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Gak ada capenyaaa balik dari cirebon langsung seruput #capuccino #kopi #lokal #gowa #gayo #papua #mandailing #aceh #basowa #solok #wamena #flores #bali


long hair, don't care #tbt #throwbackthursday Cincinnati, OH 📷photos by: @wickedlens 2015

A reminiscing out of work musician seeks validation and desperately needs an ego boost after a period of questionable life choices—or a lack thereof—to feel important and that there is hope of a brighter future; a reason to go on. So, LIKE THESE PHOTOS! Your ❤ will give him the strength to continue on his journey from meaningless existence to meaningless existence that others kinda find amusing while they also inch closer to the inescapable void. 📷 by: @wickedlens

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...and I consider that a win.

@wickedlens is called that for a reason. Thanks for the cool shots from Austin, TX.

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