Wir freuen uns eine weitere #transformationtuesday - Teilnehmerin präsentieren zu dürfen!

Andrea hat ihrem Gewicht den Kampf angesagt. Nach fünf Jahren Training ist sie stolz auf das Ergebnis und zufriedener mit sich selbst... und das zu Recht! Eine starke Transformation, Andrea. Bleib am Ball! 🔥
Was meint ihr zu Andreas Transformation?

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‘sie zeigt, was sie hat, zeigt, was sie hat #toto

This is perhaps the MOST important thing you can ever learn about training.

It's NOT to do with the best exercises,
NOT what you should be eating,
and definitely NOT about what the best training programs are.

I'll tell you what it is though... TRAINING PRINCIPLES.

Without these, you can chuck any potential progress and gains out of the window. These keep you on the path, keep your priorities right, and help you build a STRONG base.


Training principle 1 - STRETCH AND MOBILIZE
Training principle 2 - LEAVE THE EGO AT THE DOOR
Training principle 3 - ALWAYS WARM UP
Training principle 4 - FOCUS ON YOUR MAIN LIFTS
Training principle 5 - KEEP A HIGH INTENSITY

Sticking to these is a MUST! They are NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Without following these 5 simple rules you are running head-on into an injury, overtraining and fatiguing.

Jedan trening .. (noge, ledza i biceps )
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Welcome to BaseFit! We’re so excited to start this journey with you!
IF YOU - are NEW to training - are in your off season - DO NOT play a sport. We are here for you! Watch this space! Message us on Facebook to interact with us and receive the first heads up on programs e.t.c #basefit

"Progress is not achieved by luck or by accident, but by working on yourself daily." #progress #basefit #workinghard #motivation #shredbetty #biketyrewarehouse #gym @basefitsportsfitness @shredbettys @bike_tyre_warehouse

Nada melhor que o tempo. Para mostrar quem realmente merece pernecer em nossa vida. #basefit #amorproprio #gyn #zurich #brasil

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