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If only... *sigh*

Olivers deepest darkest secret -Nightwing

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وقتي آرات فيلمي از انجام اين
There was a time that I used to live my life without any motivation, I used to be sad and depressed.
Besides affecting my own life in a negative way, I have also taken away the positive spirit of my family members for many years.
But we can always change and live in a better way by looking at the world differently.. with all the negativity in this world, There are still so many beautiful things which deserve our appreciation

Every morning I can send positive vibes to Aida and Arat so they could have a really good day.
I wasn't this way for many years, but we can always change.
Good morning, it's a beautiful day❤️️
Translated by @asa_kh🌸
حركت ديد خودش اونقدر سعي كرد تا🌸 تونست انجامش بده. اون تلاش ميكنه و مزد تلاششم ميگيره، موفقيت حاصل تلاش آرات بود تو اين صحنه. راستي قصه اون مورچه اي كه بارها و بارها اون بزر را برد تا دم در خونه اش و افتاد و اون دست از تلاش نكشيد. مال تو كتاب درسيه ما بود ؟ 🤔🤔 آرات همون مورچه است. 🐜🐜

Holy shittttt 😱😱😱😱those the same goggles Batman wore in the "Knightmare" from Batman v Superman? so the knightmare comes true. Holy moly Zack Snyder #JusticeLeague 😰🙌🙌

You know it's about to go down went Batman and Vader are having a stare down lol.

Hahahahaha this might be my favorite funny moment that's happened in a comic in a long while. And I honestly never thought about Garfield being a vegetarian before, even though if anyone in the DCU should be a vegetarian it's probably him😂😂 Teen Titans issue 6 was literally so good. I really liked the first arc of the series but it didn't quite feel like a Teen Titans book. With this issue it officially feels like a Teen Titans book and it feels like A REALLY GOOD TEEN TITANS BOOK. Super excited to see where this goes. Bravo to the creative team #benjaminpercy @khoiphamart #wadevongrawbadger #jimcharalampidis 👏👏👏👏👏


they are the outpouring of my heart 🤡🤣💐#Batman

Batman top and skirt set progress. Top is finished skirt needs hem and waistband stitched in place. Would just finish it but it's 2am and my back is killing me. #bypoehler #batman #handmade #memade #sewingproject #sewing #seamstress #sewingvintage #vintagesewing #retrosewing #diyfashion #simplicity1426

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