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Its no secret these days that influencers work with brands as a source of finance and exposure. However even though many of you view this as the “dream job” a lot of the time its actually extremely frustrating. Behind closed doors influencers can be taken advantage of and requested to do the most ridiculous things and its up to us to either stand strong to our brand, morals and beliefs or in layman terms, “sell out”… So when we come across a brand that fits our own ethos perfectly and are also supportive towards our creativity, its like meeting the woman (or man) of your dreams. Sparks fly, excitement is in the air and life just seems to flow 💫
Well I am so unbelievably happy to say I have found that brand for me.
G.H. Mumm 🙌🏽
I am beyond honoured to be associated with @ghmummnz. Their brand image and ethos are everything I am proud to support.
Their moto of “Dare. Win. Celebrate” could not fit me better and its a moto we should all implement in our lives🙌🏽
Dare to not just dream big but to make it a reality; Take the risk.
Win, not necessarily a competition but win against yourself, win against life, never accept defeat as the end.
Celebrate, this one speaks for its self; CELEBRATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS!!! Work hard, play even harder 🍾🥂🎉
So that is exactly what I am going to do this weekend.
Its time to celebrate making it 25 years!
Bring on Splore festival ✨
If you are going too, celebrate with me, if you are not, I urge you to implement this moto in your life, starting with celebrating the fact you are alive!!!
Let me know in the comments if you are going to Splore and if not, let me know how you are going to celebrate life this weekend ✌🏽
Keep an eye on my story throughout the weekend to see how I like to party 🙃
Ill see you on the other side 🤙🏽

It's ‪5 o'clock‬ somewhere...right?! We're in love with this bar at our new listing at 212 Warren.

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Today is when your book begins...the rest still unwritten ☺️ #instatravel #traveler #newyorkcity #newyork #batterypark #happiness

NYC adventures from yesterday🚊🌆🌃🗽because it went up to 80° ☀️😲 Mommy finally took me out because I was getting bored at 🏠 all the time. What a 𝒷𝑒𝒶𝓊𝓉𝓎𝒻𝓊𝓁𝓁 day 💕 I did bark and snap at some hoomans 🙈 and as usual I was shy boy at the dog park 🙈 BUT when we got near the 🌊🌊🌊 and the beautiful 🌅, I approached some hoomans first (I NEVER do that unless I know the hooman. when certain hoomans try to pet me, I snap. still learning to trust) and I was very gentle with the 👶🏻 as always.

New Jersey, seen from Battery Park City Esplanade...one of my favorite walking in NYC... #nyc #usa #thebigapple #newjersey #batterypark #batteryparkcityesplanade #landscape#hudsonriver #memories #2007

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