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#BBOTT week 2 rankings:
1) Daniele: oh my god what a legend flipping the votes
2) Justin: funniest person I've ever seen on BB. Accidental or not his social game is impeccable
3) Shelby: Iconic queen being hated on by others for no reason just like Dani!
4) Neeley: under the radar strategic mastermind WIN
5) Kryssie: she CAN be annoying with her stories sometimes but she's so fun to root for
6) Morgan: so much better than her sister honestly.
7) Shane: I like him but he's so quiet I just wish he'd talk more and stop talking about anal
8) Whitney: her accent is so OMF but she's cute and isn't playing bad
9) Jason: new year same shit. Could care less about his D-tier gameplay.
10) Alex: honestly so annoying and so petty. She clearly has jealousy problems with Danielle and it's a bit psychotic.
11) Monte: an absolute idiot but he's nowhere near as bad as people make him out to be
12) Scott. This was obvious

Justin holds knife to Krista's neck.
Like for the Uncensored Version
Warning: It's very creepy😷

Brittany 2400 goals, Shelli 2400 battles, Raul 2400 lassos all with hardly any complaints. Paulie has to make pies and has only just started and is already complaining more then all 3 combined. #WeWantPie #bb18 #bblf #bbpaulie

Paulie is not liking this punishment. He has to make a pie every time he hears Zingbot saying "Oh say can you zing?" He said he only agreed to make one pie a day. Everyone said they didn't realize you could negotiate your punishment. #bb18 #bblf #punishment #piesforamerica

#bb18 #bigbrother #cbsbigbrother #bblf hey yall, i usually don't get personal on here, but just wanted to say my house flooded here in southern LA. so that is why the posts are lacking. i still enjoy doing them when i can so as to have a bit of normalcy. but anyways back to biiiiigg brother.

#bb18 #bigbrother #cbsbigbrother #bblf congrats to natalie for getting the first & most useless care package (have not pass) complete with stickers! she is sure her bff had something to do with this. good job voters. i mean it.



Frenemies  #BBCAN5 #BBCAN #GRLOL C R #BBLF updates at

The Latest Alliance Game #BBCAN5 #BBCAN #GRLOL C R #BBLF updates at

5 plates with ease... then the Lebron walk away for the clown that was trying to coach my form.... #BBLF

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