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Prinsip dasar aerodinamika yg diterapkan pada Tumbler-nya Batman. Jadi inget mata kuliah mekanika fluidanya pak Djokluk "Skywalker". (Sumber video: Batman Tech, fitur bonus di Bluraydisk "The Dark Knight")
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About a week ago I picked up one of the cheap Rubies Batman V Superman grapnel guns in all its horrendous safety orange and white color schemed glory and with a little patience and @cosplay_chris's YouTube tutorial and a handful of .50 cent acrylic paints and washes, I transformed it into a nice quality looking piece!! 😊 I plan to pick up a few more to repaint and weather as part of an even bigger secret project I've been pulling together 😉
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Hashish Legend... "After the buzkashi match, we met "Billy Batman" and his wife in the midst of the anarchy that passed for a taxi stand on the edge of the stadium grounds. They were legendary in Kabul, having survived there since 1969. Billy was older than all of us, and it was said he brought hash into New York City in the late 1950's and supplied it to authors and poets, including Allen Ginberg and William Burroughs as well as jazz greats and stage stars. We enjoyed listening to his tales of the beatnik efa... Billy Batman earned the name because of a new technique he created for making hashish.
Billy had invented what he called "the Batman Technique". He purchased heavy vinyl that was made in Germany and he put hash pollen into the vinyl, wrapped it up and tied it off with tape so that it was about the size of a baseball. He then took a Pakistani shoe mallet and slowly tapped the ball all over, bit by bit. As the heat built up inside the vinyl covered ball, the pollen liquified. The ball had to be tapped slowly because the vinyl could split and destroy the entire, painstakingly produced product. But if one did it properly, the liquid congealed. When allowed to cool and carefully unwrapped, the resulting product was the most perfect form of hashish imaginable." - From the book 'The Bandit of Kabul' by Jerry Beisler
Batman Studio's at 2222 Fillmore San Francisco, Ca in 1964

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