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Dwyane Wade will sign a 1-year deal with the Miami Heat and that he will retire when the 2018-19 season end


Its finally here! The WNBA playoff standings are in. Who are you rooting for to win it all? Comment down below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
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shirts vs. skins
who do you think won?

Sometimes when watching the best basketball players it looks like they are doing impossible things. They are fast, they can make shots on a consistent basis and they can defend and assist teammates. But if another player can do it on the court YOU have to realize that YOU can eventually do the same things. But first YOU have to get in the gym to work on your body and develop your basketball SKILLS. In today's game YOU have to be a solid two-way player to be successful. Think about how exhausting it is to get a triple double and then to still have to go out there and defend the best point guards. Without incredible conditioning Westbrook would be too tired to do all of those things. YOU work hard on your basketball SKILLS. Don't cheat yourself or cheat the game by being out of shape. How will we ever see YOU display your superior basketball SKILLS if YOU are always tired and sitting on the bench? Being an elite basketball player involves dedication to your SKILLS training and your conditioning. If YOU want to be one of the best players find a way to play basketball every day, keep your body in shape all year and constantly look for information about the game that will help YOU be a better basketball player. TRAIN your MIND and body to PERFORM! #improvepractice #basketballneverstops #ballislife #basketball #nbabasketball #nba #russellwestbrook #okcthunder #thundernation #thunderup #okc #dunk #layup #bball #pointguard #basketballpractice #basketballplayer #basketballislife #basketballcoach #baloncesto #basketballfundamentals

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