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This Was Nasty 😳
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Omg so true! 😂
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If you are 13-18 years old: PLEASE READ! 1. What is your current weight? 2. What is your goal weight? 3. Is your size holding you back?
From age 13-17, I BARELY grew. As a child, I was always a standout athlete but, my lack of size began to seriously hinder my ability to play sports. It was not only a physical barrier but, also, a mental barrier. I knew that I was too small. These years were extremely difficult for me and my lacked confidence was apparent.
I quit all sports because I was incredibly discouraged. I began losing interest in sports all together. I was cut from the freshman baseball team. I thought that I would never be a good athlete again.
I had a chip on my shoulder. I discover weight lifting and I became a new person. I started strengthening my body and my mind.
I came into high school weighing 95lbs and I graduated high school weighing 205lbs. As I left high school, I thought that my physical and athletic pursuit was over. My heart had other ideas.
I regretfully decided not to play football in college because I thought I had peaked. I still didn't fully believe in myself but, I competed in Physique contest to fill a void. I then graduated college thinking that I would be sitting in an office for the rest of my life. I was wrong again. My heart led me here. To Instagram. My vehicle for sharing my talent and passion.
I strive to inspire people to be something greater through my content. My goal is to be someone who the young and impressionable version of myself would look up to. Every time that I speak to you high school aged kids - I see a reflection of myself.
I hope that this transformation story can motivate some of you younger people to believe in yourself and chase your dreams because I didn't and I regret it. The regret of not playing college athletics fuels me every single day. That's why I do what I do.
Don't lose hope in yourself and be patient. Your time will come. You will soon be the best and accomplish your goals. 💯

Is lebron the best player in the NBA??👇👇
Comment "LEBRON" letter by letter
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Russell Westbrook, at 6'3", is the shortest player EVER in NBA HISTORY to average more than 10 rebounds 🔥👀 #Westbrook #MVP

Fake friends believe in rumors real friends believe in you @jagdeepbains015 #oneinabillion

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@lethalshooter IN THE ZONE 🎯. He's focused mayne. Ever get that feelin...where you don't even have to think about your shot? It's just automatic? That's in the zone. Comes when you develop muscle memory. If you've never experienced, gotta keep practicing! 💯

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It Starts With A Vision.

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Did you know Russell Westbrook, at 6'3, is the shortest player in NBA history to average double digit rebounds?
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Fake friends believe in rumors real friends believe in you @jagdeepbains015 #oneinabillion

Karena berlima, jadilah tim basket. 😁

Sedikit nostalgia, dulu waktu SMP saya pernah bikin komik basket anak SMA gara2 lagi demen sama "Slam Dunk". Karena kemampuan masih terbatas, komiknya cuma jadi dikit.. dibaca sendiri, dan sekarang entah ke mana.😂😂 Omong2 soal Slam Dunk, selain si tokoh utama, Hanamichi Sakuragi, saya suka karakter Ryota Miyagi. Kalau yang udah tahu.. dialah inspirasi karakter Candra. 😄😂 #7wonderswebtoon #basketballplayer s

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