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Stoked on the new crop for my Surf Outreach and Mentorship Program! #giveandsurf #bastimentos #bocasdeltoro #surfing @sharethestoke @brionlange @giveandsurf

Blessed with a beautiful day with these seastars and our guys! An epic boat ride across the Caribbean Sea to a remote beach worthy of your dreams. So grateful 🙏🏽✨💦💞 #caribbean #Bastimentos #travelfar #blessed

Bastimentos 💞💕💞 #bocas #bastimentos #islandlife #panama

#Biriba is an exotic fruit of the Annonaceae family. It is native to #Tropical areas of Central and South America. This is a photo taken from Bruce's #Bastimentos Farm property in #Bocas del Toro Panama, shortly after harvest.
Biriba is one of Bruce's preferred pioneer fruit species. It is used to rapidly build canopy while achieving harvest in the first 24 months when other fruit and nut trees are still maturing.
Biriba has a tangy, custard-like pulp that is sweet and delicious consumed direct from the fruit.

#nextstop #bastimentos I really recommend this island when you wanna be in the pure jungle. No cars, no roads. Perfect to recover the energy. You shut try it. 💝

Where I'd rather be.. #bastimentos #worldcitizen


#tbt to hiking in Panama and avoiding stepping in the mud up to my knees 🌴🙈This was the most beautiful and eye-opening trip I've ever experienced and I would go back in a heartbeat. I returned from Panama this past October with an appreciation for beauty, and more importantly, an even bigger appreciation for people and their generosity💙 I don't take for granted the life that I was born into and I can definitely work on my own generosity #dailyreminder #takemeback #l1vetow1n