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"When you aim for something , you ought to get it no matter how difficult it might be !!"
1st in 100,200m
2nd in 400m,hurdle race and tug-o-war
3rd in Relay
Thank you everyone for your support!!
#BestAthlete2016 #Bdivision
#AnnualSportsMeet2016 #DBPC

just the best relay team ever 😍 #Bdivision

we love pancake fridays!

Very proud of these two! Parents of a two year old and look this good😍💪🏽 #npcbikini #bdivision

NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Miami won 3 out of the 4 divisions. Next stop is Battle Great Lakes! #undefeated #loudpack #ffwct #battleorlando #bdivision


we love pancake fridays!

Gaffer and captain with the 4 trophies won #bdivision #wallscup #wrightcup #forsythcup #winning #United

"This cell, like all the others, was scrupulously clean and lighted by a single window of very thick glass..." Sketches by Charles Lane, in the Mercury and Weekly Courier, 1878.

"Each massive door literally creaks beneath the most complicated though charmingly simple of locks, in the centre being a trap-door about a foot square, which opens outward to admit of the occupant's food supplies." - Visit to Pentridge, by 'Wanderer' in the Williamstown Chronicle, 1899.

The bowels of B Division, 20 years after its closure.

Steel stairway in B Division. Despite the addition of some elements over the years to accommodate the challenges of an increasing - and increasingly violent -
prison population, the heritage fabric throughout remains largely intact and original today.

"We also visited the chapel of the prison, and while there again fell into our imagining mood and pictured unto ourself the strange congregation of faces that must assemble there to be spoken to of things that they cannot understand and to which they rarely give any attention." - Charles Lane, 1878

Through this gate lies the rose beds of E Division's forecourt to the left, and the imposing, austere entry of B Division to the right.

In keeping with the principles of penitence, prisoners of The Panopticon were denied all contact with one another and isolated for long hours. Such practices did not have the reformative effect originally foreseen.

Watch your step in B Division.

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