👏👏📚🎓 Black child your dreams are valid @amahle_mahlasela
Congrats on your first baby

Graduation feels 🎓📸: @liziwebangani #BcomAccounting

As he walked across the stage to collect his well deserved #qualification I stood there screaming my lungs out with my heart throwing summersaults.This guy #overcame so many #obstacles to get to this moment where he is able to bask in the glory of his #accomplishments and I am so grateful that I get to witness #greatness unfold. Congratulations my Love! You are favoured 🙌 [ Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways submit to Him and He will make your path straight. ]

#Graduation #BcomAccounting

Finally a graduate!! I am truly blessed!! #allglorytogod #greatful #bcomaccounting #nmu #graduation 🎓🥂🎉

Well done on graduating today! You already look like a businessman... Following in his big brother's footsteps... #gerritvanggraad #bcomaccounting #nmugraduate #graduation #proudbrother #businessmaninthemaking

This is only part 1/4 of the journey, but the past few years have been such an incredible learning curve and I’ve been so blessed with the best family and friends 💕 My parents are literally the definition of Supermom and Dad and @darshan_rangai @karu268, it means so much to always know you’re on my team and believe in me and you’re always willing to deal with every request I ever make 🤣 (my chauffeurs 🤭) and even my moods 🤫👀 and @kishalya_g my little baby for picking up the phone whenever I call for a rant/cry 😭 or the study calls just to keep me company 💕 and my forever friends (you know who you are) words will never be enough to describe how grateful I am for you guys ♥️ and every person I say I love you too, even some of you that I don’t (cause I have an image to maintain 😂🙄)every single one of you are more appreciated than you know, thank you all for the support, the goodluck texts and calls, memories, the hugs, the funny’s, the food dates (mostly this 🤫😂) and every little thing in between! I can’t wait to reach more milestones with you all ♥️ love you guys so much 😘♥️ ( too many to tag but you know who you are 😭)
#ukzngrad2018 #bcomaccounting

UKZN Grad 2018 🎓🔥 #BComAccounting #ukzngrad2018 #degreedup

Grad 2018. So thankful to Jesus, my family and all my friends for all the support ❤️❤️. #Grad2018 #DelayedPost #Finally #BComAccounting #DegreeOver

It’s a graduate 🎓🎉🍾✊🏾Bcom Accounting in the bag. Congrats lil bro 💛 @lebom144 #graduate #ngwanamama #ngwanapapa #bcomaccounting

It's not about the DEBITS and CREDITS. It's about the "OMG" and "WTF" am I doing that made it worthwhile😊#degree #bcomaccounting #womeninaccounting🎓

It has truly been a 3 year rollercoaster ride!
The highs and lows of life mixed with those of campus life has been a true test of character, mental strength and belief.. But, it is with pure joy that I can say, I GRADUATED!! 😂🎉 A massive thank you to all those people that supported me through the roughest period in my life and were still standing by my side at graduation 💯 I appreciate you guys!

Special thank you to @govender_larisa @veshanstagram and my momma bear. Without you guys this would not have been possible. Nothing but pure love for you guys ❤

To my brothers from East Coast Cricket Club, I would've gone insane were it not for you guys and the countless hours we spend training, out on that field and celebrating too 💯😂 Love you guys!

Through all the excitement and anticipation of my graduation day, there was a certain emptiness that came from not being able to celebrate this success with the man that I started this journey with.. Unimaginable amounts of pain and tears shaped my life after you left us, but the values and principles you left with me was definitely the main reason for my success! I love and miss you dad!
Congratulations to all my fellow graduates! We did it! 💥

#Graduation2018 #BcomAccounting #Phase1Complete #CumLaudeGraduate

I am such a proud sister!!! Congratulations on this achievement, it's only up from here! You worked so hard and you won!!! I love you! 🎓👭💚🙋⭐ #grad2018 #bcomaccounting #reachForTheSky #sister #dollyIsGrownUp #prettiest #proudSister

I'm always late so days like these when I should be taking proper photos, This is all I can offer🤷 Thanks to everyone that played a role in helping me obtain my degree ❤
#UKZN #Graduation2018 #BcomAccounting #Graduate

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