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How does this face not make you smile? This little one knows how to pose while bashing cancer ❤️ #bashcancer #cutiepatootie

Go get yourself a #bashcancer shirt! Amazing way to support ones you love who have been affected. #fuckcancer

Shoutout to @monique.dct who's always claimed me as one of her own. She's the mama I never had, and a great one at that ❤ Through her battle she's shown nothing but bravery and strength, and she continues to be a light in my life in so many ways. She's the perfect example of grace under pressure. I owe her millions of thank you's, but that still wouldn't be enough. #BashCancer

ROGUEGirls is proud to share the experience of impact and giving back with the great cause @bashcancer! BASHCancer produces birthday party boxes for kids who are in cancer treatment at hospitals. This unique idea brings cheer and light to families dealing with pain that is impossible to relate to. Teaching our ROGUEGirls ambassadors about utilizing their power in the community to give back to programs like this is just one of our many goals at ROGUEGirls. South Medford Girls soccer opted out of their standard Nike dri-fit warm up shirts and chose #bashcancer shirts for their uniform warm up tops this year and this is now resulting in multiple Birthday parties for kids and a chance for teens to give back.

This amazing, talented woman made my daughters Mermaid birthday party so special! Please help us support her by reposting or donating if you are able to, any amount helps if we join together! ❤️ #bashcancer 👊🏼 (Link is in my bio)

#bashcancer .... get on board, it's going to bless lives!!

🙏🙏praying everyday🙏🙏 #livestrong #bashcancer

Kids make crazy things! #bashcancer And Lexi says 'you can save us on #halloween your closer to the #ghosts ! ' 👻


How does this face not make you smile? This little one knows how to pose while bashing cancer ❤️ #bashcancer #cutiepatootie

Join the movement! We are so excited to be a part of this organization #bashcancer #IOC #interiorofficeconcepts

A daughter bought #bashcancer tees for everyone in her family in support of her father Joe (pictured) who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Nothing like family support ❤️ #teamjoe #bashcancer #prostatecancer

It’s a chilly fall morning here but it’s 90 degrees where this one is bashing cancer 👈🏻☀️❤️#bashcancer

Just so honored and grateful when school teams rally for our cause. Cascade Christian girls soccer program are wearing our tees with a twist - they liked the #bashcancer on the back because they felt people could see it better & added their school logo on the front ❤️ #bashcancer #cascadechristian Thank you to all of these athletes for their support❤️

North Medford Highschool Cheerleaders & some student body Bashing Cancer tonight 🌪#bashcancer #nmcheer #football

It's Fri-yay! Get out and do something fun this weekend like bashing cancer on a lake 🛥☀️#bashcancer

my mom's beautiful friend Monique created this non-profit organization #bashcancer and continues to spread love and positivity which is such an important aspect of life especially now with so much tragic stuff going on in the world. Personally I love putting out good vibes no matter what is happening and I hope this post only spreads more positivity and hope for everyone. Life is beautiful in so many ways!! 💗💗 @bashcancer provides birthday parties for children in hospitals! You can purchase a tank, tshirt, or hat to help out!

#bashcancer Tonight’s volleyball matchup between North Medford vs Sheldon was great for October Breast Cancer awareness campaign event and fundraiser

Spent tonight supporting the North Medford's Varsity volleyball team while they in turn supported our cause ❤️🏐#bashcancer #northmedfordhighschool

#BashCancer with North Medford Volleyball as they take on Sheldon!

Watch the game live on TablerockSports.net!
PC: Janet Jones #nmtornado #northmedford #repmeddy #medford #southernoregon #southernoregonlocals #opreps #osaasports #osaa #oregon

Lot's of appointments & good stuff today but Monday has got me feeling like this.....#bashcancer @prisssayyy

Happy Sunday! We have had a little confusion on how to buy our tees and we apologize for that. @interiorofficeconcepts has generously offered to pay for our website which will streamline the process & make it simpler for all. Until then, you can email me at bashcancerfund@gmail.com and I can help you with your order . Thank you so much and we appreciate all of your support - it's been amazing!!!! #bashcancer #breastcancerawareness

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