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Gotta love some @beautycounter swag 😍 everything they do is so well done. What an awesome weekend with some new and old friends! #beautycounter #bcdoesdallas #bcsummit #jointhemovement

At the @beautycounter Annual Leadership Summit in Dallas, TX with this radiant beauty, @dianesanfilippo!! Big things are coming, you guys. BIG! HUGE! If you have an interest in joining the safer beauty mission & learning more about the consultant business opportunity, please email me at cassyjoy@fedandfit.com! This company is JUST getting started and, if you're up for it, I want to help mentor you and the launch/lasting success of your business. Email me so we can schedule a time to talk on the phone! #BCsummit

У нас в компании одна красивей другой, все одновременно такие разные и так похожи. Подобное притягивает подобное. Мои девочки. Я люблю свою работу ❤️ одна из нас повзрослела на 1 год 💐#гкpremier #bcsummit #малинник

Exclusive products (Texas Poppy Sheer Lipstick anyone?!?!) are only some of the perks you get at the Beautycounter Leadership Summit. Want in? Make sure to join us next year for insider tips, product info, and more! #BCSummit

Educate • Advocate • Offer Solution• Still digesting everything from this weekend, but what I do know for sure, is that I am more proud then ever to be working with this company, to be on the right side of history, and to get back home and get to work! #thisisimportant #bethechange #bcsummit #teamBC Photo cred: @tatumblize

There are not enough words to describe how incredible this past weekend was. We learned, we laughed, we cried, we danced-and we grew more powerful in our mission. We will continue to work hard to educate people about the lack of transparency and safety standards in this industry, and continue to fight for a change for our health, and the health of our future generations.
#beautycounter #bcsummit #ourmission #switchtosafer #betterbeauty

About last night...so happy to share the story of @beautycounter and how my dear friend @lelarose changed my world when she asked me to watch an #inconvenienttruth You all know the rest is history. #bcsummit #beautycounter #dallas #betterbeauty

Юбилей любимого Саммита удался💃🏼
А в рамках вечера провели благотворительную акцию в помощь Благотворительному детскому дому "Мы вместе"😇
Спасибо всем гостям за вклад в помощь детишкам, а @marashkovskaia и @valeriya_nomokonova - за помощь и поддержку в организации😚
#gangstersinthecity #bcsummit

I know that this is going to seem gross to some people, so before you comment with your "ew" or "ick" thoughts, just stop. No one wants you "icking" at their "yum." No need to take the time to comment about your dislike for something, simply carry on.
That lesson goes for more than simply this snack I'm about to describe. Obv.
Hotel room snack, eaten on my bed over a towel, like I do: Blue Hill Bay Wild Pickled Herring on @4505meats cheddar jalapeño chicharrones.
This was SO good I repeated it the next day, too. Pickled herring is sweet and soft. The chicharrones are spicy and salty and crunchy. A match made in heaven!
Don't knock it til you try it. 😘
See the jar of fish in my fridge two photos back if you're curious. .
#hotelroomeats #BCsummit #omega3s #eatmorefish


Время передохнуть и выйти на обед. Всем приятного аппетита!
#bcsummit #бцсаммит #обед #бизнесланч #приятногоаппетита

Сегодня в очередной раз утро встречает нас ясным небом. Ловите лучили солнца и наслаждайтесь каждым моментом, ведь капризное уральское небо может изменить настроение в любой момент.
#саммит #бцсаммит #bcsummit #summit #summer #небо #ясныйдень

Thank you #BigCommerce for a great start this year at #IRCE17 with your #BCSummit. Definetly a great space to show our #ecommerce #community!

I love a good collab, especially when it is the lovely @clarevivier + @beautycounter!!!! We partnered together at #BCSummit with some gorgeous @shopclarev goodies designed just for Beautycounter, and as I'm totally swooning over the fall look book, Clare V + Beautycounter together again!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for designing this beautiful clutch designed exclusively for our consultants! #inlove #swoon #gettowork #earnit #lovewhatyoudo

A little #tbt to a fun weekend in Dallas with these two crazy ladies!!💩 @lmorrish @deanne07
#dallas #beautycounter #bcsummit #betterbeauty #saferproducts #icouldntkeepupwiththem #fun #gilleysdallas

Da Coach wearing a custom Bears jacket from Smokyjoesclothing.com. #chicago #soldierfield #bigcommerce #bcsummit #ecommerce

Fun day in chicago! #bcsummit #bcsummit2017

I'm a terrible Packers fan. Mike Ditka was great, though! #bcsummit

"If you don't believe you're going to win, you won't. It's simple." -- Legendary NFL Bears Coach Mike Ditka giving advice for athletes and business owners alike. #bcsummit #chicago #chicagobears #dabears #mikeditka

Work perk #481, get to listen and meet Mike Ditka!

We're out here at Soldier Field for #BCSummit! Thanks to IR1000 retailers @Dazadi & @NineLineApparel for sharing their stories. Check out Facebook.com/BigCommerce for full streams of the sessions.

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