Grace is excited to now offer long sleeve in both her tees! Same great super soft fabric and designs. Swipe for more pics and up close detail of her ❤️❤️❤️ logo on the cuff. That little detail is what it’s all about! Get yours today at www.candidlykind.com/shop-now. (LINK IN BIO)AND...she is giving 50% of her online sales profits to her Best Buddies International Campaign from now-Nov. 3. Grace has been nominated for their Champion of the Year GA and she is so honored to help raise money and awareness! .
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You can look at this picture and just tell that Logan is an awesome and amazing kid. He is funny, loving, blunt, and at times stubborn. When he was first diagnosed I was lost and felt that I would never be able to handle his needs.. I am sure this is a common feeling for many parents of a autistic child. Thankfully there is amazing organizations like @pathfindersforautism who help local Maryland families navigate a new diagnosis by providing families with accurate autism-specific information, resources, free programs, and training for parents and professionals. Programs that help me help Logan. Run Wild for Autism is a fun 5k in Baltimore Maryland that benefits this organization. Looking for something to do in the Baltimore area next weekend join our team and be accepting, be aware, and help make a difference and check out the @marylandzoo (Link in Bio) Not a runner? That’s okay walk alongside Logan in the fun 1k. #whywerun #baltimore #marylandzoo #signup #runa5k #orwalka1k #makeadifference #runbaltimore #raceday #baltimorerunning #autismawarness #beaccepting #inclusion #runwildforautism #justrun #specialneedsparents #autismlife #autismfamily

Our latest blog post, ‘Generation G, Inclusion and Kindness at a local Middle School’, is online (link in profile). Check it out and see how this young lady is a shining example of #generationg - Generation G is a conscious decision to be better every day. 🖐🏽💛💙✋🏻 #BeAccepting #BeGenerous #BeKind #bestofall #gigisplayhousewestchester

Grace is honored to announce she has been nominated for Champion of the Year in the state of Georgia for Best Buddies International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Grace is dedicated to advocating and helping raise funds and awareness through her personal Champion campaign. As part of that, she has pledged to give 50% of all her online t-shirt sales profits to Best Buddies through Nov. 3, the night of the Champion of the Year Gala at the World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA. Please consider giving to her campaign directly if you don’t need a tee. Any amount is welcomed and appreciated:) The link is in our profile. You may purchase her tees at www.candidlykind.com. (Swipe for pics) GO BEST BUDDIES! Thank you for all you do for people with IDD! 😍❤️ 🏆
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Be respectful of those around you 🧡

We are all in line, no opting out, no exclusions! Make every day count, it’s never too late to begin. Make the dash between your beginning and your end your legacy. Be the person who will be missed by friends and family #startnow #bekind #behonest #dontjudge #dontbemean #begentle #reallylisten #beaccepting #betolerant #speakup #becourageous #beloving #dontbecruel #makeyourdashcount

Our twist back tanks are one of my favorites!! They are so soft and I love the detail of the open back! I’m a sweater so it feels great to have it open right there to vent it out! It goes nicely with our bomber bra because you can see the pretty detail of the bra as well! These 2 items are greatly priced! I would suggest getting them together! If you do message me for a discount!

Disabilities and mental illnesses look different, including being undetected physically. Don’t judge. Be accepting. Show kindness and patience.

A few months ago we did some fun Star Wars inspired pics, here’s one of them... Cosplay is a great way to express yourself and just have some crazy fun, something out of the ordinary! #mlsphotography #cosplay #starwars #comicfun #havefun #gocrazy #trynewthings #dontbeafraid #donthate #beaccepting #bestrong #findyourstyle #believeinyourself

It’s pretty great when your 12 year old says he feels like a piece of a puzzle that fits into the entire puzzle. Even when he chooses a little more flare than most, it’s clear he is pretty comfortable with himself and feels accepted by those around him.
#youdoyou #beconfident #beyourself #bekind #beaccepting

There’s something about the ocean that just draws me to it. The way the waves come crashing as if to make a point, tracing its steps back as if unsure of itself and again pushing forwards, as if “ah, what the hell”. I wish I was as brave most of the time. To express how I truly feel and not having to shut up because it’s “improper” and you’ll be “disrespecting people” when you say what’s real. Fuck, people need to be told what’s the truth sometimes. I need to be told what the truth is sometimes. We all make mistakes, we’re all human, as we’ve heard a thousand damn times. So why do you have to be all hush hush about the truth? People are like these buildings, never moving, thinking that they’re always right, and watching the traffic go by, thinking that they’re better than them. I know because I’ve lived through it. We’ve got to be more open about our feelings and we’ve got to be more accepting of our mistakes. It’s how we MOVE ON. It’s how we prevent mental illnesses. Stop training your kids to be as close minded as you are. See if what your parents are doing is right or wrong, if they are hurting other people in the process or not. It’s not worth being sorry after someone’s hanged themselves, or jumped off a building. Be a more accepting person.
#realshit #people #mentalillness #beaccepting #beloving

Spending time with family is always nice but can also be exhausting.
I often tend to fall back into behavioral patterns, that actually are not „me“, when I’m with my entire family. Somehow there is this relationship dynamic, that has developed over time, which may not really serve us.
I have decided for myself to be more accepting of certain things instead of leading the same discussion over and over. Instead focusing on the nice moments, the good qualities and the love 💜
Our families may really annoy us at times, but they are part of us - our genes, our personal history and our personality.
And in the light of it being my grandmother‘s 92nd birthday: you never know how long they’re going to be around.
Maybe one of the main issues is the glorification that takes place around parents. Mom and dad are supposed to be these perfect figures, who never in their life have made a single mistake. The reality is, that they’re just two people trying to do their best. And I guess you could apply that to people in general. So, instead of having all kinds of silent expectations, let’s tray to say what’s ok for us and what’s not in a kind way and be patient. 👫👭👬🙂
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peoples allways ask(say) me ...
Why u dressing like this?
why boots
Why long hair
why this and why thats...
who i wanna masquerad??
I don wanna!Im just wanna find my self...And its a way.
But thanx god some peoples say its looks nice on me!
pls dont tell me hiw to live my life.
how i have to dressin...
when my dress makes u a nuisance..
Than i think we are not really friends..than say me good bat and leave...But when u my really friend accept me and support me...
I also dont tell u how u have to do ur things..but i think im allways there for everione when a help needed..And i allways support everione
#beaccepting #donthate #lovepeaceandunity

Everything that is happening NOW is happening for my U L T I M A T E good.
I accept it with open arms.

#happening #openarms #ultimategood #beaccepting #acceptit

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