you’ll know when you see the future, it’ll slap you in the face and flip you off @sammyguevara

I suppose that sleep could cure me from the awe that film just gave me, maybe

what a movie, what an ending. This is nothing like any past Avengers movie and if you are looking for an easy ending, it’s the wrong movie. I’m not revealing anything, but I’ll just say that you need to stay for the end of the credits for probably the best possible build to a 2019 movie

The Best Tag Team in Pro-Wrestling history #YoungBucks #BULLETCLUB #BulletClub4life #BC4life #NJPW

I’ve been disconnected since my last post because I know people are going to spoil a certain movie before I see it in a few hours, so stay safe to anybody else that will be doing the same as me tonight or this weekend

so I just realized something, I’ll be missing Backlash, but while it’s on, one of the coolest experiences I’ll ever get to have will be going on at @thejmblya . So yeah, I’m missing GRR and Backlash, sorry y’all

good morning, I’m still getting used to seeing Roddy in this group, but I’m sure it’ll look normal in just a few weeks

just finished some horrible homework, oh my gosh I’m ready to graduate, but on the upside I found the greatest WWE game ever produced tonight at GameStop for very cheap, yes WWE ‘13 is the GOAT (check my bio if you want to scrabble in the comments) this gives me a reason to pull out my old PS3 that I haven’t used in a really long time

I think I might just ride off into the sunset after Undisputed Era/British Strong Style in a couple of months, I don’t think there is anything else to see after that. would normally go with TUE in any matchup (except SAnitY) but I think the big strong bois should take the dub here

New entrance, Who dis? Glad to see The Club back & looks like they may do more with them as a unit moving forward, as Machine Gun took the bullet for Styles #theclub #ajstyles #karlanderson #machinegun #lukegallows #toosweet #ogbc #bc4life #bulletclub #goodbrothers #kinshasa #shinsukenakamura #smackdownlive #wwe #thekwencyjonesshow #wrestlingpodcast

the royal rumble on Friday should have the greatest last entrant ever, and I’m feeling the one and only and the last and only to do this shit

wearing my Greg Is Big Now shirt to the mall now, sometimes I think I need more @trentylocks merch. @hottopic get to work my friends, if you need any help, DM me

Prichard and Conrad were great today, I’m not sure if it surpassed last week, but it was pretty great. if you’re looking for a show primarily on the Mega Powers, this is not for you. I’ve loved their show for a while now because it covers so much in the time that they have, also this week is just over an hour

it looks like today’s episode of Something Else To Wrestle With Bruce And Conrad is about the Mega Powers, I’m just starting it, so I’ll review it tonight

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