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I'm still a bit shook over the "stress is not good for the baby" part. 😅😅😅


Omfg I just realized I have 100k 🎉 I thought I was gonna get 100k after my bday but shit lemme change my audience early😂 yes I’m turning 18 next week so if you can’t handle shit unfollow me 😂 Thank you guys so much😘😘 this journey was a struggle. Some of you been following me since my problematic Koreaboo days (2014 when I started this account). Don’t worry I have a few korean dance covers saved that I need to post when I get back home from vacation💕 for my fans from Musical.ly, you should probably unfollow I’m barely gonna use it anymore😂 but thank you guys so much for joining me on the rough journey (hehe no pun intended)!


Good morning from Norway - or good night to you on the other side of earth :) #bdsmrelationship #alphamale #submissivewoman #bdsmcommunity #bdsmlife

× I'm really not perfect and today I relpased in self harm which I've not done in five fucking years but I'll be okay. I know I'm in a good spot with my boyfriend, I want to forgive myself but that'll take time. Mistakes don't make a person, and I'm really hating myself BUT ILL BE OKAY. ITS OKAY. IM OKAY. I KNOW THIS. IN A FEW MONTHS THIS WILL NOT BE. IM OKAY. HHHH.×

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