Don’t you just love those days where your body attacks you on like 5 different fronts?
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The amazing @mybayproblem ‘s photography❤️ 1.10 yesterday!

A happy place to be 😏 our only aim atm is relaxation . Augustus is quite uptight and hot headed . He's making me take it slow . He's testing my riding skills and own relaxation techniques . I'm really enjoying our journey together
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At the end of June you will officially be MINE ❤️

Best Birthday Present a girl could ask for 😁🎁🎉

Carl has an abscess in his hind right foot so I didn’t get to ride him yesterday :( but for once the timing is pretty convenient because I’ll be out of town for a bit anyways. So while I’m away enjoy this pic of Carl being a saint and letting me lie down after 2 lessons of pony soccer ⚽️ 🐴

Hey friends! I finally get to go out to the barn and ride my horsie for the first time in a week today!!!! I go out of town two more times in the next two weeks or so which means I’ll barely be riding the next few weeks :/ BUT when I get back from my last trip I’ll be taking Carl down to Tuscaloosa and getting him all settled at his new fall and spring home 😆😆😆 Once we’re there I’ll hopefully be much more active with pictures and updates but probably not as many videos because I’ll be riding by myself a lot. I’m so so so excited to get him to Tuscaloosa and start our journey officially together!!!!!

I rode Le Carl today bareback because his saddle was being used for another horse at a show and I figured no saddle was better than a not great fitting saddle since his back is SUPER sensitive and he was so fantastic!!! He was super soft and quiet since he could feel my balance isn’t the best since I’m still not as strong as i was before my year off so he kept me right in the middle of him and was so well behaved. We just did some circles and a quick trail nothing too crazy because I knew some bad weather was headed in. But yeah I’m in love with this horse because he is so smart and respectful and really tries so hard to be a good boy and every ride on him is a great one even if it’s not the best because he’s just so darn comfy and ahhhh I just love him so much!!!

Carl and I went xcountry today and it was a BLAST! Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures or videos which was probably for the best since I really got to just play around and feel him out. Since I am a broke college student I don’t know how much eventing I’ll be able to do while at school but I was super eager to try him out in xcountry before we leave for TTown. Carl is so much fun to ride and his jump is just so dang comfy and he’s so brave to everything that the jumps were the least of my worries. He got body worked over the weekend so he hadn’t been ridden in a few days so when we got jumping he was soooo excited he forgot he had a rider on his back for a couple seconds after. Also since I’m not as fit as I once was and he’s not in tip top performance shape either, I didn’t have the energy needed to ride the back end of every jump like he needed me too. But as we kept going we figured more stuff out and he was an angel! We did some tiny little courses with banks and water and he didn’t bat an eye. We played with ditches which have always been a huge terror for me and I could have ridden them all day on him. Like I didn’t mind one bit!! We finished by popping over a training jump and I was gonna wussy out bc I haven’t been xcountry in easily over a year and it’s always been a little nerve wracking for me but he was perfect and it felt like absolutely nothing! One of my favorite things about Carl is that he is brave and eager to jump anything I point him to and the size is never intimidating to me when I ride him which is a first. Something about how confident he is makes me more confident but I don’t know him so well that I feel like I don’t have to ride it. But yeah today was amazing and so positive and I’m so excited to work together with him because I feel like things are going well and we have so much to work on and so much time to do it. And my favorite part is I don’t feel like I have to be at a certain point at a certain time I can just work on whatever I see fit and just focus on improvements day to day. I’m just so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to work with this amazing horse for the next few years!!!

Carl and I did the jumpy jumps today for the first time in a good few weeks and he was so fabulous!!!! He makes me so confident and makes the height feel like nothing. Probably haven’t jumped this high in a year and it’s not that big but it’s the biggest we’ve jumped together and he’s just so fantastic and capable and I have so much fun jumping him!!! I just want to ride him forever and never get off ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thanks @gowithitfarm for another FANTASTIC lesson!!!

Just a girl and the goodest of boys

Carl is officially mine 6/28/18 ❤️we are off to Tuscaloosa to drop Carl off at his new home Snider Stables and I will be arriving to stay this Sunday!

Why can’t my horse just love meeeeeee?!?!? @gowithitfarm and I spent all day driving to and from Tuscaloosa to drop off Carl and he seemed to settle in really well!! The facility at Snider Stables is so pretty and there’s so much out there to play around with so I’m super excited to get out there and explore and mess around!!!

Rode Carl for the first time in TTown today and I am soooo happy with how well he did!! I’m keeping a journal of our progress so I figured I’d just post the entries and y’all can swipe and read if you’re interested in keeping up otherwise you can just see cute pictures and videos of Carl!! ❤️ (ps I haven’t gotten a journal yet so I just wrote on sticky notes tonight! Lol)

Carl was SUPER again this morning on the flat! I learned a couple of tips to keep him calm and he seems really happy bc he’s a lot more eager to be tacked and ridden and is much more willing to work. He’s still a little jazzed when I first get on but I imagine that will fade as we get more used to the new barn. I’m probably going to go ride him again this evening and maybe set up a fun little jump exercise. I might also jump the ditch out on xcountry today if he’s still feeling good! Also look at his handsome little face ❤️❤️❤️

When you don’t have anyone to video you have to get creative so enjoy this clip of me jumping a jump with my phone in my pants lol
So I almost lost Carl (he’s all good and so am I lol) and had a stop at the ditch but I didn’t set myself up for success so live and learn. If every ride was perfect we’d never learn anything so I actually enjoy mistakes as long as no one gets hurt. Other than those two setbacks he jumped every jump perfectly and was super respectful and game. He got a little crooked when he was unsure but listened to my leg when I asked him to get straight to it. I am in LOVE with this horse even if he does run away from me 😂

I got a video of my ride today but it wasn’t super postable but I should be able to use my iPad to get a postable one tomorrow! Carl was super today!!! He tried so hard and was so well behaved even when I asked him for harder things which is a really great improvement! Also he’s so freaking cute look at his lil face!!! He’s so darn handsome I am so in love with him!!!

Happy Independence Day from Carl Spackler and me to you 🇺🇸❤️

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