When the endorphin rush hits post workout 😁. 35min walk/jog with the hound this morning. Whilst it was hard to get out of bed, I was quiet happy to keep moving - it was (still is) bloody fresh this morning 😱 (5°C ❄). HAPPY TUESDAY ✌️.

•Wearing @adanola leggings and old school @cleoharper_activewear crop.

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This is an example of how BBG is a lifestyle change not just a 12 week guide.
Back in March I was finally deemed ‘healthy enough’ to start exercising again so I picked up BBG and started using the app this time (I previously used the PDF).
It was going great, my muscles were beginning to remember the positions and it was becoming routine!
Then I fell off my bike 😫 luckily nothing was broken but I was very bruised and battered so I had to wait a couple of weeks to start back up again. I started from week 1, worried I had completely ruined my progress! Yes I may not be the level I would have liked to have been but I listened to my body and didn’t give up 👏🏻🤸🏼‍♀️🏃‍♀️ .
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Almost a new month 🗓 ⠀
Meaning it’s almost time for a new book club book 📖 ⠀

Thrilled to be dedicating September & October to “A Tribe Called Bliss”! ✨💕

Ohhhhh hey hey 👋🏼 Worthy Babes!⠀

Are ya ready for another stellar edition of #TuesdayTalks? ⠀

Meet Nikki Kiki Ura 💁🏼‍♀️⠀

Kiki is a Spiritual Mindset Coach & founding member of VOLO! She’s all about personal development and helping you learn to understand & trust your intuition! ⠀

Give @nikkikiki some love in the comments and follow her up on IG!!⠀

Be sure join her LIVE this Tuesday evening in Worthy Babes (link in bio), and together we’ll learn from her talk on Intuition: Tuning into Your Inner GPS! 💕⠀

You won’t wanna miss this!!!🙌🏼

Guys I almost to share last week's froyo creation: cinnamon frosted flakes and vanilla froyo with cinnamon frosted flakes and a couple Reece's on top! A little more exotic than usual but man if you're a cereal lover it was 💯!

I'M BACK! 👋 It's been a while since I've posted a BBG update. If you've been following me on my IG stories, I posted a pic of me completing BBG week 10 leg day last week. But because I got back from vacation, my workout routine was kind of all over the place. And I kind of fell off the bandwagon afterwards. I decided to re-start week 10 this week, and to be honest, I was really nervous. Does anyone look at the future BBG workouts that you have to do throughout the week and feel dead inside? 😂 Cause that was me!
Yesterday, I was actually nervous for today's leg workout. I was already doubting myself and dreading it. But things got a lot better this morning and I figured out why I felt super anxious. I was putting so much pressure on myself to get in a good workout. I was scared of failing and disappointing myself. So when I realized why I was feeling that way, I told myself this before my workout, which may sound silly but it helped me a lot. "Just go at your own pace. You are not here to please anyone. You are doing this for you. Don't stress about how many rounds of each circuit you have to do within seven minutes. If you need to take longer breaks than usual, it's totally fine! Don't stress and do what you can." So I listened and did what I could. Yes, I took longer breaks. Yes, I had to pause in between moves. Yes, I wanted to give up. But I didn't. I listened to myself, went at my own pace, and kept going.
Just remember, you are the only one who knows your limits. So don't give up on yourself and do what you can! 👊
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I wish I could say I’ve been killing my workouts lately but the truth is I’m struggling to do any at all 😬 I’m still walking and doing yoga but I’ve already lost weight through stress and I don’t want to add to it with exercising so I think LISS is my best option at the moment anyway. That’s why it’s been a bit harder to stay active on here because I’m not really doing much! In other (unrelated) news I had my wedding dress fitting today and afterwards I celebrated with a glazed doughnut even though it was only 11am 😂 How are all my girls doing?

The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude. ✨
This is something I’m struggling with everyday as anxiety continues to clutch me. Sometimes I think I have it all under control and then I stepped on the scale and realized I’ve lost 5 pounds in a week from stress. Any other time I’d probably be happy but instead it just kind of highlights how much my mental health is affecting me. A week in Tahoe couldn’t come at a better time 👉🏼 beach, sun and water, all have been helping to bring me back around to myself. But the struggle is real and in case you feel alone in yours, know you’re not. 💕

Proud of the hard work👍💪🏋️‍♀️

Today was booty-day 🍑 😀 My favorite exercises for a nice butt are hip thrusts and donkey kicks 💪🏼 🏋🏽‍♀️ ⠀
I hope you had a nice day! ☀️⠀
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Week 3 of BBG is already here!! I can't believe it!

I love how it tones my arms, and each workout really is killer but then afterwards it always feels amazing.
Liking my abs coming back even though I'm bloated here! 😂

In a world that’s constantly telling you that you’re not good enough, learn to love yourself. ✨


People come in from all over the world for this + for me it’s in my backyard. ⚾️
Love watching the kids play and seeing all the families that make it here. 💕Have you ever gone to the LLWS?

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