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With the stand you can get him into some cool poses. Still disgusted by the hip joint design. Overall, this figure is a must for fans of the Animated Series but it loses points for being so fragile. A kid would break it within 2 mins guaranteed. #toyfiendunboxing #dccollectibles #batmananimatedseries #batmanthenewadventures

If you get the chance i highly recommend you pick up a copy of #pauldini 's #darkknightatruebatmanstory because it's amazing. The illustrations are beautiful and the writting is as flawless as ever. You see the characters they way they used to ve. You see them as the villains you remember growing up with. You see a lot of the behind the scenes talent that put their hearts into #batmanthenewadventures and #Batmantheanimatedseries . Paul Dini's story made me feel like i wasn't so alone for a lot of reasons. It made me feel like he really not only loves and understands these characters but that maybe it's not so crazy how i handled my own issues i went through. I leaned on the characters in Batman and comics a lot to handle things. This comic is probably now one of my favorites for the simple and touching message it gives. #anyonecanchoosetobebrave

25 years ago Batman the Animated series came out and just this year I had the absolute pleasure of meeting The Batman himself- Kevin Conroy! I even had the chance to get a picture with him Will Friedle, the voice of Terry from Batman beyond! This year has been filled with a lot of nostalgic milestones and I can only hope to keep it going! Happy Anniversary Batman, you made me who I am today!


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