Too much will turn you into a monster @w_i_r_e_s

@w_i_r_e_s x @itsduxmusic back from when I was up in Oakland 🥀 [video/mixing/editing by @itsduxmusic]

Inspired by @smino new Dope track TEQUILA Mockingbird..🙌 ❤️music 🙌 improvise daily/nightly 🙏@chizzymo 🙌@albeyonbass for beautiful instrument @scottsbasslessons @berkleecollege @berkleeonline @ampeg @levysleathers

Fender ft. Kensmith

#thebasswarriors @thebasswarriors

Some piccolo bass with my NYBW.

Wish I had discovered bass years ago, I’d probably be much better at it. Absolutely love this @godin_guitars Shifter 5 though!! Been creating new Eleven Rack presets, working on a creating that smooth jazzy sound that I like. Practice makes perfect!
#godinguitars #bassgroove #bassist #bassguitar #basslife #basstheworld #bassgram #producer #protools

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