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Some work yesterday with the pocket dribble and drop step. Then we put it all together with a tempo, change of pace drill.

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JBK sessions ALWAYS incorporate strength & old school grit. For this drill, have your players in a circle with a deck of cards in the middle. One player will bear crawl out, grab a card, crawl back, and then shout out the card number. All players will do that number of pushups while keeping their body flat and knees off the ground. Go until everybody has had a turn or even go around twice! #jbkelite .
#pushup #pushupchallenge #grit #grind #strength #youthbasketball #basketball #basketballdrills #teachemyoung #striveforgreatness #lockedin (Had to slightly speed up the video to make it fit the time limit.)

$40 to whoever guesses how many Points, Rebounds, & Assists Lebron Has Tonight💰Game At 7 PM EST vs Raptors 🏀 #BornToBall #CommentBelow

If there are multiple winners they split the winnings

Few different transition options. Try a few of these out, my personal fav is the side step fade move. I hit this all the time in real time and pickups. Add these too your arsenal! Lets get it!

“People have always doubted whether I was good enough to play this game at this level. I thought I was, and I thought I could be. What other people thought was really always irrelevant to me” - Steve Nash
If every NBA player allowed the haters and naysayers to discourage them from playing ball, basketball, as we know it, would not exist. #getbackinthegame #topdawgskilz #topdawgbasketball

Movement is Medicine .
“STAY ACTIVE” - @jl_active .
Evening sweat at d’Court 🏀
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Via @bestballanalytics
“Good luck this season to the young gun @johnwall

*Congrats to Big Slim ( @imanitrishawn ) for winning the Lebanese Cup!
*Now on to the League Championship‼️



via @iamlukecooper
“5 things Kyrie does to improve his finishing:
🏀 Mikan Drill: Simple still that allows him to get in a lot of reps in a short amount of time.
🏀Practicing from different angles:Shooting from different angles ensures that you can finish in any spot around the rim. Practicing the same angle every time is awesome to get down the finish, but it’s not realistic that you’ll get that look every time in a game!
🏀Shoot high/low off the backboard: depending on where the defense is, sometimes you’ll have to change the arch on your shot to avoid it being blocked by a help defender, or even your defender as they are recovering!
🏀Use different spins: When you can control where the ball goes when you spin it, you give yourself a lot more options around the rim. Perfecting the spin of the ball can allow you to avoid a defender last second and still be able to finish!
🏀Using same foot finishes: Shot blockers are used to timing up shots. Using your off leg or same foot (ball side foot) might feel awkward at first, but it can mess up a defenders timing. Very important!
This was a great video I found today. There’s been over 50 missed layups in the last 2 HS games I have attended. Finishing is crucial!”

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