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Daddy: *Sitting on the couch reading*
Little: *From the kitchen* Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!! 😮
Daddy: *Jumps up* Huh! What's the matter, Princess?! 😮
Little: I luuuuvs you! Hihihi 😸
Daddy: *Relieved* Phew...well, Daddy loves you too, Princess 😽
Little: *Giggles* 😘
Daddy: *Sits back down*
Little: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!
Daddy: What now? Do you want a hug?
Little: Hihi, mmmhm!! *Runs over and hugs Daddy*
Daddy: *Hugs* Silly girl 😜
Little: ...oh, and I also tried to make cookies and accidentally set the oven on fire... 😅
Daddy: What!? *Frantically runs off to the kitchen* 😲
Little: *Whistles and walks away* 😇

Sneak peek 😜

Young lady, I warned you about what would happen, if you kept misbehaving. It almost seems to me, as though you like getting into trouble 😏😘

Night night and sleep tight 😴😪 Who's up for fun and games in Dreamland? 😸
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Hope you had a great weekend! I know Mondays can be a bit rough, so let's start the week with some positive thoughts and #alittleappreciation 😉
This week, we're off to a blast! I got a lot of great suggestions, for people on here, who deserves a little extra credit for what they do. It's wonderful to see, that so many people do so much good for this community ❤ Picking just one, wasn't easy. In fact, I ended up picking a bunch 😅 These  all come by courtesy of the wonderful @jennibellarella, who herself does a lot to bring more positivity into our community. She writes:
@babysplayground - because she's got a positive message and she wants to do amazing cool things for the community! *giggles* She's very creative and a supportive friend!
@little_girl_143 - because she tries very hard to do good things for others! She's very thoughtful and kind! Her is a vewy good baby!
@babydollchibiofficial and @kawaiichibisdaddy - dey new fwiends to me but dey boff been vewy nice and fun to talks to. I fink dey is lovely!
@ellathesmall - because her has a powerful message about self love and body positivity! I fink she's a lovely person and I do appreciate her!.
Thank you all! 😀
Do you have someone, who you think deserves a little extra appreciation? Then make a post with the hashtag #alittleappreciation and tag me in it. Alternatively, you can write me a DM or a comment. Then you and that person might be featured next Monday, for a shoutout and a little appreciation! 😸


*Hugs my elephant stuffie tightly* I don't wanna put my phone away, I'm too scared 🙈 My bedtime is at 10 p.m... that was 2 and a half hour ago for me... but I'm too scared of monsters in my room...😖🙈😿 I wish Daddy was here to protect me from all the monsters~😻🐘
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