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Lencana butang #BBNAMA, #BBBORN, #BBPIC dan @Terimakasihdot daripada @button.us. #buttonus


Happy birthday to the one and only @kkaiser18 Most of my amazing memories in Aspen include you. Whether it is hot tub parties at Weaver Camp, dressing up crazy for end of season parties, being rivals in football, or babysitting one of our friends or each other (mainly me) you were there for it all. I hope you had a great day and hopefully we will be reunited in Aspen soon. Miss you girl!🍾🍸🍻 #bbpic

In this temple as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the union the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever #merica #bbpic

#TBT de hace como 4 años 😊 #BBpic #nofiltro cuando eso 😂😂😂 y estaba bien atrás en 📱📲 😆

Who's in? I LOVE these things. My #BBPIC (@alicia.houle) is on board are you. Let's use #April_PIC to show the love!
I could only tag 20 but the more the merrier! Let's make this a great month!

Shalt I hang this in mine quarters, Lord Tywin? #bbpic #throwback #TBF


nana saved my bb pic, and my hair when i was 3 years old. #myhair #bbpic #myfirsthaircut
#cute #nana4life #1grandson

Nací jaibo, pero mi corazon azul es y mi piel dorada, siempre te amare! México, Pumas, Universidad, Gooooya! Jaibos, Jaibos-Jaibos, Jaibos!

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