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Giving you that Classic Vibe. #SuitandTie #BeachBodyFitness #Actor #Dancer #Suave

We are getting ready to start a new journey of fitness from tomorrow! #aaaplan #yearofacceleration #beachbodyondemand #beachbodyfitness #21dayfix

Olha que colete mais lindo Brasillll!!!
E com esta legging com recorte em tule.
# amotudoisto

I competed day 3 of Shift Shop.. I am not going to lie it hard, but I got it done. #beachbody #beachbodyfitness #beachbodyondemand #beachbodychallenge #shakeology @fit_family_living

#Repost @katisebay ・・・
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Lot of 5 Shakeology Power Greens! 🌿(starting price: $45, buy it now price: $65) LINK TO MY SHOP IN BIO #shakeology #beachbody #beachbodyshakeology #shakeologyboost #powergreensmoothie #powergreens #greens #nutrition #fitness #gooddeals #beachbodycoach #beachbody #health #smoothie #shakes #beachbodyfitness #ebay #ebayshop #ebaystore #ebayseller #ebaydeals

MOOD. | for 9 months I let go. I enjoyed every second of my pregnancy, I ate what I hadn't in years and I was happy. I knew the aftermath would be hard and I was ok with that. Although it is harder than I've thought, I'm ready. It's taken me two months with my daughter to adjust to the schedule and ease into a healthy way of eating as well as getting my body able to do some of the things it did before. And though I'm still no where near perfect, I'm ready. This time around, I'm not worried about the numbers on the scale or getting my body to how I want it. My focus has shifted. This time it's all about showing myself what I am capable of. I just created a human. There is no greater accomplishment. This time around I have yet another challenge for myself. Finish a program. 90days of intensity. 90 days of giving it my all. I owe it to myself to be relentless and complete it. I can do anything for 90days right? P90x. Here it goes.....here goes everything. #fitmom #p90x #iwillownit #beachbodyfitness


put in work!

✨Sometimes we need help to get stronger! Asking doesn’t make you weak. Remember that 💫

Great upper body session today with some sprints at the end. Whoop! Time for some foooooood!

PUSH! Whoop! I'm feeling strong and badass. haha. Burned 500 calories in class so that was a major win!

My face after #insanitymax30 cardio workout today. I am starting month two this week! Some days are harder than others and today this workout kicked my rear. But I did it!! 💪🏼

Only 6 weeks to go until the end of the year! Yep, I know we’re all busy with thanksgiving preparations, Christmas shopping etc etc. But you shouldn’t have to wait until the celebrations are over before you start making healthier lifestyle choices. Today I recommitted 100% to keep it together throughout the holiday season. If you’re in the US, UK and Canada and want to join me just send me a DM and we can smash this together ❤️

I've always believed that you should do what you love and love what you do. Life is too short to hate your circumstances. You have the power to change whatever is causing you stress or sadness. And that change doesn't have to be drastic either. Small adjustments can make a big difference too. Take control!

Day 2 of thanksgiving break ❤️
It's been a lovely day of driving to the farm, realizing there's a hedgehog emoji 🦔😍, and doing #21dayfix #flatabsfix ◾️STAY MOTIVATED xoxo #staymotivated #break #thanksgivingbreak2017 #fallsemester2017 #beachbody #beachbodyfitness #abs @autumncalabrese

Annual hike for a beautiful view 😍🍁🍂❤️
#fall #westvirginia #coopersrock #ravenrock

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