“It is a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together” - I have the passion to help people being a ultrasound technologist I get to help people figure out what is going on inside their bodies. -I love the career I have chosen -I am very blessed .
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My trip to Indy. Quite a long drive. I made it with only one bathroom break and one gas up though! I should of put sunscreen on my arm. Ouch! This is goin to bug me all week.

Since I recently have more people watching my 80 day journey, I wanted to share about me!

1: I used to HATE baseball, Dan got me into it last year and now I LOVE it and am a Yankees girl!

2: I am SOBER! I have been sober from alcohol 1.5 years and it was the best decision I ever made.

3: I am a lefty!! But I do use my right hand for many things including driving and most sports.

4: I am ALWAYS changing my hair color. Currently I’m on blue but you never know when I’ll change it again!

5: I used to be VERY lazy. Because of this I do not like watching tv anymore because I prefer to be doing other things or moving somehow.

Do we have anything in common? 😍

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To all my ladies that are arriving at summit today for the weekend- have fun and post post post! I can’t wait to learn what you all absorb and hope to see you all at next years summit! 💕💕

You know those little bouncy balls your kids play with? Well grab one of them and try these moves (PS I had to sneak it because my 2 year old was not wanting to share 🤣) *Try to do each exercise for 1 min, and repeat 2-3 more times!
1- place ball at the base of your shoulder blades for some crunches
2- crunches while alternating lifting leg
3- Russian twists making sure the ball taps the ground
4- mermaid! Keeping your body as still as possible as you lift and lower your feet
5- lunge pulse while squeezing ball
6- lunge while circling ball around leg
* make sure to each side on the mermaid and the lunges!
I swear my daughter doesn’t always run around in just a diaper or her jammies 🤣. I try to get my workouts done in the morning before we get ready. 😉


Finally it’s sunny and dry today. Enjoy bike ride, out to lunch, carousel and dragon hollow. Someone is really tried! #restday #b4lift4 #beachbodycoach

Gimmie all the cheesy grilled stuffed potatoes and vegan herb n’ cheese biscuits.🌱😛 To me, even the “unhealthy” vegan food is just so wholesome, delicious and good for the soul because no souls were harmed in the making of this food.🌱 #veganforthemindbodyandsoul ☮️💟🕉💕

77/80 Leg Day
Back to Phase one. 3X10 and heavier weights then we were able to do the first time through for sure!! Take it one day at a time. Sweat is magic, cover yourself in it every day. And the results will come ♡ @delciacushman
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THIS IS MY LIFE!!!! ❤Dripping in sweat from a 20 minute workout. ❤Working on a side business while on vacation. ❤Relaxing and celebrating my daughter (who is growing up too quickly)
❤Bonding with my Cali family
❤Shedding some happy/scary tears with my hubs & girl this am as my mind has yet another Ah Ha moment.
I truly can not express how much this journey is MORE!!!
-More than a workout program. -More than about losing weight.
-It's how I see myself and talk to myself.
-It's the confidence I'm finding that has always been missing in who I am. -It's making new friends that inspire and motivate. -It's helping others to feel great about themselves.
My crew is killing it in our group and my heart is full reading about their achievements!! Its not too late to join us. 💪
Send me a message and I'll hook you in with some amazing peeps to walk this journey with. You CAN NOT  fail when we do it together!!👭

1. I still cannot do the normal crab or especially crab to bear move, but I saw a modified version of crab dips and tried it out today. My triceps were definitely still getting a workout in because they were on fire!! Try this chair move if you’re like me and can’t get your butt off the ground for crabs. Works like a charm 👌🏻💯
2. Ed wanted me to throw that toy so bad the whole time I was working out 😂😂
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Find the motivation, nutrition & exercise tips to reach your weight goals #TransformYourBody #BeachbodyCoach

—> Round 2 Day 53: Legs ✔️
Whew today’s workout was a doozy. All this sweat was from just my workout. I didn’t run prior 🙃
Phase 3 is definitely showing me what’s up!
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