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Y’all, this week I’m hella stressed... and it’s only TUESDAY🙃🙃🙃 with that being said, i try to always take necessary precautions to avoid any backlash of my frustrations (ie. headaches, cold sores, dehydration, and especially hangriness😬) And i made getting to the gym a top priority today, despite my full schedule.
Tbh, this low carb diet has hit me with a semi permanent headache due to the lack of carbs and sugars, but, consuming copious amounts of water and BCAAs has been pulling me through🙌🏼 Ps. Thanks to my video crew aka extra tall people, i look supes short today 😂
WU: row 5 min *barbell push press (no vid😔)
4x8 *hammer raises to hammer curls
4x4each *upward row to front raises
*single arm cable delt raises
3x10 each (slow and controlled)
*single arm snatches with press
**burn out 7,7,7 curls X4 and 4x10 bosu ball pushups💪🏼 #shoulderworkout #basicstobrilliance #gymlife #femalebodybuilder #gymmotivation #healthylifestyle #strongnotskinny #gymrat #gymlife #liftheavy #eathealthystayfit

Not my best photo (let's be honest) this is Donna Hay - Ginger and Sesame Chicken Noodle Soup Bowl from my new favourite cook book Basics to Brilliance 👌
First photo is mine (clearly 😂) second is from the aforementioned new favourite cook book. Get amongst it.
#book2plate #yum #naileditnot #stilltastedfab #donnahay #basicstobrilliance

Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday, we’re having a peachy start to ours 🍑

Before the weekend, i wanted to give y’all a little physique and fitness update from me: So December-now (roughly 6 weeks) i have been bulking successfully! 👈🏼 “bulking” referring to increase in my protein and carbs, aiding in heavier lifting with less reps. Packing on the muscle and not worrying about the calories or winter fluff. Check out @reidpetersbodyandphilosophy super great video about the 🔑 to bulking!! After putting on roughly 5 pounds and a significant amount of muscle, I’ve decided to do a “mini cut” before my trips down south in a few weeks (3-4). In this mini cut, i plan to cut most carbs-NOT RECOMMENDED FOR A REGULAR, HEALTHY DIET- and up my cardio to 5x a week, also altering my workout to higher rep/lower weight. I’m hoping to cut some winter fat off before i hit AZ and FL.☀️ **background story on my muscle building at 5’0”: high school weight (only cardio) 99lbs, to freshman college weight (binge eating and minimal exercise) 110lbs, to sophomore/junior/ senior weight (heavy lifting and intuitive eating) 114lbs give or take and have NEVER looked or felt better💪🏼**
I’m going to post more physique updates throughout the spring because cutting before summer is ideal. Workouts and meals will still be documented! So friends, bare with me while i turn into a hangry monster these next few weeks😂🙃 #bulking #cutting #basicstobrilliance #gymlife #femalebodybuilder #gymmotivation #healthylifestyle #strongnotskinny #gymrat #gymlife #liftheavy #eathealthystayfit

Yes I love cooking and baking and anything to do with the kitchen... oh, and homewares 🙈 Today I'm making a #lasagne for 8! Yep, my niece and nephew have been with us for almost 2 weeks, and there's another 10 days to go ☺️ So hubby and I have been cooking for 8 every night and lasagne makes everybody happy. Trying out a new version with ricotta instead of the usual bechamel sauce. From the looks of things I think this will be a winner 🙌🏻 and no, there won't be any leftovers 😜 #donnahay @donna.hay #basicstobrilliance #lasagnerecipe #yum #delicious #dontyousitonthefloorandcooktoo #homecook #familylife

Making brownies got a little bit messy today!! #brownies #baking #donnahay #basicstobrilliance #messykids #childhood

So while I’m slaving away doing sprints yesterday, i thought to myself it would be a good idea to address my cardio prefs to y’all 🏃🏻‍♀️
So i personally prefer to do high intensity interval training (HIIT) that are short in time (cause I’m lazy af), but challenging, and does that fat burning job! I do 3-4 sessions a week, 1 day steady state, and every other day i do a 5-10 min warm up with elliptical, stair master, or rowing machine.
Now the difference between HIIT and steady state cardio is that high intensity is proven to help speed up the process of fat loss with the dramatic changes in heart rate. (Quick bursts of exercise and then a short period of rest) There is absolutely nothing wrong with long distance running or long durations on cardio equipment (i used to be a crazy distance runner for like ever) but, that will have the most impact on your endurance and heart health.
HIIT examples: ▶️Treadmill sprints 20sec on 40sec rest x10
▶️Row 5 min, sprint .25 mi, elliptical 5 min, sprint .25, bike 5 min, sprint .25
▶️Run 400m, 30 air squats, 20 push ups, 10 sit ups x4 ▶️30sec on 30 rest of jump lunges, mountain climbers, leg lifts, burpees X4 rounds
OR ANY HIIT CIRCUT THAT KEEPS YOU MOVING FOR 10 MIN TOTAL. **if you are a beginner, i would try 20 seconds of activity and rest for 40 or even a fitness class at a local gym!👌🏼 #hiit #highintensityworkout #basicstobrilliance #gymlife #femalebodybuilder #gymmotivation #healthylifestyle #strongnotskinny #gymrat #gymlife #liftheavy #eathealthystayfit

Today my school’s fitness center decided to be CLOSED😫😢 so instead of being here☝🏼 i decided to do an at home hiit/mild strength training circuit- which i know most of you like more anyways! So give it a try, and i hope y’all have a great great rest of your weekend!

#resistancebands #athomeworkout #basicstobrilliance #gymlife #femalebodybuilder #gymmotivation #healthylifestyle #strongnotskinny #gymrat #gymlife #liftheavy #eathealthystayfit

Y’all last night i got a package from @steelfitusa of sample packets of some of their goods for me to try out! So I’ll be trying these out over the next week letting y’all know how they work, feel, and effect my workouts! Head on over to their page and check out the huge variety of capsules, topical creams, and other products if you’re interested in learning more about them 💪🏼 #steelfitusa #absofsteel #bunsofsteel #gunsofsteel #basicstobrilliance #gymlife #femalebodybuilder #gymmotivation #healthylifestyle #strongnotskinny #gymrat #gymlife #liftheavy #eathealthystayfit

Not going to lie y’all, today kicked my ass and it’s not even 5pm yet 🙃 First day of classes, homework and back to work but i still needed to make getting to the gym a priority- my form of stress relief🙌🏼 So i hit some back and a bit of chest today and they’re feeling pretty good right now! 💪🏼 Pls excuse the lack of videos for the Tbar row and bench presses!!!!!
**Set some goals this Monday, write them down, make a plan and crush them this week!** #backworkout #chestworkout #basicstobrilliance #gymlife #femalebodybuilder #gymmotivation #healthylifestyle #strongnotskinny #gymrat #gymlife #liftheavy #eathealthystayfit

Hey y’all👋🏼👋🏼 coming atcha with another easy at home workout! I wanted to break down the basics a little bit because these moves are great staples to starting to tone your full body!
1️⃣banded (or not) air squats: feet shoulder width apart with toes slightly out, keep chest up, bend at the knees as low as you can and quickly back up squeezing with your bum
2️⃣ banded sidesteps: band around your ankles, taking steps in different directions activating your glutes and abductor
3️⃣push ups (not my fav🙄): squeezing your core and glutes, lower your body only at the elbow and using your chest and biceps straighten your arms back out. Body should never bend!!
4️⃣crunches: feet flat on floor comfortable distance from body, using your abs lift shoulder blades off of floor and breathe out. Contraction should happen while your upper back is off floor.
5️⃣Squat to Lunges: same squat as above but adding in-place front lunges. Keep knees behind toes. Should feel this in hamstring and quad. **definitely can take out the squat and just do lunges👍🏻
6️⃣russian twists: feet can be touching floor or raised (mine above). Using arms or any weighted object, twist body to tap on each side, constantly breathing. Make sure shoulders and chest are not turning with your arms.
Any questions, per usual, feel free to ask! 💞

#resistancebands #resistancebandsworkout #basicstobrilliance #gymlife #femalebodybuilder #gymmotivation #healthylifestyle #strongnotskinny #gymrat #gymlife #liftheavy #eathealthystayfit

Pulled pork! Braises, around here, are the perfect antidote to winter and work.
#basicstobrilliance fbcigers #feedfeed #f52grams #servewithlove #thekrakenrum #f52simmer

A little golden but oh so delicious.... after having omelettes in Fiji every morning we decided we would master it ourselves. Love this simple recipe the most eggcellent omelette from the new Donna Hay “Basics to Brilliance”
- 2 eggs
- 2 tbsp milk
- 100g sliced mushrooms
- 50g red capsicum
- sea salt & pepper.
Step 1. Break the eggs into a small bowl. Add milk, salt and pepper, mushroom & capsicum then mix really we’ll using a whisk, until everything is combined.
Step 2. Place in a small nonstick frypan over medium heat. Add the butter and gently swirl the pan, until it costs the base.

Step 3. Add the egg mixture. Stir the eggs just once by running a spatula through them in a figure of 8. Cook for 1-2 minutes or until the egg is set.

Step 4. Using a big spatula, carefully scoop under one half and fold it over onto the other half.
Enjoy Eating☕️🍴🍳
#basicstobrilliance #donnahay

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