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У нас в компании одна красивей другой, все одновременно такие разные и так похожи. Подобное притягивает подобное. Мои девочки. Я люблю свою работу ❤️ одна из нас повзрослела на 1 год 💐#гкpremier #bcsummit #малинник

Met a reader from my Gwyneth Made Me Do It days, and I realized how far I've come 😊 Gosh I was such a sarcastic bitch 😆 Thanks for coming to say hi and chat @linswiles , you are a treasure and Ohio is lucky to have you 😘❤ #bcsummit

Вчера был день рождения BC SUMMIT, спасибо @svetlanastihina и @olgagors за организацию и приглашение. Было весело😘
Благодарю своих талантливых пчелок @gunel_makeup и @alexandrazhikhareva за помощь и участие в нашем любимом деле на благо @famous_beauty_bar 🙏
Мне очень приятно, когда не знакомые мне люди, становятся знакомыми и говорят тебе, что знают и много наслышаны о нашем салоне и о профессиональных мастерах!
Модель @ksu_well_mannered 😘
#famousbeautybar #саммит5лет #bcsummit

You know what makes this company so special-besides the fact that we are trying to do good in the world? This dynamic duo! @greggrenfrew and @ginamurphybc we are lucky to have leaders and role models like you. Everything trickles down and in all of my corporate experience this is hands down the most #realreal organization out there. Even though I've been here from the beginning, the heart you ladies have is still crazy infectious! Thank you from my soul- I'm forever changed bc of you and my amazing #Beautycounter peers. #grateful #sorrynotsorry #bcsummit

At the @beautycounter Annual Leadership Summit in Dallas, TX with this radiant beauty, @dianesanfilippo!! Big things are coming, you guys. BIG! HUGE! If you have an interest in joining the safer beauty mission & learning more about the consultant business opportunity, please email me at cassyjoy@fedandfit.com! This company is JUST getting started and, if you're up for it, I want to help mentor you and the launch/lasting success of your business. Email me so we can schedule a time to talk on the phone! #BCsummit

Amazing leaders in one room toasting to the best "JOB" ever, who work together, support and cheer each other on, lead and inspire their teams, and share this amazing opportunity to so many and be part of a company that is making waves in the industry! 🤗 #bcsummit #joblove #jointhemovement #passionmeetspurpose

Clown 🤡 pants 👖 #tbt #BCsummit @loomisandlong @annielongsullivan 📷 cred: the amazing @chelseaprestinphoto

When @greggrenfrew and @lelarose love your outfit and tell you - you've nailed it! #dreamscancometrue #beautycounter #BCSummit


This quote really resonated with me a few weeks ago at the #BCSummit in Dallas. I think it's important to remember that the road you're traveling to whatever your goal is may have bumps along the way. Perseverance is key even when faced with obstacles. #mondaymotivation #quotes #michaeljordan #justkeepswimming #youcandoit

#Repost @premier_gk with @repostapp
Вид из окнон второго этажа штаб-квартиры @rcc_group.
На горизонте заметен еще один объект, построенный ГК PREMIER - @bcsummit
Доброе утро, любимый Екатеринбург!
#gkpremier #rcc #bcsummit #медныйдом

Вид из окнон второго этажа штаб-квартиры @rcc_group.
На горизонте заметен еще один объект, построенный ГК PREMIER - @bcsummit
Доброе утро, любимый Екатеринбург!
#gkpremier #rcc #bcsummit #медныйдом

Flashback to having a TON of fun in Dallas! #bcsummit #beautycounter #businesspartner

Our story, our mission, our movement!
Join me!!! #bcsummit #beautyonamission #takethejob

Texas Poppy, the bold lip color I never knew I needed. #limitededition #BCsummit #betterbeauty

#TBT to #BCSummit! I had the pleasure to meet @beautycounter's founder and CEO @greggrenfrew and COS @ginamurphybc with my #BCbestie @livehealthybeautifully! #bossladies #inspire

These flowers from my hike today remind me of that brilliant hot pink #poppylipstick 💄 The limited edition shade from #bcsummit #beautycounter #betterbeauty #beyourbeautiful #switchtosafer #cleanbeauty

Can I tell you how much I looove this bag?!? So glad I made the purchase at the #SwagShop (along with so much other stuff) at #BCSummit!!! What's inside??? Some fantabulous products I can't wait to share with all of you❣ #GameChangingStuff Coming!!! #ILoveBags #Beautycounter #SaferProducts #TakeTheLeapToSaferSkin #takethejob

I was in Dallas two weeks ago for #bcsummit Leadership Summit. The hotel had a structure that slowly moved. So I simply had to take a #timelapse video of it for many many minutes and the result was pretty trippy! This is at the @hiltonanatole #throwbackthursday #lookup #cool #video #travelmoments

Isn't pink a great color! A happy color.. my mom told me I never liked pink as a little girl.. WHAT!! I don't remember that.. Reminiscing as well of Texas and all the beautiful centerpieces that were on all the tables at every event and meal!. The company I'm partnered with sure know how to treat a lady right and put on one classy event. 💕

The moment I realized my face was on the Main Stage at 2017 BEAUTYCOUNTER Summit! 💃🏼 The beautiful Lindsay Dahl, Beautycounter's Director of Policy & Partnerships, recaps the impact of our March Forth meetings across the country and the progress we are making! Our voices are being heard! 🇺🇸 Shoutout to my fellow NY consultants as our picture from Senator Schumer's office was shared with all! #BCSummit #bethechange #ourmovement #saferbeauty #wahm #takethejob #beautycounter #whatif #boymom

It was crush at first site.
She radiated an amazing aura.
When she touch my lips,
chemistry exploded!
She shall go where I go,
for I am in love!
#texaspoppylipsheer #ourstory #lovepoem #nontoxiclove #bcsummit #beautycounterbytruc #christycoleman

У нас в компании одна красивей другой, все одновременно такие разные и так похожи. Подобное притягивает подобное. Мои девочки. Я люблю свою работу ❤️ одна из нас повзрослела на 1 год 💐#гкpremier #bcsummit #малинник

I had the BEST time at the 2017 @beautycounter Leadership Summit in Dallas, TX! 💃🏼 So excited and grateful for what BC is doing for the beauty industry and we are just getting started! Watch the full vlog on my YouTube channel! Link in bio 💖☝🏼 #BetterBeauty #BCSummit #KeelyRaquelMUA @greggrenfrew @ginamurphybc @christy_coleman .
. 🎶by the beautiful and talented @kirstenarian "Higher Than Heaven"

Awww, I love it!👛💄🎀 I treated myself to these in Dallas at the @beautycounter Leadership #bcsummit this month.

I finally OWNED the fact that YES, I love indulging in fine purses (this clutch is by @lelarose) and I've always wanted to be THAT woman who wears bright lipstick. Why not begin with Beautycounter's event only exclusive "Texas Poppy" color?! It's a universally-flattering (like ALL Beautycounter colors) pinkish-red perfect for Spring & Summer.

Usually, I spend my extra cash on health supplements, non-toxic skincare, travel, or some sort of charity. This time, I decided I would show myself some love for all the hard work I've done building my heart-centered business of service & healing for others throughout the last 2.5 years. Taking that leap from Corporate Management Employee to 100% full-time Entrepeneur was an exciting, yet terrifying, leap of faith. Every second of it has all been worth it!
My secret for making it happen in business?
1️⃣Pray & ask God for the grace of helping just one person heal... that would make all the effort worth it!
2️⃣Aim to do the right thing for others every second of the day.
3️⃣ Treat others how I'd liked to be treated - like an equal, valuable, beloved child of God!

@beautycounter has become a wonderful partner for my health practice because they are a Certified b-corporation that focuses on safety & health for our bodies, our environment, and they treat everyone related to the business RIGHT. They believe that profit CAN be made in respectful, honorable ways without harming our Earth or each other... Just like I aim to in my own business.

And Briana (yes, you!) - when you wore bright red lipstick to cross-cultural shamanic class at @bastyruniversity that one night... I was struck by your confidence & classic beauty styling. I complimented you and told you I wished I could do that. You told me I could! You changed my mind and so I bought this bright exclusive "Texas Poppy" color for me - AND one for you! I'll bring it for you in class this week. Thank you for reminding me that we are always capable of so much more. Love your spirit!
. . . .
#selflove #selfcare #selfesteem #confidence #cleanbeauty #nontoxic

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