@ruthlesslystrong - I used to think these posts were annoying and maybe unnecessary, but tbh I post them more for myself than my followers because I get so frustrated and discouraged if I don’t remind myself of how far I’ve come I’ll drive myself crazy. It’s perfectly okay to have goals and to be self aware but it’s also important to understand everything is relative. It takes people years and years to get their bodies a certain way or to build up their strength and endurance. I’ve literally been lifting for a year and this is the progress I’ve been able to make. I’m not perfect and yes I have insecurities and things I don’t like about my body but that’s why I love this lifestyle because as I train it and put it through all the stress I do- it gets stronger and I learn to love it more and I will be doing that for as long as I live. Take it day by day...the results you see here are a result of a lifestyle change. I don’t kill myself doing cardio or crash diets. I eat healthy for the most part and I exercise regularly. There’s no rules to this and if it works for you then that’s all that matters. Health is wealth and that’s the important thing to remember. #transformationtuesday
From left to right (204lbs May 2016- 180ish lbs August 2016-143 lbs October 2017)

Kurz nach der Trauung 😍
Kaum zu glauben, dass wir schon 5 Wochen verheiratet sind. 🖇
Hach, er macht mich so glücklich! -
Jetzt ist aber Schluss mit der Romantik. Ich geh jetzt den verbotenen Kuchen ausschwitzen. #bbg #bbg1 #bbggermany #bbggirls #wedding #boltenhagen #happywife #family #weddingwednesday #weddingdress #weddingflowers #bride #happyme #happyus #juwellery #hafen #kiss #youandme #couplegoals #teamw #germany

Steak & eggs & potatoes

I felt great about 30 mins ago and decided to go super hard for circuit 1. Well.... by the time I finished circuit 2, I was so exhausted and wanted to quit. But I made sure to finish circuits 3 and 4, even if I had to take a lot of breaks! Those step ups and knee highs on a bench are so difficult for me but I can tell I’m getting stronger with them!
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@misscarlijay_healthyliving "🚨Transformation Tuesday 🚨- from 280lbs to half the size in 2 years - I had always been happy, enjoying life and not caring what size i was. 📍I had always been overweight and subsequently obese since a young age, and pretty much became accustom to how I was, and owned the fact that yes i was big - so what?! It never really seemed to bother me. I went about my life going up and up a dress size. 📍Until 2014, i was size 26, and my health seemed to suffering at only 28 years old, i felt like an 80 year old women with pains, tiredness, aches. Then one morning waking to feel like i was paralysed, my whole side was numb with pins and needles - and that was it. 📍This day i realised, yes despite being happy with my size, my body wasn't ! It was trying to tell me to do something about it! And so I did, i made the decision to change my attitude and lifestyle for a better healthy life and body. 📍So i set out for the long haul, slow and steady to loose 10 stone over 24 mths, eating better, exercising and taking better care of myself, so i could enjoy more of life, still happy and care free - but just a better healthier version of me! 📍If you want to change, do it for the right reasons, do it for you and ultimately for a better version of you living a better healthier fitter lifestyle! Be the best YOU, you can be!😘😘😘" _____________________
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#healthylife = #happylife 💗 Exercising and eating well are so important in living the best life I can, and the process of working to improve myself is something I really enjoy. Even though I’m still figuring out how God will use me this summer and working through some other things, it’s nice to have an area of my life that I can continually work on and develop, challenging myself to become the best ‘me’ possible 🙆🏻‍♀️ Today’s progress included a super strong #bbg arms workout 💪🏻 and a nice 45-min bike ride as well 🚴🏻‍♀️ I’m feeling fueled and sore, but very thankful that I’m able to move and challenge my body in this way💗

@hashi88 - Fit Friday💪🏼🔥💯
Life changes when you become more committed to your dream than being stuck in your comfort zone.....
Break your comfort zone and push yourself to become what you desire to be💯... there’s nothing that cannot be achieved with a strong mindset💪🏼💯
Stay focused and dedicated! * Sorry haven’t been that much active on Insta lately. My apologies🙏🏽 .

My hands, wrists, and arms are still in pain but training is a must.

When they ask
Why you love
The rain, the ocean, the river,
Tell them
It is because
Unlike the people
Who should have
loved you better,
The water was never afraid
To touch you;
Even when you were
At your most damaged
And broken - Nikita Gill -

Week 1; Wednesday- arms & abs and I’m dead. .
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@misscarlijay_healthyliving "🧡🧡Transformation Tuesday!! 127kg to 63.5kg in 2 years! All natural, no fads, no surgery, no crappy diets & no end date! Just me eating healthy and being active for life 🧡🧡 You’ve really got to be happy with yourself and love every inch of your body BEFORE you start your journey!! To me that’s key! 🧡🧡 Love yourself just the way you are, every lump, bump, wrinkle, bingo wingo, love handles and all!! And then only then, can you love yourself enough to want to become healthier and fitter!! 🧡🧡 Love yourself enough to be the best version you can be of yourself!! Instead of hating yourself and criticising your body wanting to change for that reason 🧡🧡 Know the difference in these 2 wants for change!! And doing it for the right version will see you achieve what you want and be the best you possible! Fit, healthy and full of life and love 🧡🧡 Do it for YOU and your best self!! Xx"

Want to Make a Transformation Like This? Check bio for our Five Star, 30-day Transformation Program! 💪 Made a Transformation? Badass Female Transformer Engagement Group in Bio ❤️

A Belfie on #humpday Becxaauuusseee Guess who workouts legs yesterday for the first time in 5 ever?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I was kinda sad cause I couldn’t lift as much as I used too (and I did the shortest workout ever) and my legs were KILLING ME, like I nearly fell down the stairs they were so tired 😂 at the moment I’m just building up the routine of going to the gym after work, and will start doing GFG next week! I’m only doing 30 min workouts and may carry on doing that but we will see how it gooooesssss! How’s everyone else’s Wednesday going?!!! 🦑

Lunch after my exam was toasted sandwich thins, chicken tikka, a fried egg and sautéed veggies - also had an apple and 1/2 nakd bar 🙌🏻
Exam 2/3 done 💪🏻went slightly better than Monday’s, I’ve definitely passed but I don’t just want a pass, I want a 2:1 🤷🏻‍♀️🎓 it was bad though because the guy sat in front of me COLLAPSED, then at the beginning my lecturer ran in saying there was a mistake in one of the questions, and there was some disruptions due to noise agh 😖
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Went for a long and beautiful walk today. Summer is here, so it was a really warm and niiiice walk! I love the sun 😍☀️🌺😎 #summer #walk #view

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