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Actually, Red Robin would be better, but I would not be that difficult ;) Merry Christmas Everyone ❤️
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Gotham's worst, out for a drink! Harley: the lovely @krista747. Scarecrow: moi. Getting the urge to dust off Dr. Crane, but not sure when I could. 💉💀😱
Fear gauntlet by @darkhart_
PC: pixelatedimages.com



Loved this esoteric cosplay choice from @nerdenheimjen at #awesomecon2017; Alice from Batwoman.

I got a little dick

I couldn't resist picking up this set. @batmansixtysix shame no Riddler figure though 💚❓

Jason, finding that his gun is out of bullets: THIS BITCH EMPTY *throws it at the Joker* YEET
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Doctor Robert Kirk Langstrom... #Manbat

More villains from the Arkham line. I'm probably going to have to go back to squeezing multiple figs into one entry because there's so many DCD & Mattel Arkham figures and I'm trying to get through Asylum and City before tapping into Origins and Knight (the first 2 games happen back to back so the figures aren't hugely different in style). But for tonight, you get DCD Arkham City Deadshot all by his lonesome. This is one of my favorite looks for Deadshot honestly. I never cared for the white mask. Made him look too much like a cyborg instead of just having the eye piece. But I like this one a lot. And I like the Arkham combat outfit. I just wish he'd actually come with some weapons instead of just his wrist gun thingits. Even his thigh holsters are empty. At least include some sculpted guns, guys. Deadshot with no guns seems kind of silly. As far as articulation, he's decent for this line. Knees, elbows, and hips all bend, shoulders move forward and out slightly, and he's got thigh, boot, upper arm, and head swivel. I feel like he's supposed to have waist swivel too but mine won't budge...but neither will that left elbow. But DCD Arkham figures are made out of thick easily shatterable plastic so if something doesn't move easily I just leave it alone. That's the downside of the whole DCD Arkham line, you wouldn't think they'd be so fragile but one good drop from a couple feet up of trying to force one to hold an accessory will result in breaking the figure.
(6/14/17 day 165)
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"You seem to have me confused with some warm-blooded damsel in distress."
@scarletjewelcosplay's Ivy at #katsucon2017.

Пусть ваш понедельнико-вторник раскроет ваши суперсилы и день пройдёт мега интересно.😎
🤘Эта маска сделана на заказ для крутого парня из Петербурга.
В подарок от любящей девушки @sashavaschenko.
🔮С мятой и ромашкой.
✍Рисунок ручной работы. Акрил.
👁‍🗨Кстати, ребята @tvercomics, расскажите нам какой-нибудь крутой и малоизвестный факт о Бэтмене?
🤓Вы ведь все знаете о супергероях!
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