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Oleh-oleh dari Borobudur: tangan belang 🤜🏻🤛🏽

"Nada é mais importante do que a conexão fotógrafo e modelo.
Ser humano e ser humano.
Se interessar pelas pessoas é fácil,
Mudar a vida das pessoas é fácil,
Mas a gente tem que querer..."
COELHO, J." #NIF, #BAuthentic, #SemCasca #VIP

Bruce: "Hey Marcy! Wanna go to the vineyard and eat some grapes!"
Marcy: "You betchya!"
Our Winmaker and Assistant Winemaker at the #pocaivineyard sampling grapes! They'll be coming in starting MONDAY😱
Keep up with us on social media to see what's going on at the winery! #BAuthentic #napaharvest

"Cuando era adolescente quería cambiar muchas cosas de mí, en especial mi cabello. No me gustaba que fuera tan rizo. En el colegio no me lo soltaba mucho y si me lo soltaba un chico de un grado mayor me rugía diciéndome "León" a la misma vez que se reía. Por eso me limitaba a dejarme el cabello suelto y la mayoría del tiempo me hacía las famosas donas. Ahora veo eso de manera positiva. El León es un animal fuerte de la sabana que con su melena grande lo caracteriza. Pues el decirme "León" gracias a mi cabello es símbolo de fuerza. Poco a poco voy amando mi cabello rizo y a mí misma. La fuerza está en la aceptación de uno mismo".

It's Monday, so I thought I'd cheer you up with a dictionary definition. This one had me choking on my tea. Yet again. Here's what The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable says about ECLIPSES: "The Romans would never hold a public assembly during an eclipse. Some Roman poets feign that an eclipse of the moon is because she is gone on a visit to Endymion." -- Endymion is a guy who sleeps on a mountain and Selene, the Moon goddess, goes to kiss him whenever she feels like it. Which isn't very often, once every 18 months or so. If you ask me, Endymion is a little silly. He's so stricken with Selene that all he does is sleep on this mountain because that's the only way he can see her again. Sleeping is good but sleeping all the time is antisocial. Oh, also lazy. Hey, Endymion, write a poem, go to public assemblies, or move to Greece and follow Socrates around. That's what young men do. Learn about the Socratic method. That's useful! Anyway, poetry was taken very seriously by the Romans, they didn't think much of prose, so when a poet said something it was just like something a novelist would say today. Not easily ignored. 🍒
Ups, it's late! I must get dressed and join the public assemblies and enjoy my Monday and the solar eclipse day! Enjoy yours!
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💐 Friday 💐

Gratidão 🙏

F L O W E R S 💐

Oleh-oleh dari Borobudur: tangan belang 🤜🏻🤛🏽




Harvest continues with Petite Sirah from the Pocai Vineyard 🍇
The Pocai Vineyard was established in 1906 when Betty's immigrant grandfather, Libero Pocai, purchased 60 acres of prime Napa Valley vineyards with gold coins. He acquired the 115th winery bond from the state of California and opened operations under the label:
L.Pocai & Sons
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Selamat ulang tahun, Bapak 😘😘

Bem me quer 🐚

R e l a x 🐚💙

Bom dia 🐚💕

Lets follow the 🍇s!
From the crush pad the grapes are sorted then destemmed and pushed through this tubing into the stainless steele tank.
Once all the fruit is in the tank we will add yeast to begin fermentation.
#napaharvest #BAuthentic


Marina 💞💙

Marina 💞💙

Marina 💞💙

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