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Me and my girl @neda_kalantar in the #BBCAN5 house. I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks 🙌🏼 #Reunited #BigBrother

part 2 of houseguests reading #BBCAN5 tweets 😂 part 1 is up on our page

[flash warning!!!!]
miss ika wong, the WINNER of #BBCAN5
cc blogadissimo on yt

‪I'm so glad to be part of @heartsofreality this year & getting the chance to visit @gktwvillage. Little Joanna will always have a place in my heart‬❤️❤️
📸 by @guinigundo

The season always flies by 100 miles/hour and sometimes it's hard to really take in all the great work that happens, and I just want to give a shoutout to my great BIG sexy Challenge TEAM: the genius @faracaster who designs all the comps and house! (and his killer team @yadillahnivek @alroskaft @assscholl), @lightfoot.ron and his crew for building the amazing sets!, @lisawilliamsstyle and the fab wardrobe dept for making the HGs look sooo good, @blackbearwoodworking his team for installing/striking in a flash, @jellyfishdanny (our director!), @samplewis, @ishootstuff29, @gregrosentv (and the other camera ops!), the lighting team (Joel, Kelly, @meljlights,Etc), and course my AMAZING team - @itsbuller and @spenfritz (Challenge Producers!), @deannetown (for keeping us all in line! - you too @vince_buda and @jessicajeanneb) and newcomer @coryjbell. Aaaaand I am so grateful for all the support we get from @suebrophey and @eb349. As our fearless leader @eb349 always says 'it takes a village'.. one great big fabulous village (sorry for anyone I'm forgetting here!). Here's to a great finish - we've got a few more goodie comps up our sleeve! xo #BBCAN5

I'm so annoyed because I totally forgot to post yesterday so I'm just going to do both day 4 and 5 today so day 4 of #25daysofbigbrother is favorite female bbcan houseguest and mine is Neda💜 she's the best bbcan player ever in my opinion and I just loved her so much on both season 5&2💕 #bbcan5

A life changing experience just ended today where I've met friends for life. Time to go back home now #bbcan5 🇨🇦❤

Look who came to visit!! It's the champppp. His hand is the size of my head. 👊🏼 #bbcan5

Red Team All Day Erryday 🔴👑🛡⚔️ #bbcan5


The most ICONIC double eviction EVER!🙌🏼👏🏼👸🏽👑 #Demika #bbcan5

Tbh elena was robbed! And she was another person I had a crush on besides Josh.
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official bbcan5 rankings not remaking😍
Neda - my entire love you're actually such an iconic queen
Kevin - kev kev! you're my entire love im so happy you beat demika!
bruno - i loved you in bbcan3 and i love you in bbcan5! you Neda and Kevin are all tied for my favorite! you got so robbed!
Gary - I'm sorry demika did that to you boo you're a legend
Cassandra - Robbed queen
Sindy - I love you but why did you do that to Neda AHhhhhhh
William - the better half of the french connection, cute af
Karen - crazy Karen I low key love you
Dre - like Ily but you're so crazy
Emily - i like you more without Dillon
Dallas - who?
Mark - first boot lmao
Dillon - you're just kinda boring
Jackie - I can't stand you. You're so fucking annoying.
Demetres - better half of demika
Ika - I hated you in bbcan2 and bbcan5 you're such a heartless bitch, you're so extra and always annoying.
#bb19 #bblf #bbcan5

‪I'm so glad to be part of @heartsofreality this year & getting the chance to visit @gktwvillage. Little Joanna will always have a place in my heart‬❤️❤️
📸 by @guinigundo

📣Casting Call📣
Hello Instagram! I'm very excited to announce that casting has officially begun for my 2nd Big Brother season! This season will be based off of Big Brother: Over The Top, although it will follow the same basic format as OTT, I will also add some of my own twists, remember to expect the unexpected!
🗯Houseguest Names🗯
Cornbread, Monte, Shane, Neeley, Scott, Alex, Whitney, Danielle, Shelby, Justin, Kryssie, Morgan
1, How active will you be?
2, Who would you like to play as? (You can't choose Jason)
3, Would you ever consider self evicting!?! 4, Tag 3 People
(You may not apply if you played on my first season)
Thank you for applying, casting closes when I feel like I have enough applications! Good Luck!
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