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The two most common questions I get on transformation pics are how tall are you and how long did it take?
I'm 163cm or 5'4" which is the average height of females and the reason I refuse to hem any jeans. If brands don't cater for my height then I don't want to know about them. 😜
There are 3.5 years between pics and often people feel the need to sarcastically congratulate me on taking that long to lose 5kg but it didn't take that long... these pics just happen to be comparing the time where I said to myself enough was enough and my current form.
There comes a time where you don't want or feel the need to lose any more fat.. yes it kind of means you feel your progress is at a standstill in term of looks as creating definition takes longer but what the two pics don't show is gains in strength, fitness, confidence and body composition. I have a lot less fat and more muscle now so despite not being a whole lot smaller my shape has changed.
I've always been the kind of person that needed to see progress to stay motivated. I've had to face the fact that I'm no spring chicken any more but the way I look at it now is that even if my progress has slowed down, time is still passing and I'm not regressing so I can take that as a huge positive. 😜

After a 5 day vacation and generally feeling like I fell off the wagon a bit, I was able to get in a few workouts this weekend and start this last week of BBG 12 week challenge off great with a Kick ass BBG workout. Posting this photo again as motivation to myself to keep at it! Have a great Monday!xx!
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Oh hey look.. it's me.. and me! 🤗 These are my favorite kind of transformations (the 30 second kind).. although they didn't always used to be. But it's proof that your health and fitness journey isn't just about a physical change but more importantly an inward one. -

Yes, I work hard and I do have certain goals that I'm striving towards.. but I love my body.. flexed or unflexed.. food babies and all! -

It's so easy to get caught up on what everyone looks like, especially on social media. Just be reminded that Instagram is mostly a highlight reel and we share our very best photos but I want to be as real and transparent as I can with all of you babes. Btw, highlights aren't necessarily a bad thing.. I love sharing highlights and that one perfectish photo.. but I think it's so important to also be vulnerable and not always show your 'best' side. This body has been through A LOT of changes over the last few years (3 massive pregnancies 🐳).. and we all have a story to tell. ♥️♥️✌🏼 #perfectlyimperfect #30secondtransformation

This background means one thing, dinners out back 🙌🏻 from bagels to hot flow, family walks, self care and ending with a yummy salmon Sunday dinner. The power of positivity is real y'all, I had to get my head straight first thing when I woke up or I surely wouldn't have had the same day. Hoping to carry this feeling into the week 💛💛

Made fresh salsa for the salmon tonight in my vitamix with peppers, tomatoes, onions, basil, lemon juice + @chosenfoods avocado oil. Used it as the marinade & topped with what was left over. Had it with @veggienoodleco sweet potato noodles + roasted broccoli and asaragus & @iloveorganicgirl greens.

"Oh, hi." I've come to love these little stretchies. Whether it was from my thighs ballooning during pregnancy or from my thighs growing while squatting weights, these marks came to be. There's nothing I can do about them-they're a part of me. They tell a specific journey, a story. A story of overcoming hardship and struggle.. a story you guys know little about.
I used to hate my thighs. When I say hate, I mean I would daydream about taking scissors and cutting the "fat" away. I was taunted as a teen by my own mother whom called me "thunder thighs" and who always pointed out when my thighs were getting bigger. Everyone has their problem area and mine were my thighs. I could run for miles and it was like I could never get them freaking toned enough. Instead of fighting them, I embraced them for what they're worth: strength. No they're not stick thin-these thunder thighs are powerful and I'm proud of what they can do-sprinting fast and squatting more than my own weight.
I know you ladies out there have insecurities, but what if I were to ask you to see the beauty in your insecurity? To find the positive in a negative?

It seems so sad to me that the world is so focused on attaining a certain weight or dress size. It's a shame because there are a lot of women out there who are covered in tiger stripes or a size 8 and are amazingly BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG.
I encourage you to never let someone belittle your looks... even if it were your own mother.. this is the most painful thing to experience. Be strong. Fight against a world who is constantly telling you that you're not enough. Love all that is you and most of all-aim for strength.
Your cheerleader,

Ezt a tortát már majdnem két hete készítettem, amikor @dorottyahamory megvendégelte a magyar BBG lányokat és egy komplett ázsiai menüt rittyentett nekünk 😍🍜🍲🥗👌🏼 a desszertről én gondoskodtam ✌🏼🎂 a torta alapja Kike @krisztigokler vörösbabos brownie receptje alapján készült 🍰 erre jött egy kókuszos-utifű maghéjas krém 🍚 majd egy szamócás-chia magos 🍓 réteg, végül pedig cukormentes étcsoki 🍫 díszítésnek pedig szárított hibiszkusz virág 🌺😊
A brownie-n kívüli dolgokat nem igazán mértem le, de ha van rá igény akkor leírom a blogon, hogy nagyjából #hogyankészült 😜😁

Comment with what you think! 💪
@kimberfitgirl "This is my face. This is my face on fitness. Any questions?😂 it took a lot of prayer and a lot of self love to get here. Also took a lot of mistakes. Just tons of bad days where I wondered if I would ever make it. Even now I have my moments where I struggle. If you're not struggling during the weight loss journey than you might be a cyborg and I might want to study you. This journey is hard. Don't let my highlights reel or anyone else's convince you it's a cake walk. You just keep pushing. You'll get there. 🌸🌸" _____________________________
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HAPPY MONDAY FRIENDS!🤗 I woke up this morning feeling so motivated to crush this week and all my workouts💪🏻 Started with 35 minutes cardio and I'm feeling great! Also I've been trying on swimsuits all weekend getting soo excited for our trip!😱 I need your help/advice for healthy eating while traveling! Do you have any tips for foods to take with you while traveling? If so, send them my way!!!😘 Happiest Monday vibes to all you babes! Make today GREAT!

Abs in the morning, bloated in the evening! .
Like many of you I end up bloated and uncomfortable after eating a meal, made worse if I eat gluten due to an intolerance.. Think I ate gluten tonight 👎😕 .
No one walks around with abs 24/7, even if their photos may make it appear like they do! I'm so guilty of thinking that 'i'm the only one' who gets so bloated and looks so different from morning to evening, but seeing everyone else's reality posts has really helped me to realise that I couldn't be more wrong with those thoughts!
So I hope that this helps just one of you in realising that you really aren't the only one, and that the bloating doesn't take away your progress in any way - both are you, and both are just fine 😘😘
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#bbgweek12 !!! Let's give this week all we've got! I was feeling so inspired and motivated after out #bbgmeetup on Saturday that I went to the mall and bought a new lulu bra 😁 Let's test it in action ! 👍🏼 #bbggirls #fitfam #bbgontario #bbgtoronto #bbg #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #thekaylamovement #12weekchallenge

Nature's Skittles 🌈

Good morning grammers 😘 I've been snacking on these @zero.bites snacks for days now, they are so so good, so healthy and organic! I'm all about that organic life, however it can be way too expensive to go totally organic here in Australia unfortunately ☹️ anyways... go check their page out and also read about the mom who makes them 💕

DID IT!!!! A workout finishing at 11:45 pm still counts as a Monday workout right 🤣🤣??? So glad I did! Woooooooo! .
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The last couple of months I have had to eat very differently to what I am used to. After 5 + years of paleo & vegan meals ( yes laugh all you want but I like the best of both worlds ), due to financial difficulties I've needed to eat less & eat a lot of bread, cheap $3 pizza ( much to my disgust I never eat pizza ), eggs & fruit with the occasional meat - mainly chicken - pretty much sums it up 😂. .
But I'm so sick of my body feeling so drained . Today I'm writing down the best of the best simple, affordable & delicious foods. If anyone has any ... comment them below and I'll love u forever 😂❤️😘.
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Dinner time 😍
Digestive Juice, here I come..... 3 C of Pineapple
1 1/2 Cucumber
1 small piece of Ginger
1 small bunch of Mint
1 C Coconut Water

Zucchini oats for breakfast😋 grated zucchini + Trader Joe's rolled oats + @traderjoesfood mixed but butter (it's amazing go buy it) + chopped strawberries 🍓 + honey 😎 can't believe I'll be starting #bbgweek9 I took a look at the exercises and am only lightly terrified lol can't wait to go kill it later 💪🏾 have a great Monday everyone 😎🏃🏽‍♀️💜 #foodie #foodstagram #losangelesfood #losangeles #glutenfree #dairyfree #oatsallday #oatmealbowl #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #bbgfood #bbg #bbggirls #healthyfood #health #healthysnacks #healthyliving #breakfast #healthybreakfast #running #bbgcommunity

The Day I've been waiting patiently for 💥New Swiss Cacao💥
This stuff is the bomb 💣
Tastes just like hot chocolate 😋
I'll be making up a limited amount of 5 day trial packs for people to have taste so PM me to secure one 👌
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Week 12 = go big or go home!! Leg day ✅ soooo hard but such a great sweaty workout! And only 2 resistance workouts left!!!! 😱

Quick 2 hour break and then back to the gym for body combat class with a new workout sequence 👯 good lord it was tough and the leg tracks were INTENSE especially after smashing my legs during BBG circuits 😅 but still loved every second of it 👊🏼

On a very bright note I just booked flights to go home on Wednesday for a few days before I start my internship next week! 🙈 surprising lots of people and I'm SO EXCITED!!! 😁😁 hope you all smashed your workout! 😘

Finally made it to week 12 🎉 going to go hard all week and finish strong 💪🏼

WHOLE 30 Food Diary
I think of #whole30 as that time I ate eggs twice a day for a month ...
(You'll note a lack of plantain chips 😭😭😭 still crying about that change)
First things first: coffee, ghee, coconut oil

Breakfast (post work out): shaved brussel sprouts with some riced broccoli, chicken sausage, 2 eggs, and spicy guacamole

Coffee with @vitalproteins collagen peptides
Lunch: spaghetti squash with ground chicken and marinara sauce (no soy or added sugar 😃) with a side of macadamia nuts - random I know

Snack (bc workouts): coffee @rxbar , 3 pieces of mango
Dinner: 1/3 flank steak, raw spinach, topped with one egg and red wine vinegar
I'm contemplating a pre-bed apple but will let you know 😜

Última semana del #12weekchallenge ‼️ Hoy LEGS 🏋🏻‍♀️ Termimé totalmente liquidada! 💦💦💦 se nota que hacía semanas que no entrenaba duro! Pero avanzando! 🙃
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Home before dark on a Monday and catching that good lighting 💯 if you haven't made the switch from mayo to @chosenfoods avocado oil mayo then this is the time! I'm loving their new wasabi flavor 🔥

Meditteranean Zoodles & Tuna Salad 👉🏽 zoodles {toss with lemon juice & @chosenfoods avocado oil, black pepper & sea salt, black olives & tomatoes} topped with tuna salad {mix 1 can #tuna with 1tbsp @chosenfoods wasabi mayo + black pepper + cumin} and @belgioiosocheese feta 🌱🧀🍅

When your best friend gets you these bomb leggings for your birthday and you can't be anything but happy because they are sooo comfy
The way to my heart is through activewear💕😂 @rcormier1717
Side note: my hairs finally getting LONG AND THICK again and that makes me really happy too

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