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RCVG COB ceremony!! District 7020!! Doesn't get more awesome than this!!!😎💙💯 #RotarySunrise #YoungRotarian #UnleashTheAwesome7020 #BeTheChangeYouWantToSee #BeAGiftToTheWorld

This is 25 year old Austin, and his 5 year old son Caden. I saw Austin and Caden standing outside of the Salvation Army today with a look of hopelessness, so I asked them to come with me to Walmart where I would be happy to get them whatever they need. Austin hasn't had a fair shot in life. His mother was sent to prison at a young age, and he lived in foster homes for most of his childhood. He never had the opportunity to get an education beyond high school, as he did not have anyone to support him. He's never been to jail, and he's been doing his best to find a job that will keep him without a college degree. He and his son are currently homeless and living at the Salvation Army. I knew that I couldn't fix everything in his life, but I wanted to make as big of a difference as I could. I got them a bunch of new clothes, some snacks, toys for Caden, and some other essentials. At the end, Austin told me that I gave him the hope to keep trying his best day in and out.. He told me "It's not about how much money you have, or how many nice things, it's about having a little happiness each day with the people you care about". I'm not sharing this for likes or acknowledgement, I'm sharing it to show that the smallest act of kindness can make a true impact on someone's life. A simple "hi" to someone walking down the hallway, or a dollar to someone in need can make a true impact in someone's day. #BeAGiftToTheWorld

Echipa Interact Club Chișinău la evenimentul "INTERACTionăm corect cu cei din jur"🌱🌳☘🌿🍃
#interactchisinau #serviceaboveself #beagifttotheworld

Les photos de notre réunion des commissions du Mercredi 12 Avril 2017 au Pavillon Gourmand.. WAIT FOR US 💖 #RotaractSidiBouSaid #Rotaract #Rotary #district9010 #BeAGiftToTheWorld

Rotary está por toda parte!!!❤️🌎 #beagifttotheworld

Swipe. Trust that one experience taken deeply to heart can satisfy the hunger to have it all or be loved by all.💭🙌🏻 Greed has an appetite for more than just money. #staypresent #wednesday #wantvsneed #beagifttotheworld


#ServiceAboveSelf -- No matter the day, no matter the hour... shout out to Past President Angelica Bastian on her Career Day presentation on #DentalHygiene!👏 #ElevateImpactInspire #EconomicDevelopment #CommunityDevelopment #RD7020 #BeAGiftToTheWorld

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