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Many of you are closely following our work with @robbyrow12 the past month. His movement issues run far deeper than just some minor tightness of a muscle, it’s a whole body stability/compensation issue.

We have been able to create more windows of opportunity to get him pain-free daily. The issue is locking in those changes to create long term patterns that allow him to...
1) Move pain-free
2) Move without compensations
3) Throw 100mph ⛽️ (literally)

In the video, I stand on Robby’s stomach because I want to force him to brace. It’s far from conventional, but it served its purpose here.
Listen to his comments about his neck in the video. Check out his upper traps and neck in the picture- lots of compensations/restrictions there.

Check out the full cupping session Robby had restrictions all over his back. His third session you can see that there were minimal marks in his lower back, but the relative restrictions on his upper back, non-dominant throwing shoulder, and neck have dramatically increased. The neck is the big one for me as it’s almost always one of the biggest compensations for throwers.

Chinese medicine often talks about how “stagnation” or restrictions found during will migrate upwards with treatments. It will be interesting to watch the movement of discolorations on his upper back, traps and neck over the coming weeks.

Regardless of our perspective of trainings and treatment (SFMA, FMS, Chinese Medicine, FRC, PRI, Westside Barbell, etc) they will all agree on a few things. It’s taken years for these compensations to hit a painful threshold, so it will take some time to re-engrain permeant patterns and our treatments create a deep sympathetic nervous system response. Put one needle in Robby or one cup in the right spot and he sweats like crazy 😅. Overcoming nervous system patterns can be tricky business.

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“My vison is just focused on my future”. 😂Nah jk that’s too corny and deep. I’m really enjoying this end of the year though. Besides school and that stress, it’s been really fun outside of school. Comment how your final months of this year are turning out. I’m interested 🤔

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