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Fueling Mum with all the goods today!!! Looking after her is one of my top priorities and with lent having started, I'm making sure she is fueling her body with healthy carbs, protein and good fats🌿

She is officially a huge fan of my Vegan protein smoothies and I pack them with all her micro and macronutrient needs. I'm committed to keeping her immunity as high as possible as we head into autumn🍂(super important for the young and elderly!) Today's combo:
✔Nut Butter
✔Vanilla Complete Protein (lent approved)
✔Fruit, Veges, Berries micronutrients
✔Omega oils
✔Coconut milk

So proud of her... she even makes these at home and we exchange recipe ideas. Love you Mum X
@pureharvest @picspeanutbutter

Who else overindulged this Christmas? Whilst I enjoyed all the trimmings, my body has certainly been craving real food again!!! Reverting back to our holistic program is effortless when you've had an indulgent week. No dieting, no calorie counting, no restrictions - just a healthy relationship with food.

I'm certainly excited about smashing out some January goals. Who else is feeling the need to get in early?? If you'd love to be a part of our crew jumping on board our New Year health goals, flick me a message so we can get you set up and ready for 2018. PM me or email myloveisedible@gmail.com 🌿
#notadietbutalifestyle #holisticliving

BossBabe catch ups with my main squeeze from @risewomen 35 years of friendship and still going strong #businesschicks #greeneggs @espressa_illawong

If you're as basic as me, then you'll want to try this all-in-one iced coffee protein smoothie - basically heaven in a bowl and party in my mouth!!! 🤸

Why? because caffeine for life purposes☕ + protein for muscles💪 + omegas for essential fatty acids (minus the fishy taste)😝 + plants for micronutrients and support for virtually every system in your body🍏🥝🥑🥕🍓 aaaaaand of course top with your favourites - today it's chocolate, all the chocolate, because chocolate is life!!! (and pomegranate, coconut and nuts😜) #flavourexplosion

My little bowl of sunshine 🌈loaded with magic dust, magic beans and healthy unicorn fats 🦄 keeping me strong to finish up packing. Moving Day Monday eeeekk!!!! 😲 #breakfastofunicorns

Smashed Avo and Feta with all the trimmings👌😍 It's one of my all time favourite anytime food! Yes it's full of fat but that's why we count nutrients not calories. Avocados are extremely good for us - they contain lots of folate, improve digestion, lower depression, help fight cancer and lower osteoporosis, are a natural detoxification, aid with heart health... the list is endless and you can eat them as a savoury snack or enjoy them in desserts. So versatile!!! Who else is a self confessed #avocadoaddict ?

Yes, even on a Monday!! 💛

💚Chocolate Complete Magic Dust
💚Pea Protein
💚Soy Protein
💚Broccoli sprouts
💚Alfalfa sprouts
💚Radish sprouts
💚Yucca root
And more...! Safe as Mother Nature intended them to be and perfect for any age. My family and I love these bowls (can also be made as shakes) as they have saved us so many times for breakfast and that 3pm-itis I call the 🚫danger zone🚫 when we all tend to make bad decisions.

Our 30 day trial packs are back, so reach out to us to learn more if you haven't experienced the MAGIC yet. We love spreading it everywhere ☄

Mondays powered by green smoothies and whole food support 💪💪 I've been so busy lately working, packing, travelling, family care and planning our move into our forever home 🏠, I literally don't get much sleep most days but honestly barely feel tired at all. I've been moving my body lots, squeezing runs in where I can, lifting boxes, sorting, decluttering and truly believe the reason I feel so good is because of the nutritional choices I've made during this chaotic time.

By shifting your focus to what you CHOOSE to nourish your body with each day, you crowd out the bad stuff without trying to force it out. For example, say you committed to including a green smoothie each day.. when you're full of the good stuff, soon enough you'll be able to tune in and recognise clean food makes you feel so much better, making a balanced and healthy lifestyle a natural choice💚💚💚 I swear by these beauties and also commit to lots of laughing out loud, just like my green straw tells me #readthefineprint. I'll make you your very own for anyone who wants to help me pack?..anyone?? 😜⏳📦


I've been making a variation of this smoothie now for the past year and find it helps me immensely with skin dryness in the winter. First, let me say though that if you're not currently adding avocado to your smoothie and keeping frozen bananas in your freezer, you are MISSING OUT! Why? you'll get a much creamier, smooth and thick texture (more ice-cream like) and the avocado taste is not detectable. Also, the banana serves as a natural sweetner and you omit the need for adding ice (which I think dilutes the flavours). By adding half an avocado, nuts and unrefined omega oils 3,6,9 you'll also get your daily dose of vitiman E and essential fatty acids that every living cell in your body requires. Your body can't produce these on its own though, hence why we need to consume them through food.

1 cup coconut/almond milk
1/2 avocado
1/2 frozen banana
1 tablespoon Omega Oil 3,6,9 (I use Udo's)
1 tsp maca powder
1 Choc Complete plant based protein powder (fruits/veges including mushroom powder for Vit D)

Blitz and top with your favourites. Today mine are raw cashew nuts, goji berries and hemp seeds 💪💛 This is quicker to whip up than toast and packed with phytonutrients to keep you fueled and glowing not only in winter but all year round. Enjoy!!

Sunday Brunch 🌸🥞🍇🥚🍉 Feeling fuelled and fresh, ready for a great week of training and working hard💪🏻 #basebodybabeslove #food #brunch #basebodybabes #basebodyfuel

Sunday Brunch 🌸🥞🍇🥚🍉 Feeling fuelled and fresh, ready for a great week of training and working hard💪🏻 #basebodybabeslove #food #brunch #basebodybabes #basebodyfuel

ROMWOD, sunshine and smoothies! ☀🌞 Vitamin D galore... from the sun and my shakies 💖🤸 I get 40% of my daily dose of Vitamin D from just these little snacks, along with 26% of daily iron and 50% of daily B12. Can't beat that in my favourite chocolate or vanilla 😜 Today I've blended my vanilla with a mix of superberries, Udos Oil and coconut milk 👌🌻 // myloveisedible@gmail.com

I made the most insanely moist JBT Sweet Potato Brownies over the weekend👌 So simple and such a great hit of good fats and perfectly chocolatey! Just what I needed with my Monday morning cuppa - now just to make sure there's some left for the boys this afternoon 😍 #MayYourCoffeeBeStrongAndYourBrowniesRich

Business meetings from anywhere make for a pretty awesome flexible Friday #livingdeliberately

Smoothie Bowl🌸🍓💕 Recipe: 1 Frozen banana, 5 frozen strawberries, 1tsp almond butter, 1 pinch of cinnamon, 1 cup @naturalrawc coconutwater, 3tbs @bareblends Bare WPI powder, topped with seeds, coconut flakes and freeze dried strawberries👌🏻 #basebodybabeslove #smoothies #natural #organic #basebodybabes #happy #healthy #fit #strong #foodspo #love #health #fitness #nutrition #smoothielove #basebodyfuel

I should be packing but I'm procrastinating so much about where to start, a smoothie bowl seemed like a better decision 😍 #sendhelp #cantbebothered

Hope is not born on mountain tops but in valleys when you're looking at the heights and peaks you're yet to climb ~ Susanna April.

At My Love Is Edible and over in our JBT Facebook group we are devoting August to 30 days of GRATITUDE. One of the most life changing decisions I've ever made was implementing a gratitude practice each day - it's hard to describe how something so simple can transform your life in the most unexpected and profound ways! I encourage you to try it for yourself, and tell me it doesn't completely change your life too 💛

Today I kick off by being grateful for my girl gang, wanting to master their mountains, setting strong intentions for the rest of the year and... FEAR, what fear?! One thing I've learnt on my own journey is that our language is so important to our mental state of mind and that it's completely necessary for us to focus on minimising the words in our vocabulary that evoke negative feelings. Would love to share this journey with you. Have you joined us yet? #myloveisedible

Yeah baby!!! Blessed and grateful for kickass Mondays and end of month madness 💖💖💖 #wearethemovent #myloveisedible

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