It's #TransAwarenessWeek and we want to hear from you: What's YOUR Point of Pride? #transisbeautiful #beproud 🏳️‍🌈 Check out these folks sharing beautiful messages of positivity and pride. Then write your message down, snap a selfie, and tag us + #mypointofpride so we can repost you! 🏳️‍🌈 #transweek #transawareness #transawarenessweek #mypointofpride #transgender #transisbeautiful #ftm #mtf #girlslikeus #boyslikeus #genderqueer #nonbinary #lgbt #lgbtq #pride #pointofpride

It's #TransAwarenessWeek and we want to hear from you: What's YOUR Point of Pride? #transisbeautiful #beproud 🏳️‍🌈 Check out these folks sharing beautiful messages of positivity and pride. Then write your message down, snap a selfie, and tag us + #mypointofpride so we can repost you! 🏳️‍🌈 #transweek #transawareness #transawarenessweek #mypointofpride #transgender #transisbeautiful #ftm #mtf #girlslikeus #boyslikeus #genderqueer #nonbinary #lgbt #lgbtq #pride #pointofpride

My Team 🇭🇷❤️💪🙏

Do you set goals for yourself? I’m not talking about the big lifelong goals here. I’m talking about the personal daily/weekly/monthly goals. Those ones that may mean nothing to the outside world but are HUGE for you.
If you’re thinking “why would I bother if they don’t mean something to others or if they’re gonna go unnoticed?” 🛑STOP🛑

Yes we all have goals for our family or our kids, but you should still set goals for YOURSELF!! So what if others don’t notice them or care to celebrate when you reach them...they’re for YOU!! They’re there to show you that you can do what you set your mind to. They’re there to give you something to work for that will make YOU better.

I don’t care if your goal is to push play on your workouts for 5 days in a row and you have to modify the modifier the whole way, if you show up each day BE PROUD of accomplishing that. If you’re goal is to not drink sodas for a week and you make it through....CELEBRATE that!
Your goals shouldn’t be for someone else. They should come from a desire to be better for YOU!! Go crush some goals y’all!!! ♥️Love my Goal Digger shirt from @clubfitwear ♥️

And this is 40....
Nope, not 40 years old, 40 POUNDS in 6.5 months.
Today I am proud. To be proud of yourself is pretty incredible. I am always proud of my clients and today I can give that same love back to myself. .
My tools for success:
✅Accountability (thank you especially to @brookepighin For texting me everyday about water and food)
✅ a supportive community. Thank you especially to @sylveam, @jordantaylorfitness, TEAM DRIP FIT and TEAM DRENCH
✅ healthy eating FOR ME! I stuck to my @drench_fit meal plan and made sure I was not only able to reach my goals, but was able to still produce enough milk for my babe and have flexibility on my bday! (This is huge)
✅DRIP FIT... praise you Drip Fit, for you are all I can use and you did a real bang up job!
✅ Healthy treats that got me through...now don’t judge, I didn’t want to get on stage, I wanted to get here and maintain balance... balance meaning mental health as well. Thank you @eatsmartsweets @bpi_sports_canada KETOBOMB, @questnutrition and last but not least @eatfatso!
Everyone’s goals are different, and their paths the get there are different. Honour your own journey, trust the process and kick some serious BUTT because nothing feels better than feeling amazing in your skin! .
#mom #fitmom #momof2 #fitness #health #wellness #balance #mindovermatter #believe #selflove #beproud #progressnotperfection #dripfit #dripfit365 #bestself #passion #healthyeating #jointhemovement @inside_fitness @drip_fit @drench_fit

If you can fly then run 🏃🏿if you can run🏃🏿then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, do whatever you have to do to keep moving forward 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 #motivation #striveforgreatness #persistence #workhard #b #beyourself #bestrong #standtall #beproud #keepmoving #keepmovingforward

So.. okay last set wsnt perfect, BUT I had to over come that fear. Pinched my back 4 weeks ago doing some test (worked up to 465 conventional and then my back said fuck you) so turned back to sumo and worked my way up to my schedule I am happy how the weights is moving but not that much of the last set. Anyway third set of 5 @ 455 power is here. Over come the fear work your ass up I am not to far from where I was.

Keep on grinding and I am fucking proud of this girl, my wife,my half this amazing strong girl. @jenny_thivierge shes doing the work and she will hit the platform for the first time in 2 weeks 😤👍🏻💚 #grindtillyoudie #getstrongordietrying #deadlift #powerlifting #strong #beproud #doit

Nous avons tous nos batailles! J'en ai bavé et j'ai remonté la pente, non pas sans égratignures .....je veux que tu te dise que moi aussi j'ai déjà passé par là. 😊
Tu es frustré! Moi aussi! La vie je la trouve dure parfois. C'est comme par période tsé quand tu pogne LA période qui lâche pas, tu te demande quand est-ce que ça ira mieux?! Tu n'as pas atteint tes objectifs? Ben moi aussi! 🙄
As tu été déçu par des gens de ton entourage?! Moi oui!!! A la tonne!! L'humain a tendance à beaucoup plus se rappeller des mauvaises choses que des bonnes! L'humain est comme ça!! C'est pas tout de vivre des déceptions ou d'échouer, on se relève toujours!
Non, mais quel feeling quand tu perds ton premier 5 lbs dans ton projet santé! Hein!! Wow!! On es tu assez fier?! Quand tu trouve l'amour a nouveau sans t'y attendre?

Quand tu as une.promotion au boulot!? Vois tu ou je men vais?! Je te dis ce soir savoure chaque victoire, laisse le négatif derrière toi car il te fera jamais avancer, progresser ou même profiter de tes victoires!
Ta coach
Mel xx


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