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Gestern mussten wir das schöne Hollywood Media Hotel in Berlin leider schon wieder verlassen - auf meinem Blog wird es bald einen Post dazu geben ❤️💫 // *Anzeige/Werbung


Another spot in the Bayreuth Eremitage #bayreuth #germany #bavaria #gardens #serene #deutschland #bayern #garten

Aug 17, 2017 Bayreuth, Germany
필름카메라 첫 사용기 :> ,,!!

Aug 16, 2017 Bayreuth, Germany
짧은 여행 중 여유부리기 :)

In other news, we loved the music and I got to take my Dad to Germany for the first time 💛 #bayreuth #Wagner #theringcycle #family

Checking the facts for myself: spent an afternoon with every German dictionary confirming Wagner has been misunderstood: So there is no rape in any stage direction or libretto of the Ring. The first scene that is commonly misinterpreted (both linguistically and dramatically) is when Siegfried goes to Brunnhilde in the appearance of Gunther. He actually says "Nun, Notung, zeuge du, dass ich in Zuchten warb. Die Treue wahrend dem Bruder, trenne mich Von seiner Braut". "Now, Notung, witness here how I shall keep my vow. To keep true to my brother, separate me now from his wife!" And I believe in the versions Wagner approved, the sword was placed between them and they slept next to each other.
The second instance is when Wotan says about Erde "Mit Liebeszauber zwang ich die Wala": Liebeszauber means magic love (as in chaste not lustful love) and zwang is sometimes translated as forced but can often mean compelled or obligated or pulled/drew forth. And i understand it that he compelled her to prophesy and share her wisdom, not to have non consensual intercourse. I see Erde as a representation of the divine feminine so i found it particularly distasteful, that Ms. Weismann represented her by giving oral sex to a pimp.
We have been told, from music college, to concert programme, many things about Wagner that upon a little research I find to be totally incorrect.
Not least of these mistaken ideas are perpetuated by his own family. I was shocked that in the Wagner museum, we are repeatedly told that Wagner was to blame for inspiring Hitler's ideology. Despite there being plenty of Wagner's own writing that has been labelled "anti-Semitic", (mistakenly in my opinion), they failed to give a single quote in his own words, which I believe proves my point. The examples they did give, were from second- or third- hand sources like an entry in Cosima's diary late in life saying "Wagner thought this..." His family very quickly started distorting his philosophy and putting words in his mouth. #Bayreuth #shameonyou #opera #wagner

It breaks my heart that I could not applaud the performers at the end of the opera. I went on a once-in-a-lifetime expensive trip to Bayreuth to watch Wagner's Ring Cycle. For over a century, music lovers have come here as a pilgrimage. What made it even more special was that I was able to bring my Dad, and it truly was a pilgrimage for us. He doesn't like flying so we travelled by train for 11 hours from England. The music is divine. The production is anything but. I am truly open to innovation in production and set design; fresh ideas, minimalism, embracing new technology. But what we have been faced with has disturbed me. I have never complained publicly about any performance, and I never thought I would be writing a "Disgusted from Ipswich" type message, but I actually feel the need to speak out. I used to say I didn't like opera when I was younger. But I set out to actually study it in an effort to understand it, instead of just dismissing it. And I have come to a deep appreciation and love of Wagner. I believe he is giving important spiritual teachings within his operas, and layers and layers of meanings. Whoever made this production clearly has barely read the libretto, let alone contemplated its deeper meanings. I came here in search of beauty. What we were confronted with was ugly on every level, a cheap Motel scene, a stage crammed full of every possible device to distract from the beautiful music and libretto. Lust and greed displayed every second, distracting from the virtues being described in the music. Giant faces of Chairman Mao and Lenin (WHY?) and lewd sex acts. The character that represents the Divine Mother forced to strip and seduce. And all this ugly rubbish made the plot make NO SENSE. It ruined the story; vital props like the sword were not where they were supposed to be, characters were talking to someone who was off stage, extra characters or noisy props were on stage. There were endless distracting TV screens. I want to ask the producers, ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO THE MUSIC??? ...Continued in comments... #Bayreuth #Wagner #opera #eyemask

Mal was für die Kleine zum schauen #röhrensee #tierpark #bayreuth #bayern #oberfranken

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