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Hank Lemoine travels south, from Canada, to pick up a few items like the new Force 3 umpire mask. He concurs that it's "considerably lighter" than his 4-spring mask. #baseballumpire #umplife #force3

#tbt to my first high school baseball playoff game St. St. Anthony Vs St Margarets #umplife #baseballumpire

Sometimes you just need to work out and play at the same time #pushupchallenge

Yesterday was my sweet loves 26th birthday!! It's a little late but never too late! #UmpireCake #BaseballUmpire #CollegeUmpireComingSoon #YouWereOut26CallsAgo #BaseballInsider

The Hirschbeck family at Progressive Field to see husband and dad umpire the final series of his career. Valley native John Hirschbeck is the crew chief for the #WorldSeries. #baseballumpire #majorleaguebaseball

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Baseball season is here and time to umpire some games! #baseballislife #baseball #baseballumpire #umpire #mhsaa


I'm not where I want to be just get, but I have the destination in mind and the drive to get there.

Little bit by bit, I know I will.

And you can too.

Are you ready to get your health back? My VIP group for November is what you need to get set for a healthy life.
Prizes, weight loss, motivation, and energy are just some of the things you can earn in my group.

Message me to get started!

#nevermissamonday #yogaandcardio #warrior

Today is my 37th birthday. I usually get very reflective on my birthday, but today it is more special than ever.

I have a great life. I love my career, my education, my lifestyle, my family, and my story. And it's only getting better.

To quote my wife, I have de-aged. At 37, I look and feel younger than ever.

Your transformation can start any time you want. Be on the lookout this week as I will be looking for 5 people who are ready to be their own transformation story.

#birthday #gettingyounger #agingisforidiots

Calling some strikes at San Diego State University! #JimEvansAcademyOfProfessionalUmpiring #BaseballClinic #CaliforniaClassic

Consistency is key!

Friday workout today was a shoulders and arms workout. The last time I did this muscle group I felt I didn't bring everything I could. I felt I could move past goals but just did not do it.

But today I said to hell with that. I increased all my weights on non-fly moves by 10 lb and my fly weights by 2.5 pounds.
Don't be afraid to stretch your limits a bit. If it doesn't work it's ok. You tried.
But even better, you may surprise yourself.

What is your workout today?

#smallframe #strength #flexfriday

Yesterday was my sweet loves 26th birthday!! It's a little late but never too late! #UmpireCake #BaseballUmpire #CollegeUmpireComingSoon #YouWereOut26CallsAgo #BaseballInsider

It's a little rainy the morning and I have been up for 2 and a half hours already.

But that isn't stopping me from being in a great mood thanks to the longest Yoga class I have ever done. 90 minutes and over 500 calories burned.

I feel like Gumby!

What are you looking forward to today?

#yoga #p90x #thumpinthursday

Early morning workouts set you up for an amazing day!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

#22minutehardcorps #burpee #amworkouts

Are adjustable dumbbells a good investment for you? Watch my review of the #bowflex #flexfriday 552 dumbbells to learn more! Link is in my profile!

I missed #flexfriday so here it is a day late.

I completed a cardio workout today and also a pyramid weights workout. I usually don't do doubles but really had the urge to lift some weight.

I hope your nutrition was on point today, and that you.are staying healthy and happy.

Don't forget to be awesome!

What was your favorite thing you did on this Saturday?

#fitnessfusion #tonyhorton

When doing a #p90x2 workout, you may fully expect this announcement at any time... #tonyhorton #fitnessfusion

#tbt to the day my 2nd daughter came home.

I'm so thankful to have them in my life, and I let them know that every single day.

Give thanks today to someone important to you.

What are you thankful for?

It's Monday!

Start your week off right and be on track with any health, fitness, personal, or work goals you have. If you dont, then you'll be at least a day behind all week!

I completed my arm workout this morning and now I am ready to tackle another busy day!

What is your main goal this week? I want to hear about it! Comment below!

#nevermissamonday #startyourweekright #armsworkout

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