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Before ❌ After: Com a modelo do Curso Vip de Aperfeiçoamento em Mechas @samellaneves e o seu ✨Castanho Iluminado ✨ nos tons Amêndoa e Canela Tostada 🍂 , que fiz com a técnica Mãos Livres! Dispensando a utilização do papel laminado para um efeito de descoloração mais suave! E quando o assunto é suavidade e naturalidade vocês já sabem que eu amo ♥️né pessoal?! ☺️✨ | #8XPowderTRUSS #AirLibreTRUSS @trusshair @trussprofesional

Watch till the end 😏

Swipe ➡️ to see the beginning of this magnificent #HairTransformation! Colored, cut & styled by our wonderful stylists, @dionspencer_ & @aa.anderson_! 💞👏

Sharks need our protection! I was lucky enough to swim with these amazing creatures yesterday and it was one of the best experiences in my life. They need you, our oceans need you! Stop eating seafood, they need it and you do not. Pick up your trash. Recycle. Stop using single use plastics. Cutting back helps too! It's not an all or nothing thing! Thanks to @robertoochoahe for this amazing shot!

Thank you @amanda_montell and @byrdiebeauty for the feature! Read to find out what I mean by #4dhaircolor broken down in a literal sense ✨✨✨

Sharks aren't so bad... if a stranger came into my house wearing a Speedo I'd probably attack them too 😉


B a l a y a g e ✨

I'm trying to be more comfortable with my natural wavy hair. I still need to find the right product to manage it so it doesn't get more frizzy through the day. #wavyhair #naturalhair #beachhair #hair #blonde #selfie #smile

Throwing it back to carefree days in Paros, Greece. #beachlife #mood #cantwaittobeback #selfie #beachhair #carefree #beachgirl #bestplacetobe

Although I hate to admit it, fall will be here before we know it! Slowly adding back in that low light for a little bit darker and more dimensional winter look can take a couple of appointments after being so bright and light too! September is filling up so don't forget to get your fall appointments booked ❣️
For bookings click the link in my bio or text ✨

I absolutely love this photo, although it's imperfect to me it screams "summer evenings"! The beach waves and that sun glare🙌🏻

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