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Het my so aan jou laat dink boetaQii ... "That's a horrible idea . What time"
#boeta&;sussa #liefdewen❤ #jyismytrots #beachbodies #vacationmode

Is here such thing as #WishinWednesday cause this frigid cold weather sure has got me wishin I was somewhere in the Caribbean! Throwback our honeymoon in Aruba, wish I could go back! @reagangeiges 🌴⛵️ #Tan #Caribbean #Aruba #Honeymoon #BeachBodies #GoodTimes #SomeBeachSomewhere #FitCouple #ActiveVacation

Last nights shake party was amazing. I really love how things are really coming together and how we are able to support so many more people on their Journey. If you missed it last night, don’t worry we will be having one next Tuesday as well!!! Message me for details and let’s get Fired up!!!
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If at first you don't succeed try doing what your coach told you to do the first time 👀👌✌#gymmotivation#fitlife#bestcoach#fitmens#beachbodies#physiquebodyies#workinghardforsummer😎🌞🌊

Okay...#80dayobsession is no joke!! I’m in it to transform!!! #dead #sorecore #sweating #virtualgym #lovethatburn #beachbodies

Create Your Own Happiness ✨

If there is anything I have learnt particularly in the last few months is if your not happy then do something about it. It’s so easy to feel sorry for ourselves or blame Everyone else for why we’re unhappy.
No matter what situation your in a job you don’t like, a relationship that has no love or is sour or you just don’t like the path your life is heading.. You have the power to make a decision and choose your own direction of Life, or it could be as simple as changing your mindset. We don’t always have the option to drop everything and live on an secluded island sipping cocktails all day. BUT we can change how we view a situation. Be a Glass Half full type of person.

This is actually very close to home for me. I have made some BIG changes these last few months. Saying Goodbye to a relationship where the love was gone, After 7 years it wasn’t an easy decision to make. ( I will explain in more detail in future blogs)

BUT let me tell you the universe will thank you for being true to yourself.

When you let go of anything holding you back you will be AMAZED at how your life just starts falling into place. Your true happiness will shine through.

My life is still very crazy and I have my ups and downs but I haven’t been this happy is many years. WHY because I’m being true to myself.

Very little is needed to make a happy life,it is all within yourself and YOUR way of thinking.. YOU have the POWER!

Much Love, Rhiannon xx

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