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Today I attended the CLEAR CONFERENCE 2018. I had such a wonderful day!! I had to stop myself from jumping out of my seat when some of them, such as Roy Lilly and Dr Gregory Russell where speaking.
I was just completely intrigued throughout the whole conference. I'm so proud of #BDCT #NHS for the amount of effort we're putting in to actually make a change for our health and mental health care. Eveyone here was so passionate about what they do. It's beautiful to see such strong professionals stepping in and taking control.
I quite enjoyed the debate on weather AI technology should be integrated into the Mental Heath services. They both had some great points! Personally I believe nothing can replace the type of human interaction we get though one to one contact with other people. I could write an essay about this topic.
The Young Dynamos poster actually came joint in second place!! However, I didn't work on it, but my Fantastic new friend, Katherine did a fantastic job with the drawing of that man. Look at that man!! She drew the man!
I truly love interacting with professionals like this. The OT's, the Doctors, the Researchers, the psychologists etc!! I'm proud to say that I am a member of Bradford District Care Trust Foundation. It's an honour to be surrounded by such inspirational People.

Mấy ngày mệt mỏi, uể oải cũng kết thúc😔😔😔
P/s: t ko quen th này😂😂😂

A 10 ore dalla partenza, la situazione inizia a degenerare in maniera preoccupante #bdct #Amstel #winner

#BdCT su #LaRedoute! Dopo la côte simbolo della #LiegiBastogneLiegi, abbiamo affrontato anche #RocheAuxFaucons, #SaintNicolas e un'altra côte in pavé al posto del finale di Ans. E sabato #Amstel!

Никогда не забывай свои детские мечты 🏰☄ ведь кто, как не ты может их осуществить! 🌟🌠
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🔜 Nieuwe kleuren voor 2018, Alecto Cycling Team
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Just a nice pic of a nice guy riding for a nice team with a nice handlebar.

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