Always choose to live your best life. Live for you, live for yourself.
Being happy make's your life happy.
Being happy makes's your people happy.
Be the night you dream about, be the sun you live anout.
Be honest to yourself.
Live truly, be truly amazing!!! #behappy #livelife #lovelife #seeyourself #seethebeauty #worklife #loveyourjob #ilovemyjob #afs #loveyourpeople #accounts #beamazing #deskview #sunlight

Fabulous induction with our HNC's. Looking forward to the year ahead.
#dancetraining #beamazing #dance #HNC #shenasimon #tmc

Still pretty🌸💐🎀
Have a nice Friday everyone✨✨ #flowerstagram#rosesandhydrangeas#morningpost

There might be a lot of yoga teachers in the world today, but there is not another one like you. Stay true to your practice and your vision. Be bold. Be amazing. #fridayquotes #fridayfeeling #yogateacherlife #beunique #bebold #beamazing

Happy Birthday to my bestie! Love you to the moon and back. So much 🙌🏼 Thank you for being YOU! #BFF #sanfrancisco #HBD #happybirthday #beamazing @ashnagaoka

GOOᗪ ᗰOᖇᑎIᑎG ᗩᒪᒪ
Time to rise and grind 💥
But first things first, BREAKFAST!
May you overcome old habits that don’t serve you, replace toxic people with beautiful souls and smash all sorts of epic goals.
Get out there and be amazing!! You know I’m rooting for you 🙌🏽📢🎉
#goals #beamazing #motivation

I’m feeling so great today. I finally got up and went through my morning routine - almost like I used to. I’m building up to get there. 2-5 mins of meditation while my tea is steeping. Reading 5-15 mins while I sip my tea. Then some sort of physical activity to get my mind and body connected through movement. I danced in the sunlight being thankful for my body and being able to move the way I can. And being thankful for the gift of music.
After all that, I only had time to scarf down a half of a Quest bar, (I got carried away lol), and scootered to yoga. Here, I set my intentions toward STRENGTH; in my mind, body, and spirit to push me through my practice. MINDFULNESS; being aware of my body, emotions, those around me/my community, and paying attention to when I want to give up. I also worked on staying GROUNDED; physically and spiritually to the earth, and mentally remaining within my own body and space on my mat. It’s not even 2pm yet but I’m ready to call it a day! •
Happy Thursday!! What have you done today that has you feeling like awesome & accomplished? Share with me below!♥️👊🏽💥 .
Bottle: @nike Mat: @jadeyogamats Location: @hotspotyogaoakland 🙏🏽🙌🏽

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#ThowbackThursday I know I'm Deaf, but I truly love 🎶 music 🎶 when I was in college I bought the CD and had a walkman player (I know I'm showing my age😂) I played the CD all over campus learned the lyrics to all the songs. Love the hell out of "That Thing" and the music video was everything. But it's the title and cover of the album always spoke to me. I understood she was telling her story like you think you know but you really don't know, you know? (See what I did there?) And like Ms.Hill I always felt I was misunderstood especially in those younger years and she said in one of her songs "How you going win when you ain't right within" spoke to me on so many levels especially when I got sick it's like a rally call to always do better. Even if you fail try again, try again ,try again.. So it Seem like everyone and thier mama was the 20th anniversary concert at the Hollywood Bowl a few days ago and I missed it, but 20 years latter I think back and realize it's been a hell of an education. Still learning still growing. ✌#HipHop #themiseducationoflaurynhill #CoverArt #Reflection #Music #LosAngeles #BeYou #MusicForTheSoul #TBT #Art #Deafness #BeAmazing

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