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Yesterday I taught my master class to the most incredible group of yoga teachers I could ever fathom. I was so nervous but so excited at the same time... my Brain couldn't comprehend whether I was comfortable teaching my FRIENDS, or if it was complete anxiety and intimidation at the thought of teaching TEACHERS. I stayed true to my authentic self, and I've learned (and still have so much to learn) on this journey... ------------------------------------------------------
I CANNOT Believe that all you need to guide people through this is 200 hours of training; now more than halfway with my 300H all I can think is "holy shit... I knew NOTHING"

The journey is to keep learning, always keep striving to better yourself and be the best teacher to your students. That's why for me it's so important to take classes from other teachers and absorb as much as possible. EVERYONE IS A TEACHER, and when you close your mind and heart to the possibility of learning from anyone else... you become stagnant and no longer have much to offer. --------------
Thankful for my base @taylorjyoga ❤️
So grateful for everything I've learned from my friends here; and my incredible guides @tessasana @samseesworld & @fitqueenirene --------
📷 @chloenickles_yoga #CoffeeCostaYoga2017

دیوانه باش تا غمِ تورا دیگران خورند
آن را که عقل بیش،
غمِ روزگار بیش... #انسی_شاملو

What are the fears holding you back from doing what you love? How often is fear lingering behind your thoughts and actions? What's stopping you from taking that leap of faith into something new and exciting? .
If you look closely, every negative thing in the world is born out of fear. If you have a negative feeling, chances are you can trace it back to a fear of something .
Learn to understand your fears, and you learn to control them. .
Wearing @aloyoga 💜💜💜 #fearless

"Her messy hair a visible
attribute of her stubborn
spirit. As she shakes it free,
she smiles knowing wild is
her favorite color."
~ J. Iron Word
Goodmorning and Happy #humpdayhearts OMies. I hope you all have a wonderful day. .
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There are those times where I really wish I could be more composed. More balanced. More of a yogi. I wish I would be one of those yoga teachers who smile and quietly explain to you something, while nothing shakes them out of their mind-control. I wish I would not be so temperament and passionate about certain things.
And right then, and the split second I think this to myself, I realize it cannot be true. As I am who I am because I am exactly all those things; and I will never give my passionate and contagious attitudes away, because through them I have managed to meet and connect with so many great souls. And I do so every single day. Even when I don't feel super yogi, with a quiet mind and mild and zen voice.
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I'm breaking down some reasons why the 200 hour yoga teacher training in CUBA is going to be so special... ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨1. The Ishta yoga training! The Ishta teachings and practices are what I use in my daily practice and what keeps my teaching - and me - inspired. I and honored to be able to share this program with you and use the manual and curriculum. This is the training I completed over 15 years ago rooted in a tantric lineage that enables us to move more gracefully in the modern world. One reason for this is because "Ishta" means individual. It recognizes that we are all unique and need different things at different times in our lives. It teaches how to let the practice support you. You will learn to teach flow, as well as restorative poses and prenatal variations. We will cover asana in depth with asana labs, as well as sequencing, philosophy, history, subtle body, Chakras, an intro to Ayurveda, pranayama and meditation techniques. One of my favorite quotes from my teacher Yogiraj Alan Finger is "Range is of the ego. Form is of the soul." @yogirajaf 🙏 For more info go the link in my bio 🙏 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨#teachertraining #yogateachertraining #yogastudent #yogainspiration #yogaflow #yogalifestyle #yogatravel #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #ishtayoga #unboundpotential #beachyoga #yogagirl #teachyoga #destinationtraining #sukhasa

We were very namaste until the tide snuck up on us. SWIPE⬅️ to see our reactions. 😆

our leggings : @namastefitlife #namastefitlife #namastefitchicks #namastefit

Beach Vibes ✌🏼
#beachyoga #yogaenthusiast

@clairebutler I'm so excited to hear about your RYT at @sammakaruna in Koh Phangan! I can't believe we left Bali only a few weeks ago 🙂
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Meet OmBody staff member Julia Workman! (@workmanjulia). Julia is OmBody's Fitness Program Director and Marketing Manager. Her varied expertise in Yoga, meditation, anatomy, fitness, dance, team sports, healthy cooking, and other disciplines puts her in a unique position to oversee and implement many of our creative wellness initiatives. She also teaches some of our on-site Yoga and fitness classes. Outside of work, catch her dancing, exploring nature, socializing, and seeking adventure!

Stay tuned for more features on OmBody instructors, practitioners, staff and clients. ✌💟💪

Wake up, meditate and live your life being present. 💜⠀
📷 || @yoga_class #benowwatch

La beauté de cet instant,
Il ne tient qu'à toi de le vivre.
Ouvre les yeux,
Qu'est ce qui t'empêche de sourire ou de pleurer?
Sois vulnérable, montre tes émotions, montre la personne qui se cache à l'intérieur. C'est celle que l'on veut découvrir.
Sans faux semblants avec ses faiblesses, ses peurs, son courage et sa force, tu es présente, au coeur de ce tourbillon que l'on appelle la Vie.
Auteur inconnu.
Bonne nuit #insta 💗 .
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And, always say, "Thank you."

Sometimes you have to pause and appreciate the beauty before you 🐳

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