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Second day of spring 🤔

I am starting a new #greece 🇬🇷 series, based on the poll I did the other day on stories.
This first picture reflects exactly how I envisioned #santorini long before going.
What is your biggest #greek bucketlist?

Вот это настоящий олдскул 💥
Вам нравятся ретро тачки? 🚘
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The reason I would like to have this opportunity to work with the @tampahhills creative team is because I believe I’m very qualified for the job, I have a passion for travel, meeting new people, seeing new places and I’m also a young hard working individual. As for experience, I previously worked with powerhouse social media marketing company @vaynermedia where I was creating content continuously for clients to be posted all over social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Since then I’ve been doing the same with local business around my area. I also just love Southeast Asia in general. About a year ago I was in Thailand and being there really changed my perspective on things. The community was so welcoming and very helpful to any needs that we had. I want to be able to give back and help the Tamah Hills community the best way I know how and that is through video. With that being said, I’m prepared to put in 110% to provide the best quality content for the Tampah Hills team. I also work for myself so being in Lombok Indonesia for 2 months would be no problem at all for me. I’m look forward to working with you guys and hope to talk soon! #tampahworkation #tampahhills @tampahhills

Lately I’ve been having care/don’t care swings with social media. Part of its bc how stupid a lot of it is. I saw a story on Snapchat with the title “How Stormi Webster’s life is already better than yours”. It’s not. We’re given what we have in this life for a reason. The more time you spend comparing your life to someone else’s more time your losing out on living your best life.

اولش که رسیدیم همش یاد صحنه های ساحلی فیلم دزدان دریایی کارایب می افتادم ، لعنتی دوست داشتم لیوان لیوان از آب دریا بخورم و رو شناش دراز بکشم و گرماشو حس کنم، تمام تصویرایی که تو عکسا و فیلمای خارجی میدیدم و یه دل سیر دیدم ، حس عجیبیه میون دریا توی یه جزیره ای که هیچی توش نیست هزینه مالی برای رسیدن بهش 50 هزار تومن شد ولی حال خوبی که بهم داد خیلی با ارزش تر از این حرفاس.
تجربش کنید حتماً
جزیره شیدور یا مارو .
راه ارتباطی: بندر مقام - جزیره لاوان- جزیره شیدور
#مسافرت #سفر #بندر #جزیره #جزیره_لاوان #جزیره_شیدور #جزیره_مارو #گردشگری #نوروز #سفر_نوروزی #جزیره #دریا #ساحل #شن #خلیج_فارس
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Spring is here, sun is setting later, and summer feels like it is just around the corner! ☀️

Standing out in sharp contrast to the traditional architecture that Japan's ancient capital is known for, Kyoto Station's unique cubic facade, nine storey high escalator system, and soaring glass and steel roof can be quite overwhelming for first-time visitors. Standing in the middle of this massive train station, I was truly in awe of its unique and fluid use of space, irregularity perspectives, and dark, futuristic quality.

What was the last thing that surprised you?

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Finding hidden waterfalls and natural swimming pools in Laos....have you ever found a secret waterfall ??
Shot with the magnificent Nisi Filters, CPL and 6 Stop ND Filter.

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