonday !!
Model @greer.melbrown
Shot by @agnesciaciekphoto ::
#lbmodels #tag #friend #model #editorial #fashion #style #photoshoot #pose #smile #photography

One of my favourites with @photosintheam

Giving myself arthritis while continuously attempting to finger pick Jackson Browne. I had to switch to strumming. Still a powerfully sad song. Gregg Allman did a really nice cover of this song once upon a time. Go listen to that one. Compare them all. I’ll come in last, and that’s okay. Music heals regardless of chart placement. And not caring about chart placement is so Rock n roll (secretly caring about it is key here. Rock n roll tip no. 212)

The Mickey Mouse Club was VERY rock n roll.
Also, why does the bathroom make my hair look so not blonde?

Another cool shot by @photosintheam

Once again with @photosintheam

来自星星的我⭐️Huge shout out to this amazing team! ❤️ @eva.yanez

“I wait for the sun
To remind my body
It needs restin'”-Manassas

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